Keeping Kids Safe Online: Tips Shared by Facebook’s Head of Safety

Ever since the coronavirus outbreak began, our kids and teens have spent more time on the internet, browsing through their social media apps, more than ever before. Gone are the times when kids and teens simply used the internet to connect with friends or complete school homework and assignments.

Now, with so many social media apps and gaming platforms, kids have more opportunities of seeking entertainment online. The internet and social media have become an integral part of everyone’s lives, especially the younger generation. Since last year, kids and teens have spent a large chunk of their day on the internet while taking online classes.

The more kids spend time online, the more they are likely to come across unpleasant things there. While we cannot help but let our kids use the internet to attend online classes and connect with people on social media, what we can do is ensure online safety for them.

Your kid spending too much time on Facebook can be alarming because you cannot know what dangers might be waiting for them on the other end. You can either help them set privacy settings on their Facebook or hack Facebook of your kid with the help of a monitoring app.

Importance of Kids Safety on the Internet and Social Media

Facebook’s Head of Safety, Amber Hawkes shared her thoughts on keeping kids safe on the internet and social media platforms including Facebook. She told how parents can ensure online safety for themselves as well as their young ones.

We are living in the digital age where kids are exposed to electronic devices since birth. Their association with devices begins by observing their parents using their devices. Then, there comes a time when they start demanding their own devices. Therefore, parents should never delay having a conversation with kids about online safety.

Each social media app including Facebook is laden with several online threats that can be menacing to a kid’s mental and physiological health. Due to a lack of information on those online threats, kids can be exposed to them, and consequently, suffer from various problems.

Kids and teens often face problems while using social media platforms because they cannot identify those dangers that lurk around them all the time. That happens because of a lack of information about those dangers. It is the parent’s responsibility to inform their kids about the importance of online safety.

They should make kids understand that access to various electronic devices, the internet, and social media apps comes with a huge responsibility. They also play a vital role in keeping themselves and others safe on the internet. Kids are more vulnerable on apps like Facebook than adults because they are innocent and immature.

Being the Head of Safety at Facebook, Hawkes admitted that it is her responsibility to ensure kids stay safe on the platform. Besides the numerous privacy, security, and safety features that are available to Facebook users, the platform has also placed additional protections to keep minors safe.

She told that each individual needs to be at least 13 years old before they can join Facebook. However, in some countries, the age limit may differ. The privacy as well as visibility settings are more preventive and limiting for younger ones than adults.

For instance, on Facebook Messenger, instant messages sent to younger ones from strangers who are not in their friend’s list, or friends or friends, are filtered out of the minor’s inbox and directly send to the spam folder. That way, minors do not receive messages from any strangers and stay away from the reach of online predators.

It is suggested that parents learn how to use the Facebook platform, know about its privacy and security features, know about the dangers lurking on the platform, and also have knowledge of all the tips and techniques to keep their kids safe on the platform.

Tips for Keeping Kids Safe on Facebook

Amber Hawkes has shared some important and helpful tips for keeping the young ones safe on social media platforms especially Facebook. Parents need to take a notice of them and implement them to protect kids from harmful online dangers.

Take Interest in their Facebook Activities

First and foremost, you need to take interest in your kid’s social media activities and be involved in their digital lives as much as you can. If your kid is playing a game on Facebook, make sure you sit with them while they’re playing it. Similarly, if they are chatting with someone on Facebook Messenger, make sure you know about that person.

If your kid has an account on Facebook, you should also add them as a friend there or follow their Facebook page, if they have created one. You need to stay informed of all the people they are connecting with on Facebook and all the things they are sharing on their feeds. If you take interest in their Facebook activities, you will find your kids coming to you if they experience or see something that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Enable Privacy and Security Settings

Facebook comes with numerous privacy and security settings that allow users to manage and control their accounts. On Facebook, you can control what you share, who you share something with, what you can see, and who can contact you on Facebook. The same privacy settings can be enabled for your kid’s Facebook account as well. Many of these settings are already enabled on your kid’s account by default, but it’s recommended to go through the settings regularly to check if they are still there.

Create Family Rules

You should create some family rules for using technology, accessing electronic devices, the internet, and social media apps. After creating those rules, you should also state the consequences for breaking them. For example, you should create a house rule by not allowing your kids and yourself to use electronic devices at the time of dinner and before going to bed.

If anyone of you finds yourself violating that rule, be prepared to face the consequences. Setting up family rules will help you and your kids follow a particular routine and not heavily indulge in social media usage.

Become a Good Digital Role Model

Nobody apart from parents can be a good digital role model for their kids. Kids tend to imitate their parents’ habits and behaviors because they look up to them in every aspect. Therefore, if parents want their kids to stay safe on Facebook or any other social media app, they need to create and follow some rules for themselves.

They should not excessively use Facebook in front of their kids, especially during mealtime and bedtime. Also, if you set a house rule such as “no more use of devices after 8 p.m.” or “no devices in the bedroom or bathroom”, make sure you follow them. Once you follow them, your kids will follow them too.

Use Monitoring/Parental Control Apps

Last but not least, you can protect your kids from objectionable content, online predators, and cyberbullies on Facebook by using a monitoring or parental control app. Apps like Mobistealth have proven to be beneficial in keeping your kids safe on social media.

Instead of looking for free methods on the internet on how to hack a Facebook account, you should opt for a reliable and professional monitoring app that also provides the Facebook monitoring feature. With a monitoring app, you can remotely monitor and view all your kid’s Facebook activity and ensure their safety there.

Four Tips to Keep in Mind Before You Write a Living Trust

Regardless of the value of your estate, you must plan for what will happen to your assets while you are still alive and when you die. An experienced McKinney estate planning attorney can help you create a living trust which can ensure your assets are distributed quickly, avoid unnecessary taxes, and keep your wishes private. Before you write a living trust, your attorney will let you consider the following tips:

Create a List of your Assets

Your list should include everything you own. These include tangible items such as your house, car, and jewelry as well as intangible ones such as bonds, stocks, and life insurance policies. This list will help you get a clear picture of your estate and decide how you would want to distribute them when you die. Also, ensure you have all of the paperwork such as titles, stock certificates, deeds, and life insurance policies in order. You will need to hand these documents to your lawyer to prepare your living trust. You may not want to hold all your property in your living trust. Consider including just the big-ticket items that would otherwise go through probate.

Pick Your Beneficiaries

You must name the people who will receive assets when you die before you write your living trust. Your beneficiaries can include family members, friends, or charities. Also, take into account the people you don’t want to receive anything. Discuss this with your lawyer.

Remember that if your insurance policies or retirement or saving accounts have beneficiaries named, these may conflict with your plans regarding your living trust. Make sure to discuss this with your attorney to prevent your beneficiaries from facing legal battles after your death.

Pick a Successor Trustee

In a living trust, you serve as the trustee, so you continuously take control of your assets during your lifetime. But, you need to have a successor trustee who will pay your debts and distribute your assets based on your instructions after you die. Also, should you be incapacitated, your chosen successor trustee would also handle your affairs. After you make your choice, discuss it with your chosen individual to ensure they are willing to take on this responsibility.

Pick a Person Who Will Manage your Property for your Young Children

If you have children or young adults who you want to inherit your property, you must pick an adult to manage what they will inherit. You can make them a property guardian, a trustee, or a property custodian, so they can have authority over a child’s property.




How Do You Decide On The Best Patio Umbrella?

The solution is it will depend on a few things. There are a number of things to consider while purchasing a patio umbrella. Elaborate decks and luxury outdoor furniture permit you to love style, without sacrificing comfort or style. As spring and summer arrive, you are going to spend an increasing amount of time outdoors relaxing or entertaining poolside. To help keep you and your guests cool and protected in the hot sunshine, it is important to get ample shade. Patio umbrellas are a sensible solution, instead of more durable construction. But, picking the ideal outdoor umbrella may be challenging. Based on your house, environment, budget and taste, there are various elements to take under account. This guide can allow you to get a better comprehension of patio umbrellas, their fashions, materials and attributes. This understanding can help take the uncertainty out of your purchasing decision and be certain you could relax outdoors for a long time to come.

What Type Of Outside Umbrella Is Ideal?
The first choice you need to make when purchasing a patio umbrella would be exactly what style you desire. Your outdoor space limits, furniture design and anticipated usage can all variable into which design is ideal for you. Even after considering each these factors, your personal preference is the last determinant. So what’s out there? There is a huge array of umbrellas to select from, but they essentially fall into one of 2 classes: centre counter or pole.

Center Pole Umbrella
The defining feature of centre pole patio umbrellas would be the existence of a straight rod which extends from the surface of the duplex into a procuring foundation. It is essential to be aware that centre pole umbrellas might be stabilized by either a fixed or mobile base. This really is the most typical kind of outside umbrella and it’s been in existence for quite a very long period of time. Within the middle rod class, there are a variety of variants.

Market Umbrella � Very common style of center pole umbrella, sometimes vented and with a round or octagonal form using a clean border.
Beach Umbrella – This kind of umbrella will have a minimalist design. The canopy generally has a rounded shape with hanging valances round the border. Many beach umbrellas use a straightforward spiked foundation, which can be put into the sand.
It is ideal for shading balconies or smallish porches which have restricted spaces. Consider it as a mobile awning. Canopies are curved or directly with clean borders, curtains or valances.

Offset Umbrellas (aka Cantilever Patio Umbrellas)
Offset outside umbrellas, also called cantilevers, include an Indoor or jointed rod positioned off to one side. The canopy is encouraged from both sides and above, allowing it to hang freely over many different seats and dining configurations. The principal advantage of contemporary cantilever umbrellas is they can protect a large area with no barrier a centre pole causes. This is particularly important when you’re shading a dining table that doesn’t have a umbrella hole, or even a spa. Offset patio umbrellas need heavier foundations compared to centre rods and are usually more costly.

Three Tips to Keep in Mind When Hiring Property Managers

Property management is an important aspect of owning rental properties. You want your properties to be well managed to ensure tenant satisfaction and investment profitability. Professionals who specialize in property management in Glendale, CA exist to reduce vacancy rates, find the right tenants, and keep your properties in prime condition. But, because there are many of them out there, it pays to know exactly what to look for. The following are some tips you must keep in mind when searching for a property management partner:

Ensure they are Transparent

As a property owner and investor, you put serious trust in your property manager when you hire them. You don’t want to end up with a manager who will collect rent and does not report it or one who charges work that wasn’t done. 

To minimize your risk of ending up with the wrong property manager, take your time reviewing reviews for the property management company you are looking for. The best companies have many satisfied customers who are willing to recommend and write positive reviews for them. Also, you can speak with a company’s previous clients to better understand its transparency. The best company posts its prices and services on its website or marketing materials. 

Ask About Their Maintenance Capabilities

Often, maintenance is the biggest expense that you will encounter and you don’t this aspect to be mismanaged. The right property manager has an in-house maintenance department, a turnover crew to get units ready for advertising, and full-time maintenance personnel. A property management company that usually uses subcontractors may not be able to ensure quality, keep prices down, and enforce deadlines. 

Make Sure the Company Exclusively Focuses on Managing Rental Property

A lot of companies have many responsibilities. Real estate brokers, agents, and even contractors will usually try to add a property management practice to their core business model. These are property managers you don’t want to partner with. Property management is a challenging profession to excel at and trying to do it as a side business can just lead to below-average performance. Find a property manager who owns rental property themselves and is mainly focused on property management. 

3 Wonderful Cooking Appliances that are Absolutely Worth Buying 

Hosting parties should be fun. But, as a matter of fact, it causes stress to the host most of the time. Even experienced hosts who throw parties every now and then end up needing the services of a party planner that, in turn, is expensive. The reason that planning and hosting a party is so tough is that there are so many things that need to be organised and missing even a single item like straws that looks minuscule can actually end up being a problem. After all, what will your guests use to take a sip of the cocktails and mocktails that you serve. And drinks aren’t the only issues. So, here’s the thing you should do – buy multi-useful appliances that can handle more than one task on their own. It’ll save you a lot of time and stress. Some such items that’ll help you in managing the snacking part easily are listed below. Have a look!

  1. Tempura Deep Pot Fryer and Oil Drainer 

This deep fryer is an excellent replacement over the normal utensils you use for frying. The features that make this one a perfect option are as follows.

  • It has an entirely non-stick body.
  • It is extremely deep and large – 3.5L deep and 24cm wide – that makes deep frying easier. 
  • It works equally well on a gas stove and induction.
  • It comes with a detachable thermometer so that you can keep checking the oil temperature while frying the food. It ensures that nothing burns and is fried to the right amount of crispness for your guests to enjoy.

It’s an ideal appliance for making nuggets, squid rings, and French fries.

  1. Digital Touchscreen Air Fryer by Living Basics

If you’re someone who prefers the taste of deep fried food but do not prefer using much oil to do the same, then this air fryer is an excellent option. Some of its amazing features are as follows.

  • It has a 5.8 inch basket that’s non-stick and made of quartz. 
  • It has 8 different cooking preset options. 
  • Its temperature can be adjusted anywhere between 170°F to 400° F. 
  1. Programmable Pressure Cooker by Living Basics

With a stainless steel inner container of 6 L capacity, this pressure cooker is different from the normal ones due to the following properties that it has.

  • It’s an 18-in-1 multipurpose pressure cooker that can be used to make meat, poultry, soup, beans, white rice, brown rice, multigrain, vegetables, steamed potatoes, and so on. 
  • It can be used for slow cooking and baking as well. 
  • It has a smart touchscreen that can be used to preset different modes like delay start, keep warm, and so on.

To sum up, the above three appliances make cooking easier and faster and that’s exactly what’s needed when catering to the needs of many people. 

Five Tips to Keep in Mind When Dealing with an Insurance Adjuster After a Car Accident

If you have recently filed an insurance claim after a car accident, you will soon be contacted by a claim adjuster. A claims adjuster will study your demand letter, understand the merits of your claims, examine supporting documentation, prepare their own reports, and decide on the amount of settlement money you will get. Unfortunately, a claim adjuster will offer a deal that works in favor of the insurance company they work for. But, you can ease your anxiety about dealing with this person when you have a Jupiter car accident attorney on your side. Also, here are some tips you need to keep in mind:

Be Prepared

Before you get a call from the claim adjuster, get all the paperwork, police reports, and other documents in place. Also, go over the facts of your accident and make sure you have answers to all the questions the adjuster may have for you.

Be Careful with the Words to Use

As a car accident victim, you may want to vent your anger at the person sitting across. However, you must control the urge and stay calm during your conversation with the adjuster. This way, you won’t end up mentioning something that works to the advantage of the insurance company during your outburst.

Figure Out a Settlement Amount

After evaluating the initial damage or file the paperwork, have an initial settlement amount in mind. Consider the damages that you think must be compensated for. You can use this as a bottom line in your conversation with the claim adjuster.

Don’t Accept the First Offer

Claims adjusters are trained negotiators. And because they do this for a living, they understand your psyche. In some instances, they may offer a decent settlement amount to test your claim’s validity. Sometimes, it may be a reasonable but low amount. Never accept the first amount they mention. Instead, discuss the offer and understand how they come up with the calculation.

Be There when the Adjuster Examines your Car

A claims adjuster will examine your vehicle to evaluate your claim. You should be there to answer all their questions truthfully and use this opportunity to present a rational reason why you must get a significant settlement.