Everything You Need to Know About Regenerative Medicine

The responsiveness of the human body towards pain is a vital mechanism for their survival. Pain is characterized by uncomfortable feelings due to tissue damage in some organs, which can affect the entire body. Pain sessions are disturbing and often interfere with the quality of life. Have you been encountering pain episodes? You should never worry since Clifton regenerative medicine has an effective remedy. Here are vital things you should understand about regenerative medicine;

Myths about regenerative medicine

The following are the myths concerning regenerative medicine.

  • It does not work.

Many individuals believe that this treatment method is not functional. They claim that the method cannot reverse some conditions such as arthritis. However, the truth is that this mechanism has proved to work. Different regenerative treatment has helped patients in overcoming knee arthritis and spine complications.

  • It is dangerous.

When individuals hear a mention of regenerative medicine, they consider it risky. They claim that the patients recovering from those treatments are vulnerable to cancerous growth. However, these treatments are not risky since they employ different body materials to facilitate healing.

  • The treatment must use embryonic stem cells.

Some people argue that embryos are the only source of stem cells necessary for regeneration. Nonetheless, many organs in the body have stem cells in their structures. For example, fat and bone tissues comprise stem cells that can be used in the treatment. Therefore, regenerative medicine does not necessarily involve embryonic stem cells.

  • The stem cell provides a permanent cure for diseases.

Some individuals believe that stem cells would cure everything in the universe. However, the reality is that stem cells can only help fight chronic diseases and reduce their severity. For instance, regenerative medicine can help reduce worsening heart conditions but not cure that condition completely.

  • Only one type of stem cell exists.

Many individuals argue that there are no other stem cells that can be used in regenerative medicine. However, scientists have discovered other cells, such as pluripotent cells, which can be manipulated genetically and have similar features to embryonic stem cells.

Why regenerative medicine?

Here are the benefits of this treatment:

  • Boosts the healing rate: injecting the platelet-rich components in the area of injury stimulates the growth factors in that region, implying that healing mechanisms will focus on that region.
  • Eliminates dependency on medication: These treatments help avoid excessive use of pain relievers, which can be addictive.
  • Minimizes side effects: These treatments use individuals’ blood and cells, thus reducing the risks of developing allergic reactions and other complications.
  • Boosts the wellness of the body: The benefits of this treatment can be felt even after full recovery. The injection of new cells that are healthy improves the functioning of tissues in the affected parts and the rest of the body.
  • Reduces the need for surgery: This treatment uses the body’s healing capacities, thus minimizing the need to undergo surgical operations, saving you a cost.

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How to Deal With Restless Leg Syndrome

Do you lose sleep and have reduced productivity due to restless leg syndrome? Restless leg syndrome causes a sensation, discomfort, and the urge to move the legs; the discomfort occurs mainly in the evening when you rest or at bedtime. Although moving the legs might reduce the discomfort, it reduces the quality and prevents effective resting. Therefore, you should look for a restless leg syndrome El Paso doctor who can offer relief for the discomfort. Here are the restless leg syndrome symptoms and remedies to overcome the discomfort

Restless Leg Syndrome Symptoms

You may have an urge to move the legs when resting or at night when sleeping; this urge leads to poor sleep and daytime sleepiness. The leg discomfort worsens in the evening, and you can relieve the symptoms with leg movement. You will experience the sensation of throbbing, pulling, itching, aching, cramping, and crawling in the legs. Restless leg syndrome is not always associated with severe health complications; anybody can develop the condition. However, it may sometimes occur due to past spinal blocks, kidney issues, family history with the syndrome, pregnancy, and iron deficiency.

How to Deal With Restless Leg Syndrome

  • Rule out any underlying health complications

You can deal with restless leg syndrome by treating the underlying health complications. You can limit substance intake if the problem arises from habits such as caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco consumption.

Moreover, you may need to limit medications that trigger restless leg syndrome. For instance, older antihistamines, anti-nausea drugs, lithium, and selective serotonin drugs might cause restless leg syndrome. You can inform the doctor about the current drugs as it helps them rule out if they are causing the syndrome or not. You may need to deal with health conditions like late-stage renal disease, nerve damage and diabetes, and other triggers to overcome restless leg syndrome.

  • Develop healthy sleep patterns

Restless leg syndrome disrupts quality sleep, but you can develop healthy sleep patterns to overcome restless leg syndrome. You may wish to sleep, wake up simultaneously, and keep the bedroom quiet and dark. Finally, reduce distractions that will keep you awake and avoid screen time before sleeping.

  • Use vitamin supplements

The iron and vitamin supplements might alleviate the restless leg syndrome as iron deficiency is associated with the complication. Your doctor will determine if you have iron deficiency through blood tests; suggest IV iron supplements for severe cases. Sometimes, Vitamin C and E supplements might relieve restless leg syndrome.

  • Exercise

The exercises relieve restless leg syndrome symptoms and improve sleep quality and fitness. However, your doctor will develop moderate physical therapy activities which improve the restless leg syndrome. Excessive exercise will increase the disease symptoms; you should not work out until you suffer from aches and pain as it alleviates the symptoms.

Restless leg syndrome can cause discomfort and inability to maintain a good sleep routine leading to daytime sleepiness and inability to concentrate at work. Although the syndrome might occur by itself, it may result from underlying conditions, and it would be better to sort out these underlying problems. You should maintain a good sleep pattern, deal with underlying issues, and exercise to alleviate the restless leg syndrome symptoms. 

What you should know about herniated disc

The backbone is one of the crucial organs that consist of a set of bones stretching from the tailbone to the base of the skull. This organ forms the basis of the support structure in the body and helps individuals sit, bend, and walk. Sometimes people can engage in activities that can lead to spine injuries, thus undermining their normal functioning. When you encounter such a condition, your answer lies within Atlanta herniated disc. The following are crucial things you should know about herniated discs;

What are the risk factors for the condition?

The following are factors that can increase the likelihood of the individual developing herniated disc:

  • Age: The chances of getting this condition increases as an individual grow old.
  • Weight: Individuals with excessive weight are exposed more to this condition than persons with a healthy weight.
  • Occupation: when you engage in activities that expose you more to repetitive movements, you risk developing the condition.
  • Genetic: Individuals whose family has a history of this condition may be at risk of developing complications with discs in the lower back.


The following are self-care tips that can help you to avoid the condition;


Physical exercises are vital in boosting the wellness of the spine. Individuals should engage in exercises that strengthen the core muscles, such as the abdomen, which increases the spine’s stability. A stable spine is less likely to develop the disc herniate condition. Some aerobic exercises such as brisk walking are efficient since they do not strain the lower back.

Proper lifting tactic

Most people who develop herniated discs are the one who use improper measures when lifting objects. For instance, sudden bending when you want to lift an object can cause stress to the spine, thus leading to the issue. Individuals should use proper tactics such as squatting on their knees to pick items from the surface. Whenever you lift a heavy item, you should seek help from other people.

Sleeping in a right way

How a person sleeps can dictate their spine health. For instance, individuals who sleep on their stomachs are at risk of getting the condition since that position results in unnecessary back stress. Individuals should therefore sleep sideways or on their back. If you have a tiny mattress, you should upgrade to a firm one that would protect your spine from the condition.

Avoid smoking

Smoking is one of the factors that can undermine spine health, although the impacts may take some time. Cigarette smoking leads to spinal degeneration, affecting the structural reliability of the discs and making them vulnerable to rupture. Therefore, individuals should cut down the smoking habit to boost spine wellness. If you have difficulties quitting on your own, you should seek medication and rehabilitation services.

Work on your posture

Individuals having poor posture have greater exposure to a herniated disc. This instance is common for persons who use computers for many hours. In such cases, they should adopt the right sitting posture with their shoulders over their hips. Comfortable workplace seats can also help reduce the chances of having lower back complications.

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5 Least Known Facts About Regenerative Medicine

Your body has its healing powers. Despite the natural process, you may feel the need to boost the healing. This is where regenerative medicine comes in to employ techniques to enhance these abilities in managing different medical complications. Genesis regenerative sports and aesthetics medicine uses advanced treatments to manage musculoskeletal issues like osteoarthritis, rotator cuff tear, Achilles strains, tennis or golfer’s elbow, herniated discs, and degenerative discs. Since some areas in the medical field involve generating tissues and organs for human implantation in the laboratory, several misconceptions surround the treatment. It is crucial to learn the truth, and here are some facts about regenerative medicine.

It Involves the use of Small Molecules and Cell Structures.

In regenerative medicine, your body’s healing ability is enhanced using small cell structures and molecules responsible for reproduction and growth. Tissues like muscle, bone, and skin promote healing in an affected body area. When a disease has destroyed an organ or tissue, the initial tissue in restoring the affected part involves using stem cells. Your doctor can also repair or replace damaged heart cells using stem cells using tissues that have been grown in the lab. The best part is that the cells are designed and programmed to resemble the original cells.

Its Focus is on Diseases of the Heart

Although regenerative medicine can be used to manage multiple health complications, scientists are focused on developing regenerative therapies for heart diseases and complications. There have been several breakthroughs, and some ways have been found to replace damaged heart cells. As mentioned earlier, damaged heart muscle cells can be replaced using stem cells manufactured in the laboratory. The advancements in stem cell technology are promising, making it possible to create new organs and tissues where no organs are available for transplants.

It Involves Using Stem Cell Technology

Regenerative medicine has extensively employed stem cell technology in regenerating body organs. This offers an alternative to transplants and has been proven more effective in some instances. Remember that there could arise cases of the immune system rejecting some foreign organs and tissues donated for transplant. Stem cell therapy uses its organs and tissue, meaning there are fewer chances of rejection, minimizing the risks involved in immune rejection. The findings of regenerative medicine are still promising.

It is Out of the Laboratory

Previously, regenerative medicine has been in laboratory experiments. However, they are now available for clinical applications after being effective and manageable. It is now possible to use a lab-grown heart muscle to substitute for a damaged heart. Regenerative medicine also makes it possible to generate new tissues with damaged cells and can be used to manage various diseases.  Additionally, these treatments are just the beginning since the medical field can help you live a healthier and longer life.

Tissue Engineering and Stem Cell Therapy are the Most Promising

There are several promising regenerative medicine applications, but stem cell therapy and tissue engineering top the list. The techniques involve using human tissue cells to repair damaged tissue. The technologies can also be used to save a life in emergencies, like when the heart muscle is damaged.

Explore more about regenerative medicine at Genesis Orthopedic and Spine. Book your consultation appointment today and learn how you can gain from this medical area. You can make a call or book your appointment online.