Players of escape rooms

Whether you’re a fan of the horror, thriller, or adventure genres, Escape Reality has at least one chamber that will be exactly up your alley. Why not try something unusual if you’re seeking unusual and quirky things to do at Mind Twist Escapes,  Las Vegas? To leave the room, you have one hour. How well will you do? We’ve compiled our best advice for creating the ideal escape room team so that we can share it with you and help you get ready for your escape mission.

Our Game Masters have hosted thousands of escape games over the years, and they have encountered a wide variety of people and found patterns in most groups’ structures. Some groups have successfully fled, but others haven’t been as fortunate.

The Kinds

  • With every group, The Leader is the first kind of escape room participant we encounter. The Leader is prone to taking command of the plans and feels they are the most knowledgeable regarding fleeing. Usually, they don’t seem alarmed by the unknown (perhaps) horror that awaits them; if they are, they tend to disguise it effectively so as not to alarm their companions.
  • The Time Keeper is the second category of player that we observe in escape rooms. The Time Keeper works to keep everyone on schedule by monitoring the countdown timer. They foster a sense of urgency by reminding the team that time is running out!
  • The Thinker frequently serves as The Leader’s number two. The Thinker examines the escape room’s intricate details in great depth. They are the ones who have solutions to the room’s puzzles in mind. They might easily turn into overthinkers and be contemptuous of other people’s ideas if they believe they are “too simple,” so take care.
  • The team member known as “The Searcher” enjoys exploring the room in quest of hidden or obvious escape room clues. They are typically quite skilled at finding concealed clues, which other team members could have overlooked. They typically waste too much time on red herrings because they believe that everything they find may be true, which is their downfall.

So, now that you are aware of the factors to take into account when creating your ideal escape room team, gather your buddies and test your teamwork skills. No matter what combination of player types make up your team, remember that you all have the same objective: to escape!