All You Need to Know About Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry involves using lasers to treat a wide array of dental conditions. Unlike traditional dental procedures, laser dentistry offers you a more comfortable treatment option for several dental procedures involving soft or hard tissue. Laser treatments entail using a certain instrument that focuses light energy in a narrow and focused beam. This laser beam reacts with your tissue, allowing it to shape or completely remove it. Depending on the treatment, your dentist can use soft or hard tissue lasers. In this guide, we will tell you all you need to know about laser dentistry West Hollywood.

Why is Laser Dentistry Performed?

As mentioned earlier, your dentist can use either hard tissue or soft tissue layers, depending on your treatment. Hard tissue laser treatment can cut through tooth structure since their wavelengths are absorbed by combining a certain mineral found in your teeth and water. These laser treatments often shape or prepare your teeth for composite bonding, remove some tooth structure, and repair worn-down dental fillings. On the other hand, soft tissue laser treatments are used for dental procedures such as:

  • Crown lengthening. This procedure involves reshaping bone and gum tissue for a healthier tooth structure, which is helpful with installing teeth restorations.
  • Treating a ‘gummy smile.’ This laser treatment can be used to reshape your gum tissue, where your gum’s length covers much of the tooth.
  • Removing soft tissue folds. Laser treatments can help eliminate soft tissue folds from poorly-fitting dentures without sutures or pain.
  • Treating tongue frenulum attachment. If you have a tight or thick frenulum, the fold of skin under the front part of your tongue that anchors to the mouth floor, you will certainly benefit from this laser treatment.

Other uses of laser dental procedures include:

  • Removing benign tumors. Lasers can be used to remove tumors from the gums, cheeks, palate, and side of the lips through a suture- and pain-free method.
  • Nerve regeneration. Laser treatments can help regenerate damaged blood vessels, scars, and nerves.
  • Viewing tissues. Your doctor can safely view the inside of your gum tissue or tooth through optical coherence tomography (a form of laser treatment).
  • Treating obstructive sleep apnea. Laser treatments can help reshape your throat and treat breathing problems associated with tissue overgrowth in the throat.
  • Treating cold sores. Lasers can help minimize recovery time and reduce pain from cold sores.
  • Temporomandibular joint treatment. Laser treatment can help reduce inflammation and pain in the joint.


How are laser treatments performed?

The first step in preparing for your dental laser treatment is to schedule an appointment with your dentist. Once your dentist has spotted the problems you are suffering from, they will recommend a laser treatment depending on the severity of your dental problem. Like tooth-filling procedures, dental laser treatments are also very simple. There is no drilling of the teeth, and the laser does not result in any discomfort or pain for the patient. Moreover, dental laser treatments usually involve less bleeding during and after the procedure. The chances of contracting an oral infection are also significantly reduced with dental laser treatments.

Disadvantages of laser dentistry

While the advantages of laser dentistry are more than its disadvantages, below are some of the downsides of laser dental treatments:

  • Require use of local anesthesia
  • Hard tissue treatments can injure your tooth pulp
  • Some treatments require the use of drills to complete tooth fillings, adjust the bite, tooth shaping, and polish the filling.

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