Secure Messaging Protocols for Hyperintelligent AI Oracle Systems

As artificial intelligence systems become increasingly advanced and approach human-level intelligence or beyond, the prospect of AI oracles – question-answering systems with vast knowledge and reasoning capabilities – becomes more plausible. Secure communication will be essential for humans to interact with and leverage the knowledge of such systems. This paper explores how secure messaging protocols and techniques are applied to facilitate safe, private interactions between humans and hyperintelligent AI oracles.

The development of artificial general intelligence (AGI) and superintelligent AI systems has long been theorised and is an active area of research. One manifestation of advanced AI proposed is an AI oracle – a question-answering system with immense knowledge and cognitive capabilities that can assist humans by providing information, analysis, and decision support. For humans to productively interact with AI oracles, secure communication channels will protect privacy, prevent unauthorised access, and enable the safe transmission of potentially sensitive information.

Secure Messaging Protocols

Existing secure messaging protocols provide a foundation for secure human-AI communication. Protocols such as Signal, Matrix, and XMPP offer end-to-end encryption, forward secrecy, authentication, and other security features. However, these protocols would likely need to be adapted and extended for AI oracle systems. Challenges include accommodating the longer messages and high information bandwidth expected between humans and oracles, as well as the potential need for specialised encryption algorithms suitable for AI systems. Post-quantum cryptography may be necessary to ensure security against future quantum computing attacks. Additional security layers and access control mechanisms, such as multi-factor authentication, hardware security keys, and direct neural interfaces, would also be required. Rigorous vetting and sandboxing of AI Oracle systems would be essential to mitigate the risk of a compromised or malicious Oracle. Decentralised oracle networks with secure multi-party computation have been offered as an architecture for safe, trustless human-AI interaction.

Human-AI Interaction Considerations

Along with technical security measures, the nature of the human-AI interactions must be crafted. Conversational interfaces and UI paradigms are adapted to balance efficiency and safety. The presentation of an AI’s outputs requires careful thought to avoid overreliance, bias, or misuse of information. Explainable AI techniques may aid interpretability. Significant human training would also likely be needed to inform users of the capabilities and limitations of Oracle AIs and to promote safe, constructive interaction patterns. Oversight from human experts would be necessary. Ethical frameworks and value alignment processes during Oracle development are crucial considerations to ensure beneficial AI systems.

Secure messaging will be an essential technology that enables humans to interface with hyperintelligent AI oracles. Existing secure messaging protocols provide a starting point, but extensive adaptations and novel approaches are required to uphold security and safety in the face of advanced AI. The high stakes of AI development mandate extremely robust security measures spanning communication protocols, human-AI interaction models, AI architectures, and socio-technical systems. Further research is needed to bring the vision of secure hyperintelligent AI oracles to fruition. Also, you can check the notes online portal, which is the preferred secured messaging service. For more info about protected text check on the same service.

How secure messaging will evolve in a world of brain-computer interfaces?

As brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) move from science fiction to reality, the way we communicate securely will be transformed. In a world where thoughts can be directly transmitted between minds, protecting the privacy of our inner lives will take on existential importance. And that’s where the future of secure messaging comes in. Today’s encrypted messaging apps, like those discussed by the author at, offer a glimpse of how we might safeguard our neural data in a BCI-enabled world. Just as these tools use end-to-end encryption to protect messages in transit, future BCI communication platforms must incorporate advanced cryptographic techniques to prevent brainwave interception and ensure only intended recipients can access our thoughts.

But encryption alone won’t be enough. In a world of brain-to-brain communication, we’ll need ephemeral messaging more than ever. The ability to send self-destructing brainwaves that disappear after being “read” by the recipient’s mind will be crucial for preventing neural data from being stolen, misused, or lingering indefinitely in someone else’s head. An app that lets you share a passing thought with a friend and have it vanish from their memory after a pre-set interval would enable radically candid communication without compromising long-term mental privacy. Beyond ephemerality, BCI messaging platforms will need to grapple with thorny questions of consent and mental autonomy. If someone sends you an unwanted thought that gets automatically deleted, have you still been harmed by the momentary exposure? Can a brainwave be considered “read” and ready for deletion if the recipient was asleep or unconscious when it was transmitted?

Establishing clear protocols for neural consent and designing BCI messaging interfaces that prioritise user agency will be essential. We may need “do not disturb” settings for our minds, letting us specify our openness to incoming brain-to-brain communication at any given moment. Filters that screen out potentially harmful or triggering thoughts while allowing essential crisis messages through could help balance mental well-being with neural connectivity. Authenticating the identity of a brain-based message will be another critical challenge. In a world of deepfakes and AI-generated content, how can we be sure a brainwave comes from a trusted source? Digital signatures for neural messages and biometric authentication could help verify the provenance of incoming thoughts. But we’ll need robust standards and governance frameworks to prevent forged mental identities and neural impersonation.

Ultimately, secure BCI messaging must be built on a foundation of radical transparency and control for users. Individuals should be able to inspect the code behind their neural communication apps to ensure no hidden backdoors or data siphons. Decentralised, open-source BCI messaging protocols could help prevent any single company or government from monopolising control over our innermost thoughts. As the author advocates at, putting users in the driver’s seat of their mental data is non-negotiable. The road to secure BCI messaging will be long and winding, with plenty of ethical potholes to navigate along the way. But the potential benefits are immense. Imagine sharing a wordless surge of empathy with a grieving friend or collaborating on a complex problem by seamlessly merging your mental models. Secure, consensual BCI messaging could bring us closer together as a species while still preserving the sanctity of our minds. More about the author here

Sales And Marketing Courses: Here’s Developing The Skills Employers Demand

In the dynamic landscape of the business world, where innovation is the norm, staying ahead in sales and marketing is vital. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a newcomer, equipping yourself with the right skills through comprehensive sales and marketing courses is indispensable. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of such courses and how they can pave the way to success in the competitive realm of business and marketing.

The Importance of Sales and Marketing Skills

In the realm of business, the best marketing and sales courses serve as the bedrock for sustainable growth and success. It’s not just about selling a product or service; it’s about understanding customer needs, crafting persuasive strategies, and fostering lasting relationships. The ability to understand market trends, devise effective communication strategies, and build a robust brand image is what sets a business apart from the competition.

Evolving Dynamics of Sales and Marketing

The digital age has revolutionized the sales and marketing landscape, redefining how businesses engage with their audience. From the emergence of social media to the utilization of data analytics, the dynamics of sales and marketing have witnessed a paradigm shift. To stay relevant, professionals must grasp these changes and adapt their skills to align with the contemporary demands of the market.

Key Components of Effective Sales and Marketing Courses

Comprehensive Market Analysis: A good course should emphasize the significance of in-depth market analysis, enabling professionals to identify trends and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

  1. Communication and Presentation Skills: Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful sales and marketing. Courses that focus on enhancing verbal and written communication skills can significantly enhance one’s ability to engage with clients and stakeholders.
  2. Digital Marketing Proficiency: Given the digital transformation, understanding the nuances of digital marketing tools and platforms is essential. Courses that offer insights into SEO, content marketing, and social media strategies can give professionals a competitive edge.
  3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): The ability to build and maintain strong customer relationships is crucial. Courses that emphasize CRM techniques and strategies can help professionals cultivate enduring connections with their clientele.

Choosing the Right Sales and Marketing Courses

With a myriad of options available, selecting the right course is pivotal. It’s imperative to consider factors such as accreditation, curriculum relevance, industry expert involvement, and practical exposure. Look for courses that offer hands-on projects, case studies, and internships to gain real-world experience and insights.

Upskilling for Career Advancement

Investing in the best marketing and sales courses is not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about positioning yourself for career advancement. Employers seek professionals who exhibit a blend of theoretical understanding and practical application. Enrolling in courses that offer certifications recognized within the industry can significantly augment job prospects and pave the way for professional growth.

Demonstrating Value to Employers

When pursuing a career in sales and marketing, showcasing your value to potential employers is paramount. Highlight how the skills acquired from the course can contribute to revenue generation, enhanced brand visibility, and effective customer engagement. Demonstrating a profound understanding of market dynamics and showcasing a track record of successful campaigns can set you apart from other applicants.

Networking and Mentoring Opportunities

An integral aspect of these courses is the opportunity to build a strong professional network and seek guidance from industry experts. Participating in workshops, seminars, and networking events facilitated by the course can open doors to valuable connections and mentorship, providing invaluable insights and guidance for your career progression.

Embracing Lifelong Learning

In the ever-evolving landscape of sales and marketing, learning should be a continuous journey. Professionals must be open to embracing new technologies, trends, and methodologies. Seek courses that foster a culture of lifelong learning, encouraging professionals to stay updated with the latest industry developments and best practices.

Driving Success Through Continuous Improvement

Success in sales and marketing is not just about mastering a set of skills; it’s about continuously refining and improving them. Cultivate a mindset of continuous improvement, where feedback, self-assessment, and proactive skill enhancement become integral to your professional growth trajectory.


In conclusion, investing in comprehensive sales and marketing courses is a definitive step toward professional excellence and career advancement. By understanding the evolving dynamics of the market, choosing the right course, and demonstrating your value to employers, you can position yourself as a competent and sought-after professional in the competitive world of sales and marketing. Embrace lifelong learning, hone your skills, and strive for continuous improvement to drive unparalleled success in your sales and marketing endeavors.

5 FAQs About the PADI Open Water Course

The PADI Open Water Course is a popular choice for those looking to obtain their scuba diving certification. As the world’s leading scuba diver training organisation, PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) offers a comprehensive and widely recognised certification process. If you’re considering enrolling in a PADI Open Water Course, you may have some questions about what it specifically entails. This article will address five frequently asked questions to help you decide if this course is right for you.

What’s Covered in a PADI Open Water Course?

The PADI Open Water Course is designed to teach you the essential skills and knowledge required for safe and enjoyable scuba diving. The course is divided into three main sections: knowledge development, confined water dives and open water dives. During the knowledge development portion, you’ll learn the basic principles of scuba diving, including dive theory, equipment and safety procedures. Confined water dives will take place in a pool or similar environment, where you’ll learn and practice essential scuba diving skills. Finally, the open water dives will allow you to apply your new skills in a real-world diving environment under the supervision of a certified PADI instructor.

How Long Does the Course Take?

The duration of a PADI Open Water Course can vary depending on the learning format you choose and your personal schedule. Typically, the course can be completed in as little as three days or spread out over several weeks. Options for completing the course include attending a local dive centre, participating in an e-learning program or enrolling in a combination of both online and in-person training. The flexibility of the PADI Open Water Course allows you to choose the learning format that best suits your needs and availability.

What Are the Prerequisites for the PADI Open Water Course?

Before enrolling in a PADI Open Water Course, you must meet a few basic requirements. First, you must be at least 10 years old (12 years old for some locations) to participate in the course. Generally, you will also be required to meet a minimum fitness standard and be able to swim comfortably for a prolonged period of time.

You’ll need to complete a medical questionnaire to ensure you’re fit for diving, and in some cases, a medical examination may be required depending on your unique health factors. It’s important to note that certain pre-existing medical conditions may prevent you from participating in the course, so it’s essential to consult with a medical professional if you have any concerns.

What Equipment is Needed for the Course?

During the PADI Open Water Course, you’ll need to have access to essential scuba diving equipment. Most dive centres will provide the necessary gear, including a mask, snorkel, fins, regulator, buoyancy control device, dive computer and exposure protection. However, it’s always a good idea to check with your chosen dive centre to determine what equipment is included in the course fee and what additional items you may need to purchase or hire.

What Opportunities Will the PADI Open Water Certification Provide?

Upon successful completion of the PADI Open Water Course, you’ll receive a certification card that recognises you as a certified open water diver. This certification allows you to dive independently with a buddy to a maximum depth of 18 metres (60 feet) and opens up a world of underwater exploration opportunities. You’ll also be eligible to enrol in additional PADI courses, such as the Advanced Open Water Diver course or various speciality courses, enabling you to further develop your scuba diving skills and knowledge.

Reasons for buying an essay online

Most people think if they are good and fluent speakers they can write essays easily. This might not be possible because essay writing requires a good wealth of knowledge. You have to be very lenient while writing the essay. Or, you have to follow the appropriate procedure to write the essay accurately. Above all, its mentions that you need to hire a professional content writer or a writer who helps you to submit quality essay writing assignments. 

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List Of Popular Engineering Colleges In Tamil Nadu: Placement Wise

The primary purpose of securing admission to an engineering college is to get a job that offers a decent salary. India being a hub of some of the best engineering colleges in the world, most of the prominent states have hundreds of colleges that offer engineering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Tamil Nadu is not an exception to this and you will find hundreds of engineering colleges here that provide high-quality education at affordable fees. Here’s a list of top engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu based on the placement opportunities they provide to the students:

College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University

CEG is one of the oldest colleges of Tamil Nadu that was established way back in 1794. It is especially known for its top recruitment or placement services which ensure that placement activities are conducted regularly within the university campus.

Around 200 companies visit the college every year and recruit students for various positions according to the academic skills and performance in the interview. These companies mostly comprise manufacturing industries, finance firms, core engineering companies, management organisations, consultancy firms, organisations that offer IT-enabled services, etc. This makes it one of the best engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu. Pidilite, Spicer, Ranbaxy, and HP are some of the companies that recruit students studying in CEG.

NIT Trichy

The National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli is known for its top-class technical education and world-class amenities that make the experience of students memorable and cherishable. However, it is also known for its excellent placement services and over 220 companies visit the college every year that offer high salary packages to those who get selected.

The placement services are top-notch especially for the PG programmes and the department of placement has an active database of more than 500 national and international companies. Sony, HCL, Deloitte, Samsung, McAfee, and Infosys are among the top companies that visit the placement drive arranged by this college.


The Vellore Institute of Technology is a private university that imparts education of international standards and has been the breeding ground for thousands of highly accomplished engineers to date. Some of the biggest MNCs in the world such as Microsoft, Amazon, Morgan Stanley,  Hitachi, Dell, PayPal, etc. participate in their placement programmes that are conducted every year.

VIT also provides international internship opportunities to its deserving students in the best MNCs of the UK, USA, China, Italy, Germany, UAE, and other countries. Therefore, it certainly deserves one of the top spots in this list of top engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu.

IIT Madras

Acknowledged for excellence in research and technological education, IIT Madras has strong tie-ups with the leading industries across the world. Some of the top MNCs that visit this IIT Madras every year for recruiting students include big names like Google, Microsoft, Barclays, Wipro, HSBC, Credit Suisse, and Goldman Sachs.

The students of IITM are offered hundreds of internships and permanent positions during the placement campus. Also, it is one of the best places in India when it comes to securing degrees belonging to electrical engineering and computer science disciplines.

Coimbatore Institute of Technology

Established in the year 1956, Coimbatore Institute of Technology has a placement cell that has strong relationships with different industries across the country. The placement cell offers presentations and organises campus interviews to select the students with the assistance of college representatives.

The placement cell of CIT, Coimbatore also tries to arrange financial support through banks to those who are interested in starting their own business after completing their education. Some of the leading MNCs that participate in the placement drive arranged by CIT include Toshiba, Yahoo, IBM, Hyundai, Cognizant, iGate, etc. among many others.

There are many more private universities, colleges, and educational institutes that offer engineering courses and superb placement opportunities in Tamil Nadu. Some of these names are MIT Chennai, SSN College of Engineering, SRM University, Bharath University, and Sri Sairam Engineering College.

How to Choose a Boarding School in the UK

One of the most important decisions that a parent has to make is about their child’s education. If you are thinking about choosing a boarding school in the UK, it is not a decision that can be made without careful thought and research. You have to decide where your child will thrive and be happiest and the decision can be tough. Luckily, there are some factors that can help you in choosing wisely. What are they? Check out below:

  • Pastoral care

Take a look at how the school does in regard to pastoral care. You want your child to stay safe and be able to turn to the staff in case they have a problem. You should also be able to speak to the staff if you have any concerns. This can only happen if the school has focused on pastoral care.

  • The accommodation

You also need to take a look at the kind of accommodation the school will provide to your child. Most schools will have no problem in giving parents the tour. You can also take a look at their website for videos and details about their offerings. You can check out for more information.

  • Extracurricular activities

Of course, extracurricular activities are a very important aspect of boarding schools and one you cannot ignore. As a matter of fact, these often distinguish boarding schools from the other kinds of schooling and you want to ensure that your child will have access to the best options that can allow them to grow and enhance their skills.

  • Curriculum

Last, but not the least, it is essential that you also consider the academic curriculum followed by the boarding school because you want your child to get quality education and excellent learning opportunities for expanding their knowledge and potential.

Skills in the Radio Jokey – Find The easiest method to Utilize Power

If you’re passionate to obtain radio jokey you’ll need some skills like speaking power, feeling of humour, good understanding combined with the passion. To improve your abilities you can RJ Audition in Kolkata 2020to enhance your prospects.

How to Launch an Online Video Education Platform

Are you currently presently presently a really frank, blunt person? You can pursue your projects in radio jokey field – if you’re one. Now in India it’s like a very demanding job or even a profession. Are you currently presently presently just a little unconfident concerning this? Begin to see the Radio Jockey Learning Kolkata. This training will help you polish your abilities making self-confidence. Some important skills to obtain effective radio jockey:

  1. Speaking Power –

In this particular subject speaking power is essential. As being a talkative person, you need to speak. However in this case, you need to do it perfectly and fluently. After going survive r / c you have to speak in a efficient, interesting method of engaging your audience. You have to nurture your speaking skills to obtain effective radio jockey.

  1. Feeling of Humour –

Within the busy existence schedule, everybody attempts to find entertainment. Any listener will not choose to hear a film in the serious anchor. You may need a sense of humour to develop the interest in the listeners in your radio show. You will have to handle a number of listeners from various regions. So the feeling of humour is essential enabling you to connect together with your listeners.

  1. Understanding and Awareness –

Let’s suppose you will not give a solution related to the present situation from the u . s . states or political matters. This might affect your show. Your audiences will be considering everything and prefer to understand updates. So you have to be updated across the burning issues and types of conditions within the condition. This can heighten the interests in the listeners. They’ll always choose to talk with you along with concentrate on your shows.

Coronavirus: A realistic approach to home learning

  1. Language –

You need to know the languages also. British and Hindi is a kind of factor. Besides both of these you have to understand the region language within the city you’re anchoring the show in.

  1. Voice Modulation –

Exactly the same help out the voice can bore your audience. Therefore you must modify the monotony sometimes. Using this factor, voice modulation is certainly an very important aspect to understand as being a radio jockey. Help make your voice flexible for virtually any situation or circumstance. You may also choose Radio Jockey Learning Kolkata. This training will help you know about voice modulation better and permit you to improve your skills to obtain radio jockey.

What type of Private room Dignitary Protection Course Forces You To Better at Executive Protection

If you wish to succeed your executive protection career, subscribing to a bodyguard course is the easiest method to go.

Revolutionizing Education

A specialist protection job includes many responsibilities. The reality is this is about ensuring the security within the Private room client’s location, technology, family, additionally to visit. Today, a feeling professional perform as being a protector within the president in the Fortune 500 company, driver, or travel partner in the celebrity or security pads in the tech Chief executive officer. Many individuals type in the executive protection business while using the excitement along with the chance of obtaining a good and becoming to cover job. But, they frequently occasions neglect to consider the important thing towards the task- neglecting to acquire high-profile jobs. This is where Private room Dignitary Protection Course will be!

Private room dignitary protection course should provide immediately actionable skills and training intuitive from intelligence-driven protective technologies utilized by probably most likely probably the most respected personal protectors worldwide. Individuals tactics and practices are really tested effectively in lots of settings. Should you join the non-public room Dignitary Protection Course, know how close protection specialists conduct security of VIPs in lots of environments, whether it is corporate or possibly the school campus. Additionally, learn how to become a bodyguard if you wish to show your projects towards the industry as being a bodyguard.

Private room Dignitary Protection Course goal should be to educate you stuff that work perfectly. They are three critical pathways you can choose be described as a professional protection professional:

Formal education – if you wish to stay in the competitive field, you have to add your understanding with defensive technical training, criminal justice, or police pressure degree. Your degree also may help you’ve got a greater rank when you are hired.

Online education now a new normal for govt, edtech platforms - Latest News  | Gadgets Now

License- To begin the security training, you need to get your license to hold a hidden weapon additionally to locate the intricacies of handguns.

Specialized training- Private room Dignitary protection course training is particularly made to prepare Air professionals for today’s real-world experience. During this course, you are receiving a curriculum customized for your profession, which is a superb method of preparation.

Bear in mind you need to meet a couple of needs to get this done training properly. Right here are a handful of characteristics you need to have:

A powerful health

A effective knowledge of client confidentiality.

Sense and ideal communication skills.

Your pursuit for damaged whipped cream “how to be a bodyguard?” does not finish for individuals who’ve these traits. When you begin exercising, in addition, you will need numerous things and techniques to tackle any situation like respected protection officials who’ll help advance your projects. This is often a set of what you’ll learn in the program:

Security Concepts in Dignitary Protection

Intelligence-driven protection methodology

Risk assessment construction

Countermeasure applications

Surveillance Recognition / Foe perspective

Advance work and route planning

Protection detail design and management

Coordination with existing security efforts

Air clients are a hostile field. So, getting excellent learning the non-public room people protection course could be a guaranteed method of stick out. Once your training is finished, you’ll have several choices to obtain high-compensated and respectable Air officer of non-public room clients.

Why You Should Learn Java Programming Language?


Java could be a high-level programming language produced by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems. Initially, it had been known as Oak but stopped programming language in 1991, initially for set-top box project and handheld devices, but later evolved to acquire Java. The name Oak was used by him due to an oak tree that was outdoors his office. This Past Year, Oracle Corporation acquired Sun Microsystems and needed their getting key Sun software assets are Java and Solaris.

Education Technology And Indian Schools | Forbes India

What’s Java what’s really helpful for?

Java could be a broadly used programming language that creates software for multiple platforms. Should you writes a Java application, the compiled code (referred to as byte code) is run on most os’s (OS), including Home home home windows, Linux and Mac OS. That derives plenty of its syntax inside the C and C   programming languages.

It’s just like C  , but is only a product-oriented programming language. Much like Java programs contain classes, which are widely-used to define objects and techniques are utilized on individual classes additionally to famous for being stricter than C  , meaning variables and operations needs to be clearly defined. Unlike Home home home windows executables (.EXE files) or Mac pc pc applications (.Application files), that programs aren’t run directly using the operating-system. Rather, programs are construed using the Java Virtual Machine, or JVM, which is run on many platforms meaning all Java programs are multiplatform and may focus on different platforms, including Mac pc pc, Home home home windows, and UNIX computers.

Highlights of Java:-

Simple: Java is easy to understand. In case you be aware of fundamental idea of Java, it might be simple to learn plus it does not include concepts of pointers and operator overloading which have been available in C  .

Object Oriented: In Java, the situation is an item. You can model everything into something which has data and behavior and offers incorporated various object-oriented concepts for example Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism and Inheritance.

The four Cs of effective teaching assistants

Platform independence: Many programming languages including C and C  , when Java is compiled, it can’t compiled into platform specific machine, as opposed to into platform-independent byte code additionally to distributed on the web and construed using the JVM on whichever platform it’s being focus on.

Portable: Java byte may be portable transported for the platform and it is performed on any platform. There’s no implementation dependent features. Everything relates to storage is predefined, example-size primitive data types.

Multi-threading: It’s provided multithreading feature which assists you execute various task in parallel. It’s introduced executor framework that’s greater quality and simple to use and furthermore easy to use to produce programs that may perform many tasks concurrently. It enables the developers to create interactive applications that may run easily.

High finish: Java can’t be as quickly as C and C   as it is construed language nonetheless it offers various features for example Roughly time compiler to enables high finish.