Considering Dental Implants? – Here Are 5 Things You Should Know

Tooth loss is an unfortunate but typical occurrence for many persons. Until recently, dentures were the only choice to replace missing teeth. However, dentures could be inconvenient as well as uncomfortable. Luckily, with modern technology, you have the option of dental implants, which are a terrific alternative to other dental operations. These prostheses are built with metal frames and posts, which are subsequently surgically affixed to your jawbone, thus, ensuring they do not damage any neighboring teeth. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are still at crossroads as to whether to undertake Waterford dental implants.

  1. They Feel and Look Natural

Dental implants are made to match the appearance and feel of your natural teeth. As a result, most patients who have undergone dental implantation leave feeling confident enough to smile again.

Besides, implants are considerably easier to communicate with because they feel natural and sturdy. Dentures could make it challenging to talk correctly at first, and they are susceptible to slipping around in your mouth if they are not correctly fitted. With dental implants, you may feel and speak the same way as before, when you had your natural tooth.

  1. They Are Long-Lasting

Unlike dentures or dental bridges, which can last 7-10 years, dental implants could last forever with adequate maintenance and care. They might necessitate minor adjustments from your dentist with time, but when opposed to other replacement options, dental implants are the closest thing to your healthy and natural teeth.

  1. They Preserve Your Jawbone

Whenever you have a missing tooth, the roots that go with it are also lost. A dental implant replaces the detectable component of your tooth and the unnoticed part, the roots that connect to your jaw. The dental implant is surgically fixed into the jawbone, allowing the tissue to develop around it and a link between the implant and bone. Jawbone preservation ensures that you do not suffer bone deterioration and the resulting sunken-in appearance.

  1. They Let You Eat Whatever You Want

Implants are surgically implanted into your jaw bone to replace the roots of your natural teeth. This stability enables you to bite into items naturally and comfortably. Alternatives like dentures could be inconvenient while eating as they feel unpleasant and can shift around as you bite or chew. You can eat confidently with a dental implant, knowing that it will feel natural and enjoyable.

  1. They Are Not For Everybody

Sadly, dental implants are not suitable for everybody. The best fit for this procedure is people with sufficient and healthy bone density. Besides, every structure requires proper maintenance, which implies frequent dental appointments and appropriate dental hygiene habits are vital for success.

Choosing to have a dental implant is a big step toward a better you! It restores the beauty and attractiveness of your smile and improves your general oral health and functionality. Talk to Marvin Taylor, DDS, about your concerns and discuss the available dental implant options to discover the best one for you. Call Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center office or use the online booking tool to arrange an initial consultation.