Different Types of Security Guards as per Ranger Security Agency. Number One Austin Security Guard Company

As an entrepreneur, you must put the security of your company’s assets, clients, employees, and goods first. To put it simply, having security guards on your business property is the best method to accomplish this. But with so many different kinds of security guard services and security companies available, especially in Austin, TX, it can be difficult to identify the best fit. Fortunately, we are available to assist you in determining the kind of guarding service that best meets the demands and specifications of your particular organization. This blog by security experts from Ranger Security Agency, the number one Austin security company will examine the different types of security guards with a specific reference to our guards. You can call us today for the best Austin security guards under each of these discussed categories.

Different Types of Security Guards

Unarmed security guards are the most prevalent kind in our Austin security company and most companies in the US. Their tasks might encompass an equally broad range as the properties they cover are extremely diverse. Unarmed security guard service can be considered as a typical entry point into the security sector.

Armed security guards need to complete extra training in order to obtain their permits. They are typically seen at banks, jewellery stores, or other establishments that store high-value assets. They are regarded as a higher level of security guards. Due to the stringent standards for gun permits, armed guards must be completely compliant with the law. Having a firearms permit entails considerably more responsibility in terms of the law, morality, and professionalism. Additionally, armed guards must never use force without a valid reason and only as a last, desperate measure against a genuine, immediate threat. Contact our Austin security company for professional armed security guard services.

Bodyguards also form a vital part of our Austin security company. These are the personal protectors tasked with keeping an individual safe. Some of the individuals who frequently hire this service include HNIs, celebrities, dignitaries, and other VIPs like politicians. These guards typically have extensive training and are well-armed. They also go by the name “personal protection agents.”

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Our Austin security guard company also offers event security guard services for events in and around Austin, Texas. Most event managers hire our guards to manage crowds, manage entry, and act as a presence to discourage risky behavior and poor behavior that frequently occurs in crowded environments.

Static guards sometimes referred to as business guards, work in a formal or corporate environment, safeguarding a company’s resources and personnel. The duties and obligations of a business guard might vary because organizations differ widely in terms of size, scope, and purpose. Additionally, the word “business guard” encompasses a wide range of duties.  Some business guards monitor big business premises that consist of multiple buildings, while others are assigned to safeguard smaller businesses such as bars, retail stores, and small office buildings. As a result, whereas smaller companies may get by with just one security officer, larger companies will need many business guards, who frequently operate in shifts to ensure constant property protection.

Our Austin security company will customize your security guard service. Whether you’d like business guards who also help in customer service or just ones to manage your access points, our Austin security guards can do all that.

These guards are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of personnel working in municipal, state, or federal government buildings. This entails locations of government buildings that instantly spring to mind, such as parliamentary buildings, courthouses, and administrative offices; it also includes airports, post offices, nuclear power plants, and other essential infrastructure.
Becoming a government security guard is more difficult than applying for other security positions in this sector because government institutions prioritize security. For our Austin security guards to become government security guards, special security clearance, which necessitates extensive vetting, is undertaken.

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Selecting the right kind of security guard for your home or business is crucial if you’re considering hiring them. In light of this, we hope this piece has clarified the various kinds of security guards you may choose from and their responsibilities. Our Austin security guard company can also offer a free, on-site inspection to help you narrow down the precise security needs that would be appropriate for you and identify the best guards for your case. We are the number one Austin security company for a reason. So what are you waiting for? Contact Ranger Security Agency’s office in Austin for more information regarding our services in Austin, to schedule an appointment, or to get a free quote.