Frequently asked questions about the Divorce Records in Washington

The state laws differ when it comes to giving access to Divorce records. 

The process also varies depending on the county where the divorce is given. You can check with your attorney to access the washington state divorce record

Below are a few frequently asked questions in regards to the divorce records.

What are Divorce Records?

Divorce records are the details which include Divorce certificate, Divorce Decree. These records also contain facts and evidence produced during the case proceedings. The information in the Divorce records is sensitive and private, like bank account details, social security numbers, etc.

Are Divorce records public?

Yes, Divorce records are public. But if you have requested the court to seal the records by completing the procedure, then those specific details are not available for the public. These can be sensitive information like social security numbers, minor children’s details, bank accounts, etc.

Who has access to the Divorce records?

The two parties involved and their attorneys have access to the Divorce records.

Though these records are public, you have to follow the process of filling out a request form and paying a small fee to access the records. 

How to seal your divorce records?

Divorce records can be sealed by filling out a request form in the county where the divorce occurred. A hearing follows it in the court to justify sealing the records. IF the judge finds your reasons acceptable, then the record is sealed.

How to access a sealed record?

Usually, a sealed record is not accessible to the public. If you are someone other than the two parties involved in the divorce, you have to file a petition in the court in the correct county where the divorce took place. You have to present the reason to access the records in the court. You also need to pay a small fee to get official copies.

What are different ways to access the Divorce records?

There are three different ways to access Divorce records; Third-party, public body, Online, and Government body.

You can source a legitimate third party and check with them for the records.

Online search is the easiest and quickest way to access the records. However, you may not get the desired level of information.

You can get access to the records via a Government body by filling out a request form, and if you need an official copy, you will have to pay a small fee.