Understanding The Roles And Responsibilities Of A Podiatrist

Understanding The Roles And Responsibilities Of A Podiatrist

Welcome to a deeper understanding of what a podiatrist does. At its core, a podiatrist is a medical expert focused on foot health. They tackle anything from bunions to complex surgeries. Edward Tjoe, DPM, is one such expert. In this blog, we will break down the roles and responsibilities of a podiatrist like Dr. Tjoe. We’ll do this in three parts: what they study, the problems they solve, and the procedures they perform.

What They Study

It’s not enough to complete medical school to become a podiatrist. They also need to complete an additional three-year foot and ankle residency. Their studies center around the foot, ankle, and lower leg. They must grasp everything from anatomy to muscular function. This allows them to understand the problems their patients face.

The Problems They Solve

Podiatrists are the detectives of the medical world. They solve complex problems that often elude other medical professionals. These include chronic foot pain, bunions, and heel spurs. They also treat foot injuries and complications from diseases like diabetes. A visit to a podiatrist can be the first step on the path to recovery for many patients.

The Procedures They Perform

Podiatrists are not just confined to the clinic. They also perform surgical procedures to help their patients. This could be anything from a simple bunion removal to a complex foot reconstruction. According to a report, podiatrists perform about 25% of all foot surgeries in the United States. This demonstrates their importance in the medical field.

Comparison With Other Medical Professionals

It’s easy to mistake a podiatrist for an orthopedic surgeon. But they are not the same. Both deal with the musculoskeletal system. However, a podiatrist is specialized in the foot, ankle, and lower leg. An orthopedic surgeon can treat the entire body. Here is a simple comparison:

EducationMedical School + 3-year foot and ankle residencyMedical School + 5-year orthopedic residency
SpecializationFoot, Ankle, Lower LegAll parts of the body
Surgical ProceduresYes (foot and ankle)Yes (all parts of the body)

In summary, a podiatrist plays a crucial role in the medical world. They are foot health experts, problem solvers, and surgical performers. Their specialized training allows them to deliver high-quality care for patients’ foot, ankle, and lower leg issues. So next time you have a foot problem, remember, a podiatrist is your best bet for effective treatment.