Top 5 Benefits of Dental Crown

Having decayed or damaged teeth can affect your smile, appearance, and confidence. Fortunately, Riverdale crowns can restore a damaged tooth, and they provide a lot of advantages for your oral health. A dentist may recommend a dental crown to save an existing tooth instead of extraction. A dental crown restores your healthy and attractive smile.

Here are additional benefits of dental crowns:

  1.     Crowns help get rid of discomfort

Dental crowns are often utilized to perform a restorative procedure and restore enamel or structural damage. Due to these issues, the teeth might become sensitive to cold or pressure. After the underlying problem has been treated, such as with root canal, filling, or other treatments, the remaining section of the tooth must be safeguarded. A dental crown may prevent additional damage to your tooth while reducing discomfort.

  1.     Dental crowns can be customized for you

Your dental crown can be custom-made to fit your remaining teeth’ size, shape, and color. Depending on your demands and budget, there are a variety of materials used in dental crowns. After the mild stiffness around the region goes away, you will completely forget you have a dental crown, and no one will be able to tell if you have one.

  1.     Crowns can restore the appearance of teeth

Dental crowns are used to replace teeth that have been broken or damaged, but they also have aesthetic advantages. They rapidly fix discoloration, malformed teeth, cracks, chips, and fractures since they fit over your existing natural tooth. Because of these advantages, dental crowns are sometimes utilized to fulfill aesthetic dental objectives.

  1.     Crowns are a quick and easy procedure

Many people believe that acquiring a dental crown is a tough or complex operation. The truth is that it is one of the simplest operations you may have performed. The dentist will begin by cleaning and preparing the tooth’s enamel.

After the dentist removes the damaged pieces of your tooth,  they will reshape your tooth so that the crown will properly attach to it when fitted. The next stage is to create a mold of your tooth, used to create a crown.

 The crown will be ready in roughly two weeks. You will be given a temporary crown in the meanwhile. The dentist will apply a unique sealing material to the permanent crown once it is ready, then put the permanent crown over it after removing the temporary crown.

  1.     Improves speech

You never realize how important your teeth are for clear communication until you don’t have them. Even if you only have one or two missing teeth on one side of the face, it can significantly impact how well you are heard and understood.

After the dental crown procedure, you may discover that even your family and friends can comprehend you better and that vowel sounds that previously caused difficulty to become easier to pronounce.

Dental crowns effectively restore decayed, broken, and damaged teeth. Dental crowns help to improve your confidence and your speech, ensuring you no longer miss any opportunities. If you would love to know more about dental crowns, contact Riverdale Dental Arts to book your appointment.