How to Tell if You Have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

It is typical of anyone to experience fear, anger, and guilt after going through or witnessing a traumatic event. You may take some time to adjust or cope with these symptoms, but with time, you get better. However, this is usually not the case for everyone because the symptoms may worsen, last longer, and get in the way of your daily activities. The symptoms of PTSD in New York may show up within a month after a terrifying event or may sometimes take years. Treatment is essential for your general well-being and to improve function.

Symptoms for post-traumatic stress disorder

The symptoms of PTSD fall under four different categories, and they vary from person to person. They include:


It involves:

  • Involuntary or unwanted memories. Such memories pop up out of the blue and may disrupt your entire day.
  • Flashbacks. You can also have flashbacks where you replay or relieve previous events, and they are usually very vivid.
  • Physical reactions. They include running or fighting when something or someone reminds you of the traumatic event.


You may find that you distance yourself or avoid places, people, objects, activities, and situations that remind you or trigger memories of what happened. Avoidance can negatively affect your social life since it may interfere with your relationships. For example, if the traumatic event involved your family members or close friends, creating that distance or avoiding them can ruin your relationships. Other people avoid thinking about the event and may also not talk about what happened or express their feelings towards the occurrence.

Negative moods and thoughts

  • You may develop a negative view of other people and the world and feel hopeless about the future.
  • Ongoing distorted beliefs about yourself, such as being a bad person, may also present themselves.
  • Mistrust in everyone and falsely accuse or blame yourself or others for the traumatic event.
  • You become less interested and withdraw from activities you once enjoyed, and you may feel detached from people.
  • Inability to remember important details or aspects of the traumatic event.
  • Difficulty forming and maintaining close relationships.

Alterations in physical and emotional reactions

If you have PTSD, you may:

  • Engage in self-destructive behavior such as speeding and consuming a lot of alcohol.
  • Get easily frightened or startled.
  • Aggressive behavior.
  • Difficulty sleeping and concentrating.
  • Extreme feelings of shame or guilt.

How can I prevent PTSD?

While you may not entirely avoid traumatic events from happening, you can prevent normal stress reactions from worsening. After witnessing or going through a horrifying happening, most people experience PTSD-like symptoms such as anger and fear. Most people get better with time, but others get mental disorders, including PTSD. Fortunately, there are several approaches you can take to prevent these symptoms from worsening. The following are examples of healthy coping mechanisms that you can employ.

  • Consider scheduling a session with a professional for therapy to let out your emotions.
  • Turn to close friends and family for support and comfort.
  • Reach out to your faith community

If you have the above post-traumatic symptoms, schedule a session with your doctor at Ketaesthetic for treatment to better your mental health.

Gold And Silver Coins Vs. Bars: Which One Is The Best? 

The most common question that gold investors ask is whether they should buy coins or bars. The important thing that any potential needs to understand about gold is that the melt value remains the same irrespective of the form of gold being bought or sold. Simply put, an ounce of gold is an ounce of gold across the board. To make a good decision from the outset you need to understand what the advantages of either coins or bars are: 

Gold and silver bullion coins are usually minted by government mints. These coins are legal tender this means that in addition to their intrinsic value, there is a value assigned to them by the government. This legal tender value is always going to be lower than the intrinsic value of these gold coins which depends on the fluctuating market price for gold. Gold coins always have the potential to appreciate especially when the demand for these coins outstrips the supply. This is often true for numismatic or collector’s gold coins. These have more value when there is a strong demand for a specific coin. 

Coins are often more expensive to buy than gold bars. There is a higher premium value attached to gold and silver bullion coins because of the added cost of having government branding. Basically, gold bullion starts off as a blank gold piece with a purity of 99.99%. It is sent to a mint like the Perth Mint or the United States Mint or Royal Canadian Mint or any other government mint. The premium on gold bullion coins is high because of the intricate and unique designs that are imprinted on the surface but one has to account for the fact that government mints also add their own surcharge for stamping coins. 

Let’s look at gold bars…

Gold and silver bullion bars aren’t commissioned by governments. The price of gold bars is less than that of coins which means there is a greater difference in profits that can be generated when they are resold to gold dealers. Investors who are looking to maximize the value of what they invest in will find bars to be more efficient. 

Investors often worry about the bulky nature of gold bars. They are concerned a lot with the trading in small increments. This is where most people defer to coins rather than bars. Moreover, when there is some sort of imminent financial crisis it is easier to sell coins. They are smaller, portable and you could simply slip them in your wallet. Investors who insist on buying gold bullion bars do so to ensure that the profits will be higher when they decide to sell because less money was paid for the bullion. Keep in mind that smaller bars cost more than larger bars. This is because the production costs of smaller bars are higher than that of bigger gold bullion bars. 

The bottom line is that whether you decide to trade in gold coins or gold bars, you will need to consult with gold dealers to get the best possible returns on your investment. The intrinsic value of precious metals like gold or silver doesn’t particularly change with form. To have a truly diverse portfolio and ensure some financial security, it is a good idea to invest in both forms.

Exceptional Circulatory System Treatment Procedures You Should Be Aware of

Blood supply is the main thing that keeps the muscles going, whether you are in a state of rest or working on your daily activities. Without blood, body cells die, causing the body to malfunction and ultimately collapse. Blood is supplied to the body through the circulatory system, which is highly delicate and can develop complications if proper care is not accorded. Many doctors can claim to be the best in the area but if you are looking for the best cardiovascular doctor in Tomball, visit Cardiovascular Institute P.A., which has over 20 years of experience in offering care for cardiovascular illnesses. Their specialists offer a variety of cardiovascular services, with the most popular ones being varicose veins treatment, complete cardiovascular examination, carotid ultrasound, vascular ultrasound, echocardiograms, cardiac catheterization, and nuclear stress tests. Below is a brief overview of some of these exceptional services.

  • Nuclear Stress Tests and Echocardiograms

Both procedures are used to diagnose whether there is a problem in the heart. Echocardiogram is a state-of-the-art technology that develops a moving presentation of your heart function using high-frequency sound waves. It is normally used to detect heart chamber flaws, valve dysfunctions, congenital heart defects, damage of heart muscle, and inadequate pumping action. Nuclear stress test uses X-ray imagery which enables the specialist to observe how well blood flows through the heart during exercise and at rest. The doctor inserts a radioactive dye in your blood and then studies the blood flow when resting and when using a treadmill. The method is used when you have shortness of breath or chest pains and thus cannot perform exercises or activities that demand some hype.

  • Varicose Veins Treatment

Varicose veins are blood vein disorders that form twisted coils visible through the skin due to damaged or weakened vein valves. These coils can be purple, red, or blue in color. This popular problem is brought by several causative agents, including obesity, insufficient exercise, smoking, sitting or standing for extended periods, pregnancy, or a family history of the disorder. The disorder is easily diagnosed through a review of your lifestyle, medical history, and a comprehensive physical examination. A vascular ultrasound is also a valid diagnosis option to determine which specific vessel requires attention. When you have the disorder, you will experience night cramps, swollen legs, itching, soreness, throbbing, fatigue, and skin discoloration.

  • Complete Cardiovascular Examination

This is a consultation approach to determine whether there is any problem with your circulatory system. The procedure doesn’t necessarily demand that you must experience any symptoms. It is used to assess the overall health of your system with or without symptoms. This procedure is specifically important for people who have high cholesterol, are overweight, smoke, or have a family history of cardiovascular disorders. The specialist performs an extensive evaluation of your heart and blood vessels by starting with listening to your heartbeat and getting your blood pressure. He then continues with specific tests like vascular ultrasound, electrocardiogram, and many others.

Your body highly depends on the health of your circulatory system. Ignoring any irregularity can result in a life-threatening complication. If you experience any discomfort or symptoms that affect the cardiovascular system, visit Cardiovascular Institute P.A.

RoboForex MT4 Review: Best Copy Trading Platform


When it comes to forex trading, you need the best copy trading platform to get started. Luckily, there are many forex trading platforms available. But one of the most prominent ones is RoboForex.

Roboforex mt4 is a leading online forex trading platform. The company is known to offer the fastest indices, commodities, stocks, CFDs, and ETFs. Not just that, but they also specialise in cryptocurrency trading.

Traders flock to RoboForex because of the attractive promotional offers and bonus programs. The company was established in 2009. Since then it has been providing top-notch trading services to traders around the world. The company has its headquarters based in Cyprus.

Features of RoboForex

RoboForex stands out from other trading platforms. They have secured a unique position in the industry by offering exclusive features to traders.

  • The company offers research-based analysis on investments and financial markets from expert analysts.
  • The RoboForex trading platform can be accessed from various devices, including iPhones, Apple Mac, iPads, Android smartphones, etc.
  • They have built a user-friendly trading platform that is ideal for both beginners and experienced traders.
  • For the convenience of traders, the RoboForex trading platform is available in 13 different languages.
  • The company provides two ways of trade, including CFDs and Forex.

RoboForex Security

Whenever you choose a new trading platform, the first thing that comes to your mind is whether the platform is safe. With RoboForex, you don’t need to worry about safety because they employed the best security features.

RoboForex is a regulated trading company that is checked and supervised by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. It is a completely safe platform, where you can trade without fear.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Like all other major trading platforms, RoboForex also provides a wide variety of withdrawal and deposit options. The most popular options include debit/credit cards, Neteller, bank wire, AdvCash, PerfectMoney, Skrill, and more.

With so many available deposit and withdrawal options, you can select the one that is most appropriate for you.

RoboForex Mobile Trading

Besides a high-end, secure trading website, RoboForex also provides mobile trading. The company has a mobile trading app that can be accessed from both iOS and Android platforms. You can download and install the app for free from your phone’s app store.

With the RoboForex trading app, you get a plethora of features that make trading easy. Some of the notable features are:

  • Multiple asset classes
  • Free professional charting tools
  • Live trading
  • Trading on the go
  • Real-time pricing
  • Interactive charts

RoboForex is a trusted trading platform that is suitable for both beginners and experts. If you want to enter forex trading, this trading platform is for you. You can check out their official website to find out more details about the company.

Best plumbing service in Texas


Plumbing services will be needed at some point in your home, office, or company for the water system and pipeline repairs and installation. Professionals are the only ones qualified to handle this issue because they are trained and licensed. Furthermore, they have the necessary equipment and expertise to deal with this issue. You can count on them to get the job done when you need something in your bathroom or kitchen installed. Don’t settle for anything less than the best service.

A few people claim that finding plumbing experts capable of delivering an excellent job and meeting our expectations might be difficult. There are a variety of plumbing service providers in every city and town, so do your research before settling on a certain one. Don’t just choose the lowest or most costly one because you assume the most expensive one would perform the better job. It’s essential to keep in mind that the quality of the service they can deliver is just as important as the pricing.

There are two perks to hiring a plumbing company:

  • It is easier for them to complete your issues because they use various equipment for repair, installation, or maintenance.
  • A piece of equipment is even available to detect leaks or breaks in pipes, even positioned belowground. Thanks to this method, we don’t have to dig down to the pipelines to discover the one that has an issue. As a result, no time is wasted digging up dirt that doesn’t need to be there.

Have you ever experienced a time when your toilet isn’t flushing correctly, and water spills out of it? Have you ever had a kitchen sink that was blocked to the point where it was difficult to remove the water? These are common occurrences that are difficult to avoid. Because you can’t fix it on your own in these situations, you’ll need to contact a plumber. Various products don’t always solve this market problem that promises to dissolve clogs or fix them. You can get rid of blockages in your sink and toilet bowls by using a machine that includes cutting blades.

When a building or house is located on a hill or in an elevated position, the sewage system might also pose a difficulty. Because dirt has a hard time rising, plumbers are often needed. A sewage lift pump is installed in this area that functions in opposition to gravity, making it simpler to transport dirt.

When it comes to plumbing issues, Berkeys Plumbing is always up to the task of resolving any difficulty you may be experiencing with your water pipes, sewage system, or any combination thereof. A reputable plumbing company in Toronto provides all of these services. When you need plumbing help in the city or the surrounding area, they’ll get there quickly and effectively.

Benefits of Aesthetic Treatments

Medical spas offer a wide range of aesthetic treatments that claim to enhance your appearance and self-esteem. Treatments vary from anti-aging procedures like Botox injections, laser hair removal, or wrinkle fillers to more invasive surgeries. Aesthetic surgery is the most extensive of all available treatments, but it isn’t always necessary to achieve the desired results. Before you decide to undergo any treatment, it’s essential to research and find the best Memphis aesthetic medical spa that offers the services you’re seeking. In this article, we look at some of the benefits of the treatments provided by medical spas. Read more below.

  • They Restore Youthfulness

One of the most common reasons people seek aesthetic treatments is to restore a sense of youthfulness. Aging can take its toll on our appearance, often making us look tired, stressed, or older than we are. Aesthetic treatments can help erase these signs of aging and make us look refreshed and rejuvenated. Through procedures like Botox injections, laser hair removal, and wrinkle fillers, we can achieve a more youthful appearance without undergoing surgery.

  • They Help to Improve Self-Esteem

Aesthetic treatments can also help to boost our self-esteem. When we don’t feel confident about our appearance, it can harm our overall well-being. Receiving treatments that make us look and feel better about ourselves can help to improve our self-esteem and give us a more positive outlook on life.

  • Improved Quality of Life

It’s been shown that people who have a good self-image and feel confident about their appearance tend to have a better quality of life. When we look good, we feel good, which can lead to improved relationships, increased productivity at work, and more. Receiving treatments from a medical spa can help you achieve a better quality of life and live an overall happier existence.

  • They’re Affordable

Compared to invasive surgery, aesthetic treatments offered by medical spas, such as laser hair removal and wrinkle fillers, tend to be more affordable. If you want to enhance your appearance without having extensive procedures performed, this can be an excellent option for you. There are a variety of treatments available at medical spas, so you’re sure to find one that fits your budget.

  • They Are Suitable For Anyone

Aesthetic treatments are not just for celebrities and the wealthy. They are suitable for anyone who wants to improve their appearance. Whether you’re a teenager struggling with acne or a woman in her 60s who wants to reduce the signs of aging, there is a treatment available that will suit your needs.

  • They Improve Your Overall Well-being

Aesthetic treatments not only improve our appearance, but they can also have a positive impact on our well-being. When we feel good about ourselves, it leads to an increase in confidence and improved self-esteem. This, in turn, can lead to a better quality of life. Receiving treatments from a medical spa is a great way to improve your appearance and enhance your well-being.

In summary, medical spas offer a wide variety of treatments that come with different benefits. They can help you look younger and improve your self-esteem. Since they improve your appearance, they can improve your quality of life. They also contribute to improved overall well-being, and, even better, anyone can benefit from the treatments.

How to Start a Succesful Butcher Business

The meat industry is booming, but how can you compete with these established players? The first step is to develop a business plan. A business plan can be anywhere from thirty to sixty pages. It should contain financial information, competitive analysis, sales strategy, and forecasts of future sales. The next step is to identify any risks associated with the business. Depending on your location, you can also apply for a small business loan, which is easier to acquire and offers lower interest rates. It will provide you with the capital you need to start your own butchery business.


The next step is to advertise your butcher shop. While this may be difficult in the beginning, the more people you can attract, the more likely you will succeed. Consider sidewalk signs, which are portable and draw attention. While conventional advertising doesn’t get the job done today, the internet is a great resource for promoting your business. By sponsoring culinary bloggers, you’ll be able to reach a wide audience without the high costs of traditional advertising.

To compete with them, start by using social media to your advantage. Besides using these sites for promotions, you can also use them for customer interaction and to share valuable information. Facebook, for example, has tremendous potential for user engagement. Twitter, on the other hand, is a real-time, public information network that gives you greater exposure in search results and makes it easier to build a community of prospective customers.

In addition to setting up a physical shop, you should register your business on Google My Business. You can also create a franchise and hire employees. However, you may only have one butcher shop, so it’s wise to consider how to start a franchise. The goal is to maximize sales. You’ll need to sell meat, which will increase your profits. In order to do so, you should offer a good deal of quality products and services.


A successful butcher shop should have a good location. The better location, the more profit you can earn. A good butcher shop should be located in a high-traffic residential area so that it can attract a large number of prospective buyers. You can also sell your products online, which will expose your business to a wider audience. A decent butcher shop will help you make money. The best way to increase your profit is to expand your business.


To start a successful butcher shop, you must have a vision and a plan for it. Think about the types of products that your customers will purchase, what they will pay for, and what their budgets are. You will need to purchase all the furniture, accessories, and everything else needed for a butcher shop. Even things like butcher-paper are important. A butcher shop owner should also be aware of the needs of the local community. This is a vital part of starting a business. It is also vital to register your store in Google My Business and register your products for sale.