Play To Earn- Few Best Tips To Make Money Playing Games

Are you a pro gamer and spend most of your time playing games? When the answer is yes, you should know that you can even make money while Spending most of your time just playing games. Let us acknowledge how you can Monetize your gaming skills to earn.

The percentage of active gamers is rapidly increasing around the globe, and it is going to continue. 

We are here to provide several ways to earn money playing games if you are one of the hard-core gamers.

Install reward apps

One of the most sorted Ways to earn money through Playing games is by installing an app that allows you to make money from the games they provide. We must stand clear enough that even though these apps will be little compared to the other ways mentioned below, this is one of the ways to earn money so that you can make the least effort from your side. The first step to be performed is selecting an app that pays you well for the time and effort you put in. 

Opting for a famous app will be a secure way to offer Meager tasks in exchange for points or cash. A few gaming apps reward you with points that can be used for shopping or paying for a service and a few apps. Even convert your points into cash you can use further for different purposes. Several other apps pay you money directly credited into your online wallets, which can be redeemed later or through bank accounts. You can even find gaming apps that pay you real cash for winning a particular game.

Become a YouTuber

When you are a hard-core gamer, you can easily earn by playing games and putting your gaming content on a YouTube channel created by you. However, for this purpose, you need to create a considerable amount of traffic on your YouTube channel for your content to bring in a handful of money. Once you reach a benchmark, you must diversify your content and remember that it is attractive enough for your gaming fans. You can play gun games, upload content, or criticize and review games.

Streaming gameplay on social media platforms

If you spend maximum time playing games daily and are a skilled gamer, you must stream your gaming content and inform your followers about the tips and tricks they can follow to earn more points and get more out of the game. Streaming your content on different social media platforms, would you prefer the most? These exclusive gaming platforms connect you with others and allow you to share gaming tips and tricks with your followers. These platforms even allow you to receive payments once you have moved past 100 subscribers on your account or more. 

You earn a certain amount of funds for each subscriber visiting your channel, and once passing the threshold for minimum Subscribers on your channel.

Moreover, when your followers increase a considerable amount, you require some good equipment to improve your videos’ quality and attract new audiences. If you Are persuasive in this field, only then is this a good way of making income as it takes a lot of time and effort before you start receiving recognition and getting a good fan following. However, once you excel in this field, you will start owning more than enough, which can be your primary way of income.

Auction your gaming account 

Once you have a good collection of badges, currency, points, or coins in some juegos de pistolas , you are ready to sell your account login credentials to other people who want to reach your level of achievement. You can put forward A specific amount of money to sell your gaming account and earn well.

You might be thrilled to acknowledge that there are numerous ways to earn while playing games. You can always begin with the easiest ways by installing apps and making some money from your everyday gaming. Once you get adjusted with the idea of being a full-time gamer, work on improving your gaming skills and invest in the equipment required for showing off your gaming skills to the best of your abilities.


Non-Profit Marketing Should Follow Inbound & Outbound Marketing Strategies –

Introduction –

Your non-profit goes through months arranging the ideal gathering pledges occasion. You’ve arranged out every one of the exercises, arranged providing food, and enrolled volunteers to arrange everything. A dispersing of your most dynamic allies register, however you don’t get the turnout that you trust. You’ve probably missed the mark in light of unfortunate non-profit marketing. As a gathering pledges proficient, you definitely know the significance of a compelling marketing methodology. An exhaustive nonprofit marketing agency, can spread consciousness of your central goal, extend associations with contributors, connect new possibilities, and better adjust your group to your association’s qualities and objectives.

About Non-Profit Marketing –

Nonetheless, every marketing exertion has its difficulties. Whether assets are tight, systems aren’t accumulating the required outcomes, or you simply don’t know how to create your next raising money email, non-profit marketing is no stroll in the park. You’ve come to the ideal locations! In this extreme non-profit marketing guide, you’ll learn all that you want to create an arrangement that checks out for your main goal. Whether your association is at the grassroots level or your non-profit is more settled, it’s generally useful to guarantee that your ongoing non-profit marketing technique is working great. We should make a plunge with an outline.

Non-Profit Marketing Defined –

Non-profit marketing alludes to the marketing procedures and channels used to enhance an association’s objective, request gifts, draw in new allies, and hold existing ones. Contingent upon an association’s objectives, non-profit marketing can include a few marketing exercises, for example, online entertainment marketing, content marketing, and text marketing. Associations frequently make a non-profit marketing intend to properly distribute their spending plan and time. This report frames fundamentals like your center mission, tone, ideal interest group, favoured marketing channels, and marking.

Outbound & Inbound Marketing Strategies –

With regards to advancing your main goal, picking the right strategies is foremost to your prosperity. There are two classifications of marketing strategies your non-profit can use: Outbound marketing depends on paid strategies to catch possibilities’ consideration and is frequently alluded to as, publicizing. You could utilize Google Advertisements, web-based entertainment promoting, radio advertisements, or some other paid outlet to advance your main goal. Inbound marketing alludes to the manners in which associations gain possibilities’ consideration through neglected advancement or content creation. Normal models incorporate website improvement Web optimization, publishing content to a blog, and natural online entertainment posts.

While inbound marketing techniques assist with attracting potential possibilities a characteristic way, outbound marketing can help interface with crowds who could not in any case experience your goal. Finding some kind of harmony among inbound and outbound channels will permit you to project a more extensive net and arrive at additional possibilities. While paid outlets could at first appear to be out of your spending plan, know that some paid promoting stages like Google Advertisements offer limits or free admittance to non-profits.

Sufficient Assets –

Directing significant marketing drives without sufficient assets resembles going after an unrealistic dream: you’ll never entirely make it. Your group needs adequate assets to help its objectives, or it’ll invest all its energy wasting its time while never getting some decent forward movement. While there’s no obvious solution to how much an association ought to spend on marketing, there are a couple of techniques you can use to work out a savvy financial plan like the percent technique, the dollar technique and so on.

How do you start your journey to launch a new fintech brand?

If you are a newbie and ready to start a business in a fintech company, you need to follow specific steps in order to make the brand successful.

There are many fintech marketing strategies that will help you to grow and progress in the future, but before that, you need installation and an appropriate launch of your firm.

Thus, in the present article, we will look at the steps you must follow:

Step 1: Determine your objectives for the launch

  • Before making any strategy or plan, you first need a motive, goal, and objective that should act as the central aim of any action you perform. Identifying goals helps you to be focused and determined.
  • Thus, it makes the tasks more manageable and gives you the motivation to move forward successfully toward the next step.
  • Once your objectives are identified and determined, then you can drive ahead with the rest of the process.
  • The main goals can be unique and different from other fintech firms, and you can design your priority list according to your business, people, goals, and targets.
  • Similarly, the launch objectives can also be unique and according to your preference and the requirement of the company.
  • A growth hacking agency suggests making small goals and working diligently to accomplish them.

Step 2: Make a Strategy and Look for your Target Audience

  • Before proceeding to the plan and its implementation, learn about the surrounding market and your audience.
  • It is an essential step to read your target audience as it will help to strategize in an environment filled with competition. You should be very transparent about the people you target for your business.
  • If you are sure about this, you can easily design a suitable plan for your company to attract customers.
  • Your customers are your overall profit; thus, you must remember to build long-term relationships with them. It ensures compatibility and increases customer loyalty for your organization.
  • You can use different mediums to identify your consumers and form your own personal network to serve them the best.
  • Start your counting from close ones such as friends and family, and then create larger circles accordingly.
  • It is among the best fintech marketing strategies as enlisted by the growth hacking agency. Make it personal first, and then professionals join your success.

Step 3: Make Yourself Highlight Widely through Public Launching

  • You can take the support of the press media to launch yourself to attract the attention of maximum customers publicly.
  • It is one of the best methods according to various fintech marketing strategies, and it helps to find the best group of customers and earn the trust of the public using press media.
  • It is one of the powerful tools to establish your brand image to thousands of eyes watching you; it is an incredible opportunity to showcase your best service as a newly launched fintech firm.
  • As we all have heard, the initial impression is the final impression, and you can take advantage of the press media to present yourself as a fantastic fintech services company ready to provide the best services to its valuable customers.
  • You can connect various media houses to have a public launch for your brand, as it can prove one of the best investments you could make to earn fame and customers’ trust.
  • You can even work with freelancers in the communication department to learn about the technique of proper interaction with people.
  • They will guide you with specific tips that will allow you to make your story connect more to people, thus, making your potential customer grow and develop.

Step 4: The Last Two Weeks Before the Launch

  • The excitement is at its peak before the launch of the business, but you need to understand the importance of being calm and focused before the launch.
  • It is the main time, and you must have waited for so long for this to happen.
  • Every effort and planning will only succeed if you handle things one or two prior to the launch.
  • As it is the most critical period, try to use the opportunity that social media offers.
  • Start the promotion of your business on online platforms by registering on different social media websites and media.
  • If you get a few customers, ask them to review and post comments for your websites on different sites after the launch of your firm.
  • Make slow but steady progress, and this will ensure to make you position yourself accurately in the current business market.

Enjoy every step of your business launch, make the best out of it, and cherish it for a lifetime.

Top five benefits of a managed cloud


Businesses are, in enhancing numbers, embracing the cloud as the backbone for their network infrastructure and turning away from the traditional physical network infrastructure under the Cloud consulting service

New cloud-native applications and tools that optimize legacy applications are constantly being developed to make them cloud-compatible under the DevOps consulting company.

You may be ready to change your network to the cloud to gather its benefits as a business holder. However, unless your business is in automation, you may not fully know how to integrate cloud services and applications into your current business processes under the Cloud consulting service.


VoxturrLabs’ cloud consulting merges your business with reducing technology to develop Cloud Responsiveness and Digital Perseverance.

We acknowledge excellent technology, but we appreciate it even more, when it helps in the analysis to provide a seamless experience to their customers.

Benefits of cloud-managed services:

Cost savings

Using a controlled cloud service provider saves you money over the long term. You are no longer answerable for any capital or operational expenses incurred in maintaining your cloud network framework with a managed service provider under the Cloud consulting service. 

You are no longer responsible for hiring people with the needed skill test sets to maintain your framework. Your only liability is to make regular payments to the controlled cloud service provider that you have tasked with supporting your cloud network under the DevOps consulting company.

Automatic improvements

With cloud technology constantly developing, it is easy for your network framework to become obsolete if not regularly updated and improved under the Cloud consulting service. However, updating your cloud infrastructure can be challenging, given the rapid innovation rate in cloud automation.

Using a controlled cloud service provider frees you from constantly trying to handle your network updates under the DevOps consulting company.

Your controlled service provider stays aware of advances in the cloud and upgrades your network infrastructure as needed under the Cloud consulting service.

Disaster recovery

In the case of an unexpected tragedy, it is essential to have a disaster recovery plan in place to safeguard and retrieve your data as soon as possible under the DevOps consulting company. 

The more you can recover and restore your data, the sooner you can resume normal business processes under the Cloud consulting service. 

Controlled cloud service providers can assist your disaster recovery process for minimal downtime in the event of a disaster.

Rapid, responsive times

With a controlled service provider, you are guaranteed round-the-clock support. Specialists and other relevant personnel are readily available to address any concerns or issues you might experience with your network under the Cloud consulting service. 

Network security

Cloud security is a complex and complicated procedure, requiring personnel with skill sets that are not readily available and in high demand under the DevOps consulting company. 

Controlled service providers have the skill and relevant personnel necessary to manage your cloud network securely from unauthorized access under the Cloud consulting service.

Reliable infrastructure

Controlled service providers have the skill and experience necessary to build and maintain a cloud network framework. Setting up a network framework is a complex and time-intensive process under the Cloud consulting service. 

If not done correctly, your network infrastructure may hinder, rather than enhance, your business under the DevOps consulting company.

As such, we are using a managed cloud service provider that assures the durability and reliability of the cloud network infrastructure under the Cloud consulting service.

Consolidated control

Using a controlled service provider to support your cloud infrastructure ensures that all your controls are in one location under the DevOps consulting company. 

It, therefore, facilitates network administration and maintenance. Any necessary substitution or enhancements to your network are easily made under the Cloud consulting service.

Flexible and scalable solutions

  • Cloud-managed services solutions are inherently flexible. Your provider will fit the answer to your business’s precise needs and proactively explore and identify enhancements that you can make to support your business’s key objectives directly under the Cloud consulting service.
  • Flexibility also gives rise to scalability – a vital component in any growing business’s strategy. Cloud-managed services provide scalable solutions that can accommodate rapid changes without any hassle or hiccups experienced in the service you deliver to your customers.
  • You are efficiently fulfilling your business’s growing requirements while eliminating the risk of downtime under the Cloud consulting service.
  • Cloud-managed services are ideal for SaaS companies experiencing rapid business growth, as they can take full advantage of cloud services’ scalability under the DevOps consulting company.

Expert, dedicated, around-the-clock support

  • With cloud-managed services, SaaS providers enjoy the support of a dedicated team of engineers whose skills can be depended upon 24/7.
  • To make knowledgeable decisions about their framework rather than relying on their primary research or guesswork when issues arise under the Cloud consulting service.
  • Cloud-managed services providers will constantly assess, monitor, and repair any infrastructure or network issue, ensuring the entire environment is reliable, sturdy, and optimally under the DevOps consulting company.
  • In addition, SaaS providers can expect rapid response times to any query or support issue they may have under the Cloud consulting service.


LoRa vs. LoRaWAN

LoRa is a modulation technique for a specific wireless frequency, but LoRaWAN is an open protocol that allows IoT devices to communicate using LoRa.

LoRa, or Long Range, is a proprietary wireless technology that uses a license-free spectrum, similar to how Wi-Fi uses the unlicensed 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies.

The deployment’s physical location determines the precise frequency used by LoRa. LoRa employs the 915 MHz frequency in North America and the 868 MHz spectrum in Europe, for example. As a result, it’s critical to understand which frequencies can be legally used in each LoRa deployment area. LoRa can communicate up to 10 kilometers away under ideal line-of-sight conditions.


Long LoRa has been available for a while; LoRa chipsets have only recently progressed to utilize significantly less power. LoRa is now suitable for IoT devices that are widely spread and battery-powered but only send small amounts of data at a maximum speed of 27 Kbps. Asset tracking, smart meters, detecting devices, smart parking, and agriculture field monitoring are common LoRa implementation examples. Semtech, a semiconductor provider, owns the LoRa technology.

LoRa creates a physical layer technique of wireless transfer, such as a transceiver chip, from a networking standpoint. It lacks the network protocols to control traffic for data gathering and endpoint device management. It is where Long-Range WAN (LoRaWAN) comes into play.


LoRaWAN is an open, cloud-based protocol developed and maintained by the LoRa Alliance that allows devices to connect wirelessly with LoRa. LoRaWAN essentially takes LoRa wireless technology and adds a networking component to it, as well as node authentication and data encryption for security.

LoRaWAN networks are perfect for enterprise IT deployments of IoT devices that continuously monitor the status of something and then send warnings back to gateways when the monitored data exceeds a predefined threshold. These IoT gadgets require little bandwidth and can operate on battery power for months or even years.

What is a LoRa gateway?

LoRa gateways are radio modules acting as communication devices between end devices and a LoRaWAN server in a LoRa network (LNS).

LoRa technology is exclusively used to communicate between end devices and gateways. A LoRa gateway is typically used to send sensor data from a physical device to the cloud. LoRa gateways are used to establish a network implementation of critical electrical appliances, particularly in locations where other forms of networks are not practicable due to technical limits.

LoRa offers an extended wireless range for data transmission and low energy consumption, allowing for highly extended battery life.

How does a LoRa gateway function?

LoRa gateways are radio modules that include a LoRa concentrator that allows LoRa packets to be received.

LoRa gateways come with an operating system that executes the packet-forwarding software in the background. As a result, the network administrator has more flexibility in managing his gateway. The data rate between the end node (node or end device) and the LoRa gateway is relatively low, but this is a required trade-off for extended battery life and a wide radio range.

The gateway is connected to a LoRaWAN network server via high-bandwidth networks such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or cellular to offer an end-to-end connection between LoRa end nodes and the application server,

Why is it important to understand the decision?

When looking for telecommunications solutions, you may come across both the LoRa and LoRaWAN radio technologies—so understanding the differences is critical to grasp how each will perform in your environment and recognizing which choice you may require.

In summary:

  • LoRa is the signal, which includes the PHY layer protocol. (As a result, it will be slightly less expensive.)
  • LoRaWAN connects the signal to the application/s and thus consists of the data transfer layer, allowing you to send data to any device linked to the cloud.

Akenza is a cloud-based solution for tying everything together. It connects, manages, and maintains IoT devices all in one location. Akenza is a self-service IoT platform that allows you to build excellent IoT goods and services that provide value for IoT solutions.

What makes Managed WordPress Hosting a Good Investment?

Managed WordPress hosting is a good investment for businesses that require continued technical support for running their websites. These plans provide full support to the clients for running their WordPress websites thereby allowing them to focus on other aspects of their businesses. Specially tailored to cater to the requirements of WordPress websites, managed hosting plans ensure good speed, better security, high uptime, and better performance. Read on to know which features of managed hosting make it a good investment.

Need for Managed WordPress Hosting

While setting up a WordPress website is quite simple, running it efficiently is not. It requires a lot of network management skills and technical know-how. Your website needs to be stored on servers having a specific memory, a processor, hard drive, and ports to handle internet traffic. And all this needs to be done in coordination with the operating system you are using. You also need to protect your system from malware and hacking attempts besides taking the backup of all data. This is where managed WordPress hosting plans become useful. Your hosting service provider takes charge of running and maintaining your website and the server on which it is hosted. The service provider not only offers server-level management services but also application-level management services.

Features That Make Managed Hosting Attractive

A major benefit of managed WordPress hosting environment is that all its features are tailored to run WordPress. The servers are used to run only WordPress sites and the associated operating system, file system, and command-line tools. This feature also ensures better security of your websites besides providing a more stable hosting setup. The focus of these plans on WordPress ensures that they use the content management platform’s strengths for providing high-class services. Some attractive features of managed hosting services are:

  1. Easy Setup of WordPress with hundreds of free themes and plugins
  2. Server-level caching
  3. Lower server density for better functionality
  4. Automated backups regularly
  5. Timely WordPress updates
  6. Malware Scanning
  7. Free SSL to encrypt the connection between the server and visitors for protecting personal information and other sensitive data.
  8. Staging and local environment to test changes or updates
  9. Finely tuned dashboards or marketing centre to control SEO and social media tools.
  10. Video Compression 
  11. SEO tools to check website’s performance and visitor traffic
  12. Superior infrastructure including solid-state drives or SSDs for better performance

All these features contribute to improving the speed and the efficiency of your website. You also don’t have to worry about security threats due to strong defences put in place by your hosting provider. The chances of DDoS and brute force attacks also get reduced when you go for managed WordPress hosting plans. Managed hosting service providers offer 24/7 technical support through phone, e-mail, and chat. Some managed hosting providers also offer free access to CDN enabling the rerouting of your site through networks across the world. This feature allows visitors to open your website from the closest location making managed hosting a worthwhile investment.



Wedding Photography – Make your Wedding Day a Memorable one!

Wedding is the maximum big day for your life. There is one factor which you have to endure in thoughts and this is to by no means allow the ones ideal moments come to be now no longer captured. Perhaps you’re questioning that the whole lot is ready in your wedding ceremony day however take any other look, is your photographer or videographer covered for your checklists? If now no longer then right here are a number of the matters you could choose on which fashion of wedding ceremony images you want.

Wedding images or photograph making offers particularly approximately taking pictures or films of the go with the drift of the marriage from the making plans of the marriage to the real day. 

First on his listing is the Portraiture images or portrait images this fashion of images is performed particularly with inside the studio with numerous lighting and dramatic backdrops being utilized by the Photographers in Delhi to carry that classical look, you’ve been trying for. It functions the couple in a medium or medium close-up shot to create that temper and captures the character of the couple. Portrait images uses the three-factor lighting fixtures and butterfly lighting fixtures plan to carry out the pleasant functions of couples.

Second on his listing is the photojournalism fashion which, like pictures in a newspaper, isn’t staged however depicts a sure story. Photographers the usage of this kind of images frequently take a variety of pictures to seize the numerous moments of your wedding ceremony day, that’s why hiring photographers the usage of this fashion has a better fee as compared to the ones the usage of different varieties of images. An unmarried factor you have to hold in thoughts while selecting this fashion is that you couldn’t anticipate having grouped poses right here.

Sincere images on the opposite hand, is a mixture of the portraiture, photojournalism and environmental types of images. It specializes in spontaneity in preference to technique. For this kind of images, the cameras used are the lightweight kinds to provide unobtrusive photos. The matters that you may accumulate from this fashion are photos of humans eating, dancing, speak me or sitting in agencies of eight or 10.

Next is the environmental fashion of images which produces pictures in candid or posed in an herbal history or setting. It will be the bride using on a horse or a photograph of the couple with their own circle of relatives in a picturesque scene, close to a lake or pond, or maybe migratory birds flying within side the history.

On the opposite hand, the Wedding Photography of images makes use of off-angled shots, move processing and dramatic lighting fixtures techniques.

Attract More Readers With The Help Of Content Marketing Experts

Building a strong online presence is essential for any company looking to grow and succeed in today’s digital world. Content Marketing provides companies with an opportunity to reach out to their target audience, generating new leads and sales through engaging, relevant, informative blog posts. Content marketing experts are the ones who help you get more engagement on your blog. They can give you pointers and ideas to up your game, which will lead to more people reading and following what you have to say.

With so much focus on social media, it can be hard to stay up-to-date on what is happening with email marketing. Email is still one of the most effective ways for marketers to reach their audience.

How do you know if your company needs a content marketing strategy?

A content marketing strategy is not a one-size-fits-all. There’s no magic number for how many blog posts you need to publish each month, and there’s no perfect formula for what kind of content your company should be producing. But if you’re struggling with growth or engagement on social media, it might be time to invest in a custom content marketing strategy to help boost those numbers.

Content marketing has become the most popular way to attract new customers, but do you know when your company needs one? Many indicators point to the need for a content marketing strategy.

  • When more than half of your current clients come from word-of-mouth referrals
  • When you have less than 10% conversion rates on website visitors
  • When you don’t have any measurable goals for customer engagement and retention

What is the difference between an SEO expert and a Content Marketing Expert?

The term SEO Expert is usually used to refer to someone who has a background in Computer Science and specializes in optimizing websites for search engine rankings. On the other hand, Content Marketing Experts are often professionals with extensive marketing experience that have found success through content marketing strategies. While an SEO Expert might focus on keywords and link building, a Content Marketing Expert will be more focused on creating compelling, long-form content that will attract readers.

What are some of the benefits of a content marketing expert?

The world of marketing is changing quickly. Consumers are now the ones in control, and they do not want to be bombarded with sales messages. They want to find products that will solve their problems or that they can use for entertainment purposes.

The benefits of content marketing experts include:

  • increased search engine ranking due to high-quality content
  • building brand awareness
  • engaging social

Content marketing experts provide this type of information by producing helpful posts, reviews, and videos regularly. The goal of content marketing is to establish trust with your customers to convert them into paying customers later on down the line. It takes time for this process to work, but it does work if you have an engaged audience or readership base.

They are responsible for creating, implementing, and analyzing the success of a company’s content strategy. Content marketers help grow your brand by developing engaging posts that will be shared across social media platforms.

Electronic Money is the New Norm Due to its Safety and Convenience

What is electronic money?

Electronic money is a form of money in banking computer systems exchanged electronically. These values represent real money that is convertible to fiat cash. Today, there is wide use of electronic cash because of the convenience of electronic transactions.

A handful of systems worldwide that millions of people use have backing by online activities related to electronic money. Some of these are Paypal, Webmoney, Transferwise, and Skrill. Email addresses identify online payment systems so you can convert digital currencies between accounts. Wide usage and recognition from users made massive retailers and service providers accept this kind of transaction.

Money in different forms and substitutes

In the earlier centuries, people would go to a goldsmith to store their money since they know how to discern gold’s purity and weight. Then, a goldsmith in return will give a receipt where you can find the gold’s value and details. Over time, people realized that this receipt is as valuable as the physical gold. It has been the central concept of today’s banking system.

Later on, people would deposit their money to the bank for safe-keeping and protection. They can withdraw it anytime when needed. People may carry a bankbook or a card to track how much money they’ve kept in the bank. People realized that these could substitute real money.

Today, people are getting more and more comfortable with the idea of money substitutes like electronic money. It is more comfortable and more convenient for cash-in and cash-out. It is handy with everyday transactions with very minimal need to use actual cash.

The difference between bank deposits and electronic money are different monetary regimes. For bank deposits, it is fractional reserves. Electronic money not issued by banks has 100% backing, and it must be a dollar-for-dollar match.

Hardware-based and software-based products

Hardware-based products don’t need an internet connection. To make a payment, a device reader can read a personal device like a chip card with hardware-based security.

On the other hand, software-based products are devices such as handheld phones, tablets, and computers where you can transfer money quickly using an internet connection.

Electronic money channels and ways

Physical money’s role has lessened in today’s modern world of technology. Consumers and businesses can agree that electronic cash is safer, more convenient, and widely used. There are many ways to receive and transfer money, like direct deposits, electronic fund transfers, and payments through credit and debit cards. The facilitation of most electronic money transactions is through payment processing networks such as Visa and Mastercard. There is usually a tie-up between banks and financial institutions, and payment processing networks.

Money security issues

Even if electronic money is widely used and considered safe in place of physical cash, there are still some issues. One is a fraud where people transfer money without the need to verify the owner’s identity. It can be an issue with the IRS and tax evasion since they can go without drawing too much attention. Also, systems are not always perfect. Electronic transactions can go wrong with a system error.

The Difference Between Robo-Advisor and Financial Advisor

Not so long ago, Robo-Advisor appeared. It was 2014 when the betterment presented their robo-advisor, the world’s first back then. They design for the newbies with a little knowledge about trading, investing, and for those who don’t have enough assets.

On the other hand, the financial advisors have already been there since 1963. They helped different sectors, businesses, and freelancers, and traders. Now that Robo-advisors are here, does it mean the need of financial advisors will also decrease? That will unlikely to happen.

We are about to show the difference between the robo-advisor and financial advisor, and the benefits of each platform.

RoboAdvisors VSFinancial Advisors

Facts About Robo-Advisor


Getting a robo-advisor is convenient. It relies heavily on technology, so it comes with many advantages. They have automated investing strategies, like MPT or modern portfolio theory (MPT). It assists in optimizing your ideal asset class weights in a portfolio by asking your given risk preference.

If a person performs this task, it would take hours or even days to finish. Apart from that, it can be prone to a human error.

Visit ROSHI for more.