Announce Your Engagement News in a High Standard and Unique Style Using Mixbook

Every remarkable life moment matters, and you want them to last in your mind for a long time. It also calls out for a celebration with friends and families, like any other life’s event, engagement announcements are worth celebrating. After saying ‘yes,’ you sure want to let the whole world know, especially to people who are close to you. Such an occasion only happens once in a lifetime; hence, you want to make every detail perfect. How you choose to share your precious news matters. Make the moment stand out and be something to remember by using Mixbook to create an engagement card like no other. Keep reading to learn how.

Mixbook is an internet-based service that allows you to create and design your customized engagement card. You only need an internet connection and your phone or computer to have access to the service from wherever you are. The service has various creative features to help your announcement match your desires while looking unique. Visit the website to get started.

What Is an Engagement Card?

Your engagement is big news that you want to share with your loved ones. There are various ways you can choose to tell this information, an engagement card is one of them. Mixbook helps you to create something adorable to share your great news with the world.

To make the announcement unforgettable, you can choose to add your favorite picture and customize it using various backgrounds, colors, and fonts available on Mixbook.

There are various engagement card styles on Mixbook, including ring photo frames, elegant letters, engagement postcards, and topography tags.

How to Customize Your Engagement Card?

Mixbook ensures your engagement news is exciting, as it should be! They give you an option to customize your card with top designs, excellent quality paper, and breathtaking pictures of you and your lover.

How to Create Your Engagement Card Using Mixbook?

Create memorable and customized engagement cards using the following easy steps:

  •   Choose from the several romantic designs to find the one that truly fits your love experience as a couple.
  •   Choose the card style that complements your photo with your partner.
  •   Personalize your card with Mixbook’s various collections of stickers, backgrounds, textures, and exquisite finishes.

The paper types to choose from includes:

  •   Smooth matte 100 lb. paper.
  •   Premium 110 lb. silk paper.

You can also choose to add final touches such as real foil embellishments to create a luxurious sparkle and shine look.

What Are the Trends and Ideas for Announcing Your Engagement?

Many couples choose to announce their exciting news with photo engagement cards. Especially with the digital era, everyone wants their engagement news to stand out. Creative images are designed to make the card unique such as the couple holding hands and showing off the ring. Sometimes pets and children also help with announcing the big news. Other things you can include on your engagement card are the wedding date, your names, your most loved photos, and any special message you would like to share.

Mixbook provides high-quality products that are unique and affordable. Make your engagement news stand out. Use Mixbook to share your excitement with your friends and family with easy-to-make engagement cards. Visit the website today to create something you and your family will love.

The range of Kubota KX series excavators

Kubota KX series are robust excavators with conventional swing configuration. In this series, you’ll find excavators in the range of 0.8 to 8.2 tons. Kubota has developed this series with continued innovation and development. The company claims it to be the toughest of excavators available in the market. The extensive range of products in this series will make it easy for you to pick one for your next project. 

These are fantastic heavy-duty construction models that are built to take a licking and keep on ticking. They are perfect excavator hire machinery and can handle your toughest excavator jobs. Despite the conventional swing, they are compact enough to easily fit in tight spaces near homes or other structures. Because of the conventional swing, the KX series has a higher lifting capacity with more rear counterweight. 

These models in KX series feature a Kubota’s Tier 4 diesel engine which is highly efficient and powerful. Due to this the operator can have maximum digging and lifting performance while minimizing vibration and noise. All the engines are compliant with latest emission regulations. 

Let’s delve in for a quick overview about the amazing features of Kubota KX Series excavators: 


The machine is easily adaptable to the site conditions and space availability. With adjustable tracks you can increase the width for superior stability when the need arises. This greater flexibility is what you need in the toughest jobs. 

Just like U series excavators, here you also have tow pattern selection system so you can pick and ISO or SAE pattern of work as per your requirement. Some models have a feature of pedal operated boom swing which even makes operation easy and convenient. 

Many models in the KX series support additional attachment if you need to undergo a specialized job. You can attach augers and breakers to use the hydraulic power for versatile uses. With a hydraulic thumb attachment, you can grab large rocks without worry for any reason. 

The front angle blade let you push the dirt out of the way and also act as a good counterbalance keeping the machine stable while working on uneven or rough conditions. You can also backfill trenches with this angle blade, just set the angle and push forward along the trench’s edge, allowing the dirt to go inside.  


With spacious operator’s cabin, the KX series models are always comfortable to work with. Having flat floor and more legroom you never feel like working. The climate-controlled interiors and full suspension seats are some added features for comfort. 


For outright purchase you will need to contact your local Kubota dealer for specific pricing, however if you are interested in renting, you can use the following link to view common excavator hire prices.

High performance

These series excavators will make sure you get more for your money. With models having powerful 63 horsepower engine, they are perfect for seasoned professionals. You can get digging depth upto 15 feet and even the front-end angle blade is there to get dirty, when you have to. The engines are equipped with auto-idle and eco-boost technologies so fuel is never a worry. It is light on your pocket but heavy on the performance.   

 Four Things to Consider Before Planning Your Limo Ride 

Many dreams of a Limo Ride, but not everyone’s dream come true. However, these days, it has become easier to afford a Limo Ride with the emergence of several VIP transportation services in the market. 

Limo Ride is a great option for making your travel memorable for many different occasions. Whether you just need a ride to an airport or want to make your special occasion more special, riding a Limo is something you should look for. It would be perfect for making your travel and event remarkable. 

If you plan for a Limo Ride, you must know everything about scheduling your Limo Ride. It is a must for making your travel smooth and hassle-free. 

In this blog, we have compiled four things that you should consider before planning your Limo Ride. Let’s take a look at those four important things. 

Damage Charges

Most VIP transportation Florida companies charge for damages. If your Limo gets scratched or damaged during the ride, they will charge you an extra fee. The amount of extra fee varies depending on the Limo damage assessment report. 

Some companies keep damage charges policies transparent while others’ damage charges policies are not clear. They may ask you for a hidden fee. So, make sure to know everything about damage charges and hidden charges before finalizing your Limo Ride. It would be convenient for you. 

Extra Facilities

You may ask for extra facilities for your Limo Ride, depending on your requirements and choices. However, you will have to pay extra charges for it. If you are okay with extra charges, you can ask your travel manager to arrange the extra facilities you require. 

The extra facilities you can ask for are entertainment facilities (LED, Sound system, indoor games, etc.), sleeping facilities, dining facilities, etc. However, it is not necessary that you can get these extra facilities from every VIP transportation service provider. Some may give this option to you, while some may deny it. 

Safety Arrangements

Your safety is important than anything else. Generally, Limo cars are completely secured for you as they usually equip high-security features. Yet, if you have any security issues with your Limo, you can ask your travel manager to increase your Limo security by adding additional security features. 

You might be wondering that you may have to pay for extra safety arrangements. It is not so. You need not worry about it as your travel manager will handle all these things.

Choosing the Limo, You Want to Ride

There are many different Limo types, but the VIP transportation company you are going to hire doesn’t need to have your favorite Limo in their fleet. Before making your deal, make sure that the company you are considering has the Limo model you want to ride. 

If you are okay with every Limo model, you have an option to choose your Limo color-wise. You can mainly get black, grey, and white shades in Limo. You can select any of these three shades. 

These are four important things you should consider before planning and scheduling your Limo Ride. It would be best to make your Limo Ride smooth and hassle-free. 

Three Tips to Keep in Mind When Hiring Property Managers

Property management is an important aspect of owning rental properties. You want your properties to be well managed to ensure tenant satisfaction and investment profitability. Professionals who specialize in property management in Glendale, CA exist to reduce vacancy rates, find the right tenants, and keep your properties in prime condition. But, because there are many of them out there, it pays to know exactly what to look for. The following are some tips you must keep in mind when searching for a property management partner:

Ensure they are Transparent

As a property owner and investor, you put serious trust in your property manager when you hire them. You don’t want to end up with a manager who will collect rent and does not report it or one who charges work that wasn’t done. 

To minimize your risk of ending up with the wrong property manager, take your time reviewing reviews for the property management company you are looking for. The best companies have many satisfied customers who are willing to recommend and write positive reviews for them. Also, you can speak with a company’s previous clients to better understand its transparency. The best company posts its prices and services on its website or marketing materials. 

Ask About Their Maintenance Capabilities

Often, maintenance is the biggest expense that you will encounter and you don’t this aspect to be mismanaged. The right property manager has an in-house maintenance department, a turnover crew to get units ready for advertising, and full-time maintenance personnel. A property management company that usually uses subcontractors may not be able to ensure quality, keep prices down, and enforce deadlines. 

Make Sure the Company Exclusively Focuses on Managing Rental Property

A lot of companies have many responsibilities. Real estate brokers, agents, and even contractors will usually try to add a property management practice to their core business model. These are property managers you don’t want to partner with. Property management is a challenging profession to excel at and trying to do it as a side business can just lead to below-average performance. Find a property manager who owns rental property themselves and is mainly focused on property management. 

Key Requirements For Importing Into The US

Import and export are some of the leading businesses in the world. Not only are these businesses eminent, but they are extremely important for the governments as well. Due to this reason, there are several requirements and reasonable restrictions for importing and exporting goods from one place to the other, and unless these requirements are fulfilled by the exporters and importers, goods cannot cross the borders of any country. So here in this article, we shall take a look at the requirements for importing into the United States.  

  • Preparation of documents

Before importing into the US, one needs to have all the documents ready. The important ones are: 

  1. Customs/commercial invoice
  2. Bill of lading
  3. OGD documents
  4. Commodity specific requirements

So, before you try and import your goods into the United States, you need to ensure the availability of the documents mentioned above.

  • Meeting the commodity specific and OGD requirements

The commodity specific and OGD requirements depend on the government departments such as health standards and so on. So many items cannot be imported without certain permits and licenses. Further, anything imported into the US should be marked properly with the country of origin. So one has to be very particular about these things. 

  • Import duties

These are the rates paid to the CBP. These rates depend on the type of commodities imported into the United States. The customs broker is authorized to pay the import duties on your behalf and invoice you. Having a customs broker is significant in the process as it may involve several complexities and other taxes, which can be sorted easily when a broker is a mediator. 

  • Determining the HTS

The number used to classify a product or commodity is referred to as the harmonized tariff schedule or number. Products that enter the US are classified in accordance with the harmonized tariff schedule, where the goods are placed in the product category for classification. Classification of products can be a tricky business as it requires thorough product research and you are responsible for the correct classification of the products. Thus, one must always remember this specific requirement to import goods into the US as incorrect classification can lead to heavy penalties.

Since the US is known for its import and export potential, one must always be prepared with all the requirements of the government departments to avoid penalties and with Clearit customs consulting, this is sure to get easier.

Calling a pest control service in Austin: Factors that matter!

By the time you find the first signs of pest infestation, the ground situation may be far worse. Pests, rodents, insects, and critters are most active at night, but you may find a few tell-a-tale signs, such as urine marks, droppings, scratches on the drywall, and wooden damage. If you suspect a pest problem, do not delay in calling an exterminator. There are some amazing Austin pest control companies that can offer comprehensive services at the right price. Before you select, here is a quick list of factors that matter. 

Insurance, licenses, and permissions

Pest control requires using specific tools, chemicals, pesticides, equipment, and other products, and the safety & health of your family should be your primary concern. Make sure that the exterminator is licensed and has all the necessary local permissions to work in Austin. Also, if they are a member of known pest control organizations, that also says a lot about their expertise. Insurance is equally important, and you need an exterminator with both general liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage. 


Does the pest control company have good reviews? You can check Google and Facebook to find what other customers and homeowners in Austin have to say about them. You can also ask the exterminator to share a few references, and do look for testimonials on their website. 

Trained team

Workers, pest control experts working for an exterminator need to be trained and bonded for the job. They must also have workers’ compensation insurance like we mentioned so that any mishap while working at your home doesn’t become your implied liability. Also, professional companies often hire entomologists on their team, to offer comprehensive preventive solutions. 

Response and estimate

Most pest control companies have their own approach to the job, but they should always respond at the earliest. Typically, the exterminator will end in a team of experts to check the actual extent of pest infestation, which then is used to offer an estimate. Expect the estimate to fair, transparent, and with no room for hidden charges, instead of looking for the cheapest price. 

Final word

If you have a pest problem, do not wait for it to get worse. It is even more stupid to assume that these rodents, insects, or roaches will go away on their own. Just hire a company that knows the relevance of pest control and can do the job while ensuring the safety of your family.