4 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Dry Eyes During The Summer

According to the National Health and Wellness Survey, more than 8% of American adults suffer from persistent dry eyes. When you have dry eyes, your tear ducts do not produce sufficient tears or quality tears that ensure adequate lubrication of your eyes. Severe symptoms of dry eye that indicate you need Bainbridge Eye Care include persistent eye redness, eye fatigue, blurred vision, light sensitivity, stinging sensation in the eyes, and watery eyes. A specialist in eye care will identify the cause of dry eye and devise the best treatment plan.

Seek immediate specialist treatment for dry eyes because it may lead to various complications, including the destruction of the eye surfaces, eye infections, and declining quality of life as you struggle to perform routine activities, like reading.

The summer months make you more susceptible to dry eyes. Spending a lot of time outdoors exposes you to the harmful effects of the sun, causing quick evaporation of the tear film, causing dry eyes.

Also, during the summer, you may be more exposed to smoke, pollen, and dust that can irritate and inflame your eyes.

Subsequently, below are the different ways to safeguard yourself against dry eyes during the summer.

  • Protect eyes

Wear sunglasses during the summer, whether cycling, swimming, or traveling. Wearing sunglasses minimizes the possibility of wind coming into direct contact with your eyes and removing tears from your eyes.

Use a wraparound sunglass as it provides the best protection for your eyes against loss of tears, unlike the standard sunglass frames.

Additionally, wear wraparound sunglasses during swimming to protect your sensitive eyes from the salt or chlorine in the water that may irritate your eyes. Remember to remove contact lenses before swimming to prevent the trapping of bacteria underneath the lenses.

  • Keep eyes moist and hydrated

If you plan to spend a lot of time indoors, consume lots of water and fluids that deliver maximum hydration to your body.

Your body relies on your intake of water and fluids to produce a healthy quantity and quality of tears, which can help protect you from dry eyes.

A properly hydrated body also can ensure your lacrimal glands and oil glands are healthy so that there is no quick evaporation of tears.

It is also possible to lubricate your eyes using over-the-counter or prescription eye drops.

  • Always rinse your eyes

Your eyes may be more exposed to smoke and dirt during the summer, especially when you do not wear wraparound sunglasses.

Exposure to toxic substances and chemicals from dirt or smoke can irritate and cause dry eyes.

However, when you rinse your eyes regularly and keep them dry, you remove lodged pollen, smoke, and dust particles.

  • Eat healthy diets

The foods you intake should be packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary for supporting eye health and promoting tear production.

The best sources of fatty acids are eggs, chia seeds, and oily fish such as sardines and salmon.

Contact Bainbridge Eye Care today to schedule an appointment with a specialist in dry eyes and learn more about its treatment and prevention options.