5 Cosmetic Dental Practices Which Improve Your Smile

You might be nervous when meeting someone new, and the nervousness could be worse if you have a crooked smile. A crooked smile might make you appear repulsive, leading to low self-esteem. However, you can opt for cosmetic dentistry South Bay which improves your smile and deals with oral issues. Most people don’t think of cosmetic dentistry as the solution to their oral problems. However, cosmetic procedures lead to better alignment of the teeth, remove the gaps in the teeth, prevent cavities and deal with periodontitis. These cosmetic dental procedures can improve your appearance and deal with oral health issues effectively.


Veneers have become as they fix almost all oral issues, and most people are open to trying them. They can fix cooked and chipping teeth and severe discoloration and reduce the appearance of gaps in the teeth. Veneers are fixed on the teeth’ front part and are made of porcelain clay. The dentist will scrape a few layers of enamel from the teeth before fixing the veneers, as they might appear bulky without proper installation.

Veneers might be an ideal solution for extremely discolored teeth which don’t respond to teeth-whitening products. Moreover, they prevent cavities from forming and deal with teeth crookedness effectively. Additionally, they might be an ideal solution if you have teeth gaps. The dentist will apply the veneers to close the gaps in extremely apart teeth.


Teeth misalignment can lead to bacteria build-up in your mouth as food can collect on the crevices created by the misaligned teeth. Crookedness may result from teeth that are impacted by the growing wisdom teeth, and in some instances, some people have naturally misaligned teeth. Thus, you can opt for Invisalign, a colorless aligner to fix crooked teeth. They fix the teeth quickly and do not require several visits to the dentist’s office.

Dental Implants

Dental implants fill the spaces left by fallen teeth, and they contain the crown, which is the part that looks like the teeth, and the metallic part, which acts as the root of the teeth. The dental implants anchor deeply into the jaw, reducing bone loss on the jaw after the teeth fall out. Additionally, it prevents the other teeth from moving on the arch resulting in crookedness. Dental implants are a permanent solution to lost teeth and can improve your appearance.


Filings fix the cavities on the teeth created by bacteria that release acids that erode the enamel. They look like the rest of the teeth and prevent damage to the teeth restoring their appearance.

Laser Dentistry

Laser treatment is a new cosmetic practice that uses high laser beams to correct gum diseases. They contour the gums reducing the pockets which result from periodontitis. Sealing the pockets between the teeth and the gums prevents bacterial growth and healing periodontitis.

Cosmetic dental procedures can improve your appearance and oral health, but you should know the specific procedures that work for your condition. For instance, dental implants fix lost teeth, prevent bone loss, and keep the teeth in the right position in the arch. The crowns and fillings deal with cavities created by bacteria that grow in the mouth. On the other hand, tooth whitening removes stains on the teeth, which makes the teeth appear white.