5 Questions Every Expectant Mother Should Ask Their Obstetrician- Dr. Inga Zilberstein

Pregnancy is a wonderful gift from nature that allows women to carry small replicas of themselves within them for nine months. Although it is such a joyful moment, many things can go wrong. As a result, expectant mothers should obtain the right prenatal care, whether it is their first pregnancy or not. Regular check-ups with your New York board certified OBGYN is always a great idea to ensure the healthy development of you and your kid. To avoid difficulties throughout your pregnancy and delivery, here are five questions to ask your specialist.

  1. Should You Be Concerned About Your Blood Pressure?

Throughout pregnancy, particularly in the final two trimesters, the mom-to-be suffers a dramatic rise in blood pressure. Whereas this is pretty normal, it could be dangerous if the mother has a medical record of hypertension unassociated with pregnancy. Your OBGYN will explain the safe pressure range and the points wherein you should seek medical assistance. Besides, your doctor will advise you on how to recognize physical indications to watch out for hypertension, such as swelling and headaches.

  1. What Are The Normal Motions Of A Baby?

When the kid moves around inside the womb, it is a wonderful chance to bond with the mother. Movement is an indication of vitality as well. Inquire with your doctor about what to anticipate and the warning signs that something is amiss.

  1. How Should You Sleep?

Numerous persons do not recognize this, but selecting the appropriate sleeping posture throughout pregnancy is more crucial for the mom-to-be than for the infant. The mother’s posture is important because constricted blood arteries could deprive the fetus of crucial nutrients and oxygen.

  1. Can You Continue with Your Current Medication?

Lastly, suppose you are identified with an illness before or throughout your pregnancy. In that case, you should talk to your OBGYN concerning if you should keep taking your medication since some medications could have major detrimental effects on a child’s development. When used for a long time, particular drugs may cause congenital abnormalities in babies. Your specialist will inform you if you may keep the drug, reduce the dosage, replace it, or stop taking it altogether until the baby is born.

What Foods Should You Consume And Which Should You Avoid?

The expression ‘feeding for two’ is sometimes misunderstood, yet it is one of the most crucial elements of pregnancy. The growing infant is completely reliant on the mother for food and nutrients, as well as water and oxygen. As a result, it is critical to keep track of everything you eat. Your OBGYN will educate you on what foods you may eat for yourself and the kid and what foods and other things you should forgo for the sake of the baby.

Pregnancy is a wonderful and unique period in a woman’s life. As such, Dr. Inga Zilberstein and her expert staff want to partner with you to ensure you have a worthwhile experience. Whatever concerns you have during your pregnancy, you can reach out to Dr. Zilberstein for the right answers. Schedule a consultation today through mobile or book online to learn more.