6 Key Newborn Care Tips For Parents

Nothing is more lovely and fulfilling in life than caring for your newborn. Unfortunately, for first-time parents, the first several months with your newborn could be overwhelming and chaotic. You will receive contradictory recommendations regarding newborn care, and it could be difficult to determine what care guidelines to follow. Pediatric specialists Dr. Venkata Vallury and Dr. Visalakshi Vallury provide extensive in-office McKinney newborn care, which includes all your baby’s necessary vaccines. Meanwhile, check out this post to learn some key tips on newborn care.

  1. Sleeping

Babies require a great deal of sleep. Nevertheless, they do not sleep in extended stretches like adults. Rather, they can sleep between 18 and 19 hours per day. Newborns often sleep for two to four hours. Use this time to take a nap or enjoy some time by yourself. When putting your kid to bed, you should always ensure that they sleep on their back with nothing else nearby to reduce the danger of concerns like SIDS.

  1. Feeding

During the first six months, your baby will receive all the necessary nutrients from breast milk. You should feed your newborn every 1 to 3 hours or 8-12 times daily. If your baby is hungry, he might display signs such as crying, puckering their lips, or sticking out their tongue. Likewise, once your infant is full, they will release the breast or spit out what you are trying to feed them.

  1. Getting Ill

The very last thing you would like is for your infant to become ill. Sadly, the immunity of newborns is not robust enough to combat many prevalent illnesses. Considering that newborns cannot be vaccinated, your entire family must be up-to-date on vaccinations, especially flu shots.

Additionally, it is normal to have many visitors during those first few months, and they will inevitably like to hold the newborn. Ensure that everybody carefully washes their hands before holding your kid to avoid spreading germs.

  1. Medical Examinations

Your child will require a pediatrician visit in 3 to 5 days of delivery and then frequently thereafter. Throughout these visits, your pediatrician will ensure that your kid is healthy, meeting developmental milestones, and receiving the appropriate immunizations. During these appointments, you should also raise any questions regarding caring for your infant.

  1. How to Carry Your Infant

It is crucial to support your child’s neck and head when holding them with one hand because their neck muscles are still not robust enough to firmly support their head. The spine is also still developing and strengthening. In three months, your baby’s neck can support his head independently.

  1. Massaging

Massaging your newborn is an excellent way to establish a bond. Furthermore, massaging aids in lulling your infant to sleep and enhancing digestion and blood circulation. Apply a tiny amount of baby oil or lotion to your hands. Then, gently massage your baby while maintaining eye contact and chatting with them to keep him engaged. Often, the best time for a massage is before or after a bath.

As thrilling as parenting might appear, it is not without its difficulties. Besides the above-mentioned newborn care guidelines, you must also establish a strong relationship with your pediatrician for routine checkups, immunizations, and other in-office procedures. At Redwood Family Health Center, the pediatric experts are always available to respond to all your concerns. Call the Farmers Branch or McKinney, TX office, or book an appointment online today.