6 Post-Concussion Treatment Tips to Accelerate Your Recovery

Imagine you finally received concussion treatment but still experience post-concussion syndrome (PCS). Alternatively, you encounter limited daily activities and long-lasting symptoms after the surgery. This can be devastating. The recovery process may be challenging because there are no concussion procedures that work for everybody. Do not worry because the solution lies with Atlanta concussion treatment. After the treatment, you will be advised on the following 6 post-concussion treatment tips to accelerate your recovery.

  1. Screen Time

Phones, TV, and computer screens may be a common irritating form of stimulation if you are recovering from PCS. You can manage your screen time by:

  • Using a physical anti-glare screen cover or a blue light filter on your screen
  • Ensuring your space is lit when observing the screen, and avoiding watching the screen in a dark room.
  • Increasing the size and distance of the screen from your face
  • Setting timers to take breaks proactively to ensure you stay ahead of your signs and symptoms
  1. The 2-Point Regulation for Concussion Symptoms

In most cases, the recovery after concussion treatment is focused on steadily surging the stimulation you are exposed to without overstimulating yourself. This process is complex to achieve and requires a recommendation from a concussion therapist.

You should rate your existing signs 1 through 10, and then you are permitted to proceed with your specific activity, such as watching television or typing on a computer. If you rate, for example, watching TV 4 out of 10, after watching, if your signs surge by even one point, you have to stop watching.

  1. Engage In Physical Activities

You should speak and exercise when recovering because they are essential in facilitating recovery. For instance, engaging in heart rate elevating activities surges the blood flow to your brain, speeding the recovery process.

  1. Post Concussion Sleeping Hygiene

Sleep discharges crucial hormones which enable cell repair to hasten. The following are tips on more curative sleep.

  • No screen time in the last minutes before sleep time
  • Maintaining a regular sleep timetable and waking up at the same time every day
  • Using melatonin supplements
  • Exercising but not in the last 90 minutes before bedtime
  1. Concussion Meal Recommendation

Everything you eat or drink contains direct variation in blood flow and composition to adequate cellular activity and hormone release. You should practice the following tips:

  • Drinking lots of water to stay hydrated
  • Eating on a regular schedule and avoid skipping meals
  • Be watchful with caffeine because it has dehydrating effects that lower your tolerance to several daily activities
  1. Brain Breaks

If you utilize the brain break adequately, you accelerate your recovery to normal activities like work and play. Meditation is the best technique you can implement to ensure your brain shuts off. It lets you learn how to shut your brain off easily and offers you true brain rest.

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