9 Best Snorkeling Spots in Lombok

Lombok is one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia, which is famous for its marine beauty. Even the popularity of Lombok has reached the ears of all over the world. Therefore, many international travelers are willing to spend their money to enjoy the underwater panorama of Lombok. Some of the places below are the best snorkeling spots in Lombok to witness the underwater wonders.

  • Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan is the most popular dyke in Lombok. Gili Trawangan is precisely located in North Lombok. This place is one of my favorite snorkeling spots because there are many fish, coral reefs, and various marine life here. In addition, here you will also find turtles and barracuda animals. If you stop by Gili Trawangan, snorkeling is a mandatory activity that should not be missed.

  • Gili Meno

Another best snorkeling spot in Lombok is Gili Meno, which is adjacent to Gili Trawangan. In addition to marine life, this place is also a habitat for turtles. Here, you will also find beautiful corals. Gili Meno is the right choice for those who want to enjoy tranquility because the atmosphere is not too crowded.

Although not as busy as Gili Trawangan, you will easily find accommodation for a staycation for a few days. To get to Gili Meno, you can travel from Bangsal Harbor or take a snorkeling trip usually provided on Gili Trawangan.

  • Gili Air

Gili Air is also the best snorkeling section in Lombok. This place holds the title of snorkeling paradise. The calm atmosphere is also very friendly for children. If you want to explore Gili Air, you can only use cidomo or ride a bicycle. The location of Gili Air is close to Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno. Snorkeling here will give you a pleasant sensation.

  • Gili Nanggu

If you are in West Lombok, go to Gili Nanggu for snorkeling. Gili Air is even called a private island that has soft white sand. Gili Nanggu is popular because of its very exotic and beautiful marine tourism. So make sure you stop by here while on vacation to Lombok.

  • Gili Rengit

It takes two hours from Mataram to get to Gili Rengit. Gili Rengit is one of the recommended snorkeling spots in Lombok. If you want to save on your vacation budget, you can go in groups because one boat costs 250,000 to 300,000. The capacity of the ship is ten people per trip.

Besides having beautiful views, Gili Rengit Island provides various facilities such as toilets, minibars, bungalows, and restaurants. The sea currents on Gili Rengit are also relatively calm, so you can enjoy the beauty of the sea safely and comfortably.

  • Gili Layar

Another option to explore the underwater beauty of Lombok is snorkeling on Gili Layar. You can do the best snorkeling in Lombok here, which is 25 km from Lembar Harbor. The journey from Lembar Harbor to Gili Layar will take approximately 30 minutes. Arriving here, you will be greeted with exotic white sand and clear sea water.

  • Gili Kondo

One of the best snorkeling in Lombok is Gili Kondo. This Gili is an island with a stretch of white sand with spectacular views. Gili Kondo is located in Sambelia District and is adjacent to Gili Bindara. The location is 50 km north of Selong. Access to Gili Kondo is quite easy, you can choose either the land route or the sea route. If you choose the sea route, you can use a wooden boat. During the trip, you will be treated to views of the vast forest to the backdrop of Mount Rinjani, which spoils the eyes.

  • Gili Kedis

Gili Kedis can be reached within 1.5 hours from Lombok International Airport or Mataram city center. Although this dyke is relatively small and only has a few trees with scattered sand, the underwater beauty is simply amazing. The sea water is very clear so you can see fish and other marine animals clearly.

  • Gili Petagan

Gili Petagan is a snorkeling spot in East Lombok. There is a mangrove forest which is a relic of the Japanese occupation. Try here to enjoy the sensation of unspoiled underwater beauty in Lombok.

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