A Quick Guide to Getting Braces in Brentwood

The first step for dental braces is a referral to an orthodontist for concerns about tooth positioning. The orthodontist examines the teeth, takes X-rays, and discusses the patient’s dental history. If braces are deemed suitable, decisions regarding the type of braces and treatment duration are made. Visit this page for braces brentwood.

The fitting:

A cheek retractor keeps the teeth dry and visible throughout the operation to put on dental braces. Before brackets are positioned using dental cement, the teeth are polished, conditioned, air-dried, and primed. The brackets are cemented to the teeth using a high-intensity laser after the excess cement is removed. The cheek retractor is withdrawn after proper positioning and dental arch wires are installed. The entire procedure is generally completed in less than 20 minutes.

The adjustment process:

Regular consultations are required to modify dental braces and keep the tooth repositioning procedure going. During these sessions, the patient’s progress is assessed, and new elastic ties and archwires are installed. After each visit, patients may suffer stiffness and discomfort in the mouth, which can be relieved with over-the-counter pain medicines.

There should be at least three weeks between adjustment appointments to allow for tooth movement. The number of appointments required will be determined by the planned mobility of the teeth and the type of dental wire utilized.

The removal:

To remove dental braces, first, remove the ties and wires, then gently compress the brackets to break the adhesive bond. A dental handpiece is used to remove any remaining cement. This procedure is straightforward and painless, and it protects the teeth and enamel.

You’ll soon be able to enjoy your gorgeous new smile when your braces have been removed. The removal procedure is simple and rapid, requiring only around 15 minutes. The brackets and bonding material will be removed by your orthodontist, leaving your teeth smooth and shining. Following that, you may require a retainer to keep your teeth in their new places. Don’t forget to maintain proper dental hygiene by brushing and flossing on a regular basis. 

Final thoughts:

Some individuals may have acute gum irritation after removing dental braces, which is nothing to worry about as it normally disappears within a few days. Follow-up sessions with the orthodontist near you in Brentwood are necessary to obtain a retainer, which holds the teeth in their new position and aids in the maintenance of the treatment’s outcomes.