An Inside Look Into Suboxone Treatment

Opioids are highly addictive since they create a temporary but powerful sense of well-being by triggering the release of endorphins. Specialists only recommend this medication if other drugs do not eliminate the pain. Due to their addictive nature, physicians prescribe opioids for a short period to avoid reliance. When you take these repeatedly over time, your body develops tolerance which drives you to increase the dose to release more endorphins. Overcoming addiction may be challenging, but Suboxone treatment in Chamblee helps your body block the effects of opioid medication. The following explains more about Suboxone treatment.

What is Suboxone?

It is a prescription medication that specialists use to treat individuals addicted to opioids, heroin, and other illegal drugs and contains buprenorphine and naloxone, which have different action methods but work together to treat withdrawal symptoms associated with opioid addiction. Buprenorphine is an agonist which blocks the opiate receptors, reducing the urge for the drugs. The second drug, naloxone, reverses the effects of opioids.

When is Suboxone treatment necessary?

When opioid use results in addiction, your doctor may recommend Suboxone treatment to help you stop the dependence. Suboxone can result in serious side effects such as slowed breathing and sometimes addiction. For this reason, you should only use this medication when prescribed by a doctor. Misuse of this drug or using it without prescription can cause overdose, addiction, or death.

If your specialist recommends Suboxone treatment, be sure to notify them if you have ever had breathing problems, enlarged prostate, kidney disease, liver disease, alcoholism, and abnormal curvature of the spine that alters how you breathe. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also not take Suboxone since it may cause withdrawal symptoms in the newborn. The baby may become dependent on the drug and need several weeks of treatment.

How to take Suboxone

Follow your physician’s guidelines to the latter and only take the drug as prescribed. Do not exceed the prescription period, and inform your doctor if you develop an increased urge to increase the dosage. Usually, your doctor may ask you to moisten your mouth with water for the film to dissolve quickly. Depending on your dosage, you may place one or two films on the inside of your cheeks. Sometimes you may need to take three films, but the dosage varies from patient to patient.

AS the film dissolves, do not chew or swallow it as this affects the efficacy of the medicine. Your doctor may also require you to store the medicine away from people. It is illegal to share or sell Suboxone, and you should not stop using this treatment immediately to avoid unpleasant symptoms. Your doctor can help you stop treatment more safely.

Side effects of Suboxone treatment

It is normal for your head to feel light and experience withdrawal symptoms, increased sweating, and sleeping problems. However, sometimes this drug can slow or stop breathing, which is life-threatening. Seek emergency help if your lips turn blue and you have slow breathing with long pauses.

If you need help overcoming opioid addiction, contact your specialist today at Lenox Medical Clinic.