Calling a pest control service in Austin: Factors that matter!

By the time you find the first signs of pest infestation, the ground situation may be far worse. Pests, rodents, insects, and critters are most active at night, but you may find a few tell-a-tale signs, such as urine marks, droppings, scratches on the drywall, and wooden damage. If you suspect a pest problem, do not delay in calling an exterminator. There are some amazing Austin pest control companies that can offer comprehensive services at the right price. Before you select, here is a quick list of factors that matter. 

Insurance, licenses, and permissions

Pest control requires using specific tools, chemicals, pesticides, equipment, and other products, and the safety & health of your family should be your primary concern. Make sure that the exterminator is licensed and has all the necessary local permissions to work in Austin. Also, if they are a member of known pest control organizations, that also says a lot about their expertise. Insurance is equally important, and you need an exterminator with both general liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage. 


Does the pest control company have good reviews? You can check Google and Facebook to find what other customers and homeowners in Austin have to say about them. You can also ask the exterminator to share a few references, and do look for testimonials on their website. 

Trained team

Workers, pest control experts working for an exterminator need to be trained and bonded for the job. They must also have workers’ compensation insurance like we mentioned so that any mishap while working at your home doesn’t become your implied liability. Also, professional companies often hire entomologists on their team, to offer comprehensive preventive solutions. 

Response and estimate

Most pest control companies have their own approach to the job, but they should always respond at the earliest. Typically, the exterminator will end in a team of experts to check the actual extent of pest infestation, which then is used to offer an estimate. Expect the estimate to fair, transparent, and with no room for hidden charges, instead of looking for the cheapest price. 

Final word

If you have a pest problem, do not wait for it to get worse. It is even more stupid to assume that these rodents, insects, or roaches will go away on their own. Just hire a company that knows the relevance of pest control and can do the job while ensuring the safety of your family.