Connecticut car accident: 3 quick facts that need your attention

Even when you are driving safely on the roads of Connecticut, you could end up getting involved in car accident. Traffic mishaps are not rare in the state, and typically, negligent drivers are at fault. Following such a car crash, you need to act right away. Connecticut has a fault-based system for evaluating claims, which means you would have a valid claim against the at-fault driver. As with injury claims, you have to provide evidence to prove that they were responsible for the accident that caused your injuries. The most critical step in this context is to hire a Connecticut car accident lawyer. Most law firms will offer an obligation-free review of your claim, which is a great advantage. Below are three quick facts that need your attention.

  • Deadline to file a car accident lawsuit: As per the statute of limitations, if you wish to file a car accident lawsuit in the civil court system, you have to act within two years. The same deadline is applicable when you want to file a wrongful death claim after losing a family member. Please note that the statute of limitations is for civil lawsuits. Before that, you will typically file an insurance claim to recover a settlement. It is best to have enough time to decide whether litigation is an option.
  • The modified comparative fault rule: Unlike states like California, which follow a pure comparative fault rule, Connecticut has the modified comparative fault norm. You can only sue the other party when your share of responsibility for causing the accident is less than the other driver’s. When two or more parties are liable for the same road mishap, the rule determines the final settlement. Also, if you win, your compensation will be adjusted as per your fault share.
  • Hiring an accident lawyer is beneficial: If you have never filed a lawsuit or an auto accident claim, dealing with the circumstances can be pretty overwhelming. Consider hiring an accident lawyer at the earliest so that they can start looking for evidence. Lawyers may also rely on reconstruction experts to figure out the details and can collaborate with medical personnel to know the long-term impact of your injuries. A professional law firm will also negotiate compensation, and because they will only get a contingency fee, they will aim for a higher settlement.

You can always meet an accident lawyer to decide if they have the expertise to fight your battle.