Enjoy Improved Services Through Concierge Medicine

You may have tried to access primary healthcare but had difficulties, including finances, long wait hours, and days for an appointment. Some people have waited for weeks to see a physician, which is risky in case of an emergency. However, technology has changed the narrative. People can access services promptly, including longer exam times, same-day appointments, and 24/7 care through concierge medicine Upper East Side services at East Side Primary Medical Care. The specialist provides compassionate services and primary care for adults ensuring everyone receives the best according to their health needs. Learn more about concierge medicine before booking an appointment.

The Doctor Will Attend to You Immediately

Many physicians have resulted in concierge medicine which offers personalized care. Concierge medicine includes contacting your doctor 24/7 and scheduling same-day appointments. There are a specific number of appointments based on the number of patients scheduled for that day. The patient pays an annual fee that caters to all the year’s appointments.

Access To 24/7 Care Delivery

Apart from zero waiting time at the doctor’s office, you are guaranteed 24/7 access to care. You can contact your doctor through a phone or converse through an email regarding your health, and any other information you may wish to inquire about that is helpful to your treatment. This gives you peace of mind since it guarantees you prompt services whenever you need them.

Virtual Correspondence

In concierge medicine, you do not have to pay an unnecessary visit to the doctor’s office. Since there is room for calls and emails, this can save you time by engaging the doctor at home and explaining your conditions; then, the doctor will advise you on what to do, and in case you require medications, they will be delivered to your doorstep. You can enjoy the services in the comfort of your home since technology has made things easier. You will only require a smartphone or a computer to ensure you connect to the doctor’s office.

The Doctor Will Get to Know All About You

The doctor will learn all the possible information about your health with concierge medicine, which is important in ensuring fast and quicker diagnoses during appointments. The doctor will ensure to learn all important information, including annual visits, which help equip the doctor in case of an emergency.

Spares You Time

Concierge medicine spares your time by reducing the number of visits to your doctor since you can receive an in-house treatment. You will also enjoy limited waiting time for appointments which has been the case in other normal primary care services. You will also need to visit your doctor only when the condition may not be treated virtually, such as getting surgery or visiting a gynecologist.

Technology has made things easier, and that goes for treatment. Traditional primary care has been tedious, slow, and riskier for emergencies. Patients have waited for long hours, even days, before they can see the doctor, which is very frustrating considering that it is not free. However, concierge medicine is a game-changer. If you are that person who always wants to access the best services in the shortest time possible and the comfort of your home, you are a good candidate for concierge medicine. At East Side Primary Medical Care, the specialist ensures your health comes first and offers the best according to your needs and goals. You can begin by scheduling an online appointment or calling their office today.