Everything You Need to Know About Regenerative Medicine

The responsiveness of the human body towards pain is a vital mechanism for their survival. Pain is characterized by uncomfortable feelings due to tissue damage in some organs, which can affect the entire body. Pain sessions are disturbing and often interfere with the quality of life. Have you been encountering pain episodes? You should never worry since Clifton regenerative medicine has an effective remedy. Here are vital things you should understand about regenerative medicine;

Myths about regenerative medicine

The following are the myths concerning regenerative medicine.

  • It does not work.

Many individuals believe that this treatment method is not functional. They claim that the method cannot reverse some conditions such as arthritis. However, the truth is that this mechanism has proved to work. Different regenerative treatment has helped patients in overcoming knee arthritis and spine complications.

  • It is dangerous.

When individuals hear a mention of regenerative medicine, they consider it risky. They claim that the patients recovering from those treatments are vulnerable to cancerous growth. However, these treatments are not risky since they employ different body materials to facilitate healing.

  • The treatment must use embryonic stem cells.

Some people argue that embryos are the only source of stem cells necessary for regeneration. Nonetheless, many organs in the body have stem cells in their structures. For example, fat and bone tissues comprise stem cells that can be used in the treatment. Therefore, regenerative medicine does not necessarily involve embryonic stem cells.

  • The stem cell provides a permanent cure for diseases.

Some individuals believe that stem cells would cure everything in the universe. However, the reality is that stem cells can only help fight chronic diseases and reduce their severity. For instance, regenerative medicine can help reduce worsening heart conditions but not cure that condition completely.

  • Only one type of stem cell exists.

Many individuals argue that there are no other stem cells that can be used in regenerative medicine. However, scientists have discovered other cells, such as pluripotent cells, which can be manipulated genetically and have similar features to embryonic stem cells.

Why regenerative medicine?

Here are the benefits of this treatment:

  • Boosts the healing rate: injecting the platelet-rich components in the area of injury stimulates the growth factors in that region, implying that healing mechanisms will focus on that region.
  • Eliminates dependency on medication: These treatments help avoid excessive use of pain relievers, which can be addictive.
  • Minimizes side effects: These treatments use individuals’ blood and cells, thus reducing the risks of developing allergic reactions and other complications.
  • Boosts the wellness of the body: The benefits of this treatment can be felt even after full recovery. The injection of new cells that are healthy improves the functioning of tissues in the affected parts and the rest of the body.
  • Reduces the need for surgery: This treatment uses the body’s healing capacities, thus minimizing the need to undergo surgical operations, saving you a cost.

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