Free Birth Chart Compatibility Factual Information

There are a variety of astrological factors that can determine the compatibility of your birth chart. This article will provide you with some factual information on these factors. For example, Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune only change signs every few years. You can also learn how Mercury retrogrades can affect your birth chart. Ultimately, you’ll be able to determine whether or not you’re compatible with someone.

Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune change signs only every few years

The three planets Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus change signs only a few times each year. Pluto, for example, spends about a quarter of its orbit in the sign of Cancer, and Uranus spends half of his orbit in Taurus. Because Pluto’s orbit is so eccentric, it takes two and a half years to pass by a sign, but these short-duration conjunctions make the changeovers a more gradual one.

Despite the fact that Pluto, Uranus, and Neptun change signs only every few years, their energy is so powerful that they can have profound effects on the lives of their occupants. These planets are disruptive, forward-looking, and innovative. They also tend to change the course of history and can create unexpected and unanticipated events. Unless they are placed in a sign with a powerful ruling planet, Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune can alter the course of a person’s life in a big way.  You can learn more about this topic on

The closest opposition between Pluto, Uranus, and Neptun is 2022. This opposition will occur between Pluto and Neptune, which could spark internal and global strife. Neptune has a three-pronged trident, a weapon given to him by his brother Pluto, and is a powerful and mysterious force in the universe. If Pluto and Neptuna change signs only once every few years, there will be a significant astrological event in 2022.

While Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus change signs every few years, their outer cousins Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars change signs about once in seven to ten years. Therefore, it is crucial to understand that the outer planets have the same effects on your own personal horoscope. It is best to avoid duplicitous behavior during these periods. It is also important to know that a Pluto-Uranus square is likely to occur seven times in a row from summer 2012 through spring 2015.

The outer planets affect our lives on a more collective level. As the outermost planet in the solar system, Pluto’s effects on us are felt both on a personal and societal level. This is why Pluto is considered an outer planet and is only a part of our solar system for a few years at a time. It is also the most powerful planet in the zodiac.

Luckily for us, astrologers are paying close attention to these returns. This makes it easy to understand when a significant historical event will happen during a certain year. The last Pluto-Pluto cycle ended around 495 years ago, so the timing of its return is vital. A new era of civilization will be ushered in by the return of Pluto in Scorpio.

Since Pluto takes two hundred and forty-eight years to make its full revolution around the sun, a return to this planet is bound to have karmic repercussions. At the time of its return, the United States of America is undergoing the early stages of this transit. It will have major ramifications for the future of our country. Therefore, people with this planet in their natal chart are encouraged to take care of themselves.

Mercury retrogrades can affect your birth chart

If you’re looking to improve relationships, Mercury retrogrades can be extremely frustrating. However, there are also some positive aspects of this planet’s retrogrades, including a fruitful period! These retrogrades affect communication and tech-related issues, but can also help you build better foundations for relationships. Mercury’s retrogrades last approximately three weeks, and can be quite helpful for relationship-building.

Your daily routine will be interrupted by the energy of the Mercury retrograde. Trying to achieve goals during this time may feel difficult, and you may need to take a break to relax. If you are a Virgo, you might find yourself in a tizzy. Take the time to notice the themes that come up in your dreams. Perhaps your dreams contain elements of your past lives, or even karmic influences. In this case, it’s important to acknowledge and accept feelings of sadness and regret.

If your natal chart is Pisces, Mercury’s retrograde will trigger cerebral upheaval for your sign. During this time, the subconscious sector governs relationships, so any past trauma can resurface. Make sure to take extra time to fix any mistakes and plan ahead. Don’t rush into any major projects or decisions during Mercury retrograde periods. Take it slow and take it one step at a time.

The energy of Mercury retrogrades will also increase your tendency to overextend yourself. If you’re over-emotional, this can be a blessing as you’re likely to form deep bonds with those around you. The opposite effect, however, is the reverse of that, so be gentle with yourself. You may not be as understanding and compassionate with yourself as you would like to be, so don’t be overly rigid. If you’re a Taurus, try to avoid stressful situations and relationships with colleagues.

Mercury enters Capricorn on the 25th. Capricorn rules domestic matters, so this move of Mercury in Capricorn will make your life chaotic. Unexpected expenses, higher utility bills, and faulty appliances can all be a part of daily life. Capricorns should avoid taking out their frustrations on their housemates. They’ll be very sensitive to the energy and can cause drama. So, avoid making major decisions during Mercury’s retrograde and focus on slow and manageable changes.

While you may feel downhearted, there are also many positive aspects to Mercury retrograde. The planet Mercury is the ruler of communication, transport, technology, and IT, and the effects of this retrograde can be both frustrating and beneficial. Try to enjoy the downtime during Mercury’s retrogrades to unwind. Take time to play with your children or engage in nature. You might even be able to daydream during the time. Remember that no planet in the universe is all positive!

Communication is the foundation of any relationship and should be prioritized. You may not hear your partner’s messages or misunderstand theirs. It’s not healthy to storm off at a partner during Mercury retrogrades. You should be conscious of how you express yourself, especially when dealing with a romantic partner. When Mercury goes retrograde, the words you say may get lost in the shuffle. This could lead to hurt feelings and arguments.