Helpful Tips for RVing with Your Furry Friend

Recreational Vehicles or RV can add some adventure to your life, especially for outdoor enthusiasts. The long-distance car trip is challenging, especially with a family and your furry friend. A new RV can allow you to explore the majority of sites in comfort without concerns about check-out or check-in time. It even helps to save a lot on accommodation and commute for sight-seeing. RV is also a great way to plan a rejuvenating camping trip with friends and family. Carry your home to visit a friend and relieve them from stress rather than raiding their house with your pet dog.

Buying an RV is a long-term and adventurous investment. You will need to consider the purpose, type, features, and financing before you plunge into the buying process. Buying a pre-owned or new RV has its pros and cons. Leave every option open. Remember RVing can save 50% of vacation costs in the future. On the internet, you will find a variety of motor vans and campers. On Craigslist, you can check classified ads from multiple cities. You can buy one from another state if you get a good deal.

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Tips for RVing with a pet dog

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Bringing your dog along with the family camping trip is impossible for many pet owners. With an RV, you can take your pet everywhere but as a pet parent there are something’s to consider.

Designate a space for your pooch to ride

Travel anxiety is common among several dogs, while a few enjoy the ride. In a motorhome, the dog may feel nervous to ride inside a moving home. It is different than riding in a moving car. It can take some time for the dog to adjust. Lay a bed near you or encourage the pooch to sit on the couch. It will make your companion feel less anxious and more relaxed during travel. Ensure to stop for water and bathroom breaks every few hours.

Where will your pet sleep?

Pet dogs are hardly trained to sleep outside, so imitate the same scenario. If at home he sleeps with you allow the same in the camper. In case, he sleeps in his dog bed then bring it for the trip. It ensures your dog will receive a sound night’s sleep. It allows everyone in the family to rest well.

Carry extra water, food, & toys

Basics are crucial because you desire to be prepared for a disaster like an engine failure or tire puncture or reaching the destination took more time than expected. The dog’s water bowl must be accessible and clean. Carry his favorite toys, which keep him engaged as you relax. Pack some treats because you can award your canine friend for behaving well.

Make sure to carry the local vet’s number in case of emergencies. Ensure that your dog has an ID tag on its collar, in case he gets lost!