Improved Women Care in Florida

Women’s bodies are sensitive and therefore require special care. For instance, they carry children, and without proper attention, they may be unable to conceive or even suffer from other diseases affecting their reproductive health. Women need to visit their doctor regularly to confirm their health status and troubleshoot any available problems. Though it is daunting to find a good specialist who offers specialized services, Dr. Pamela Snook is the solution for all OB/GYN problems and inquiries that you may have. Her knowledge and years of experience in women’s care make her a perfect solution for all problems. Learn more about what you can discuss with your gynecologist before booking your appointment.

Painful Periods

Every month women experience menstruation. Many women have an unpleasant time during their periods. Some women experience painful cramps, breast soreness, and headaches, among other symptoms. Those women experience excessive pain beyond cramping, which may signify endometriosis or uterine fibroids. Therefore, it is important to speak to your doctor to help you manage the condition.

Vaginal Odor

Many women will experience this problem but find it an uncomfortable topic to discuss. However, it is important to discuss the problem with your doctor any time you notice a change in your normal smell that lasts for a long time. Though the smell is normal, any foul smells may be due to bacteria or vaginal infection. Your doctor will examine and determine the cause and which condition might be affecting you and then offer you a long-lasting solution.

Sexual Discomfort

It is essential to discuss this with your doctor if you experience sexual discomfort. People find it difficult and uncomfortable to talk about it, but your doctor may help you address the concern. Some of the causes may include age, birth control methods that deplete estrogen, and a person under stress. The doctor may recommend changing birth control methods if you are using them or the application of vaginal estrogen to boost the levels and minimize dryness.

Sexual History

Many women avoid visiting a doctor since they fear sharing their sexual information for fear of being judged. However, it is important to share these details with your doctor to ensure you receive the best care, treat conditions such as STDs, and determine cervical dysplasia and HPV infection risk factors.

Low Libido

Women do not realize that low libido is common, and therefore it is good to speak to your gynecologist to identify the cause of your problem. The problem may be due to medications or the presence of an underlying condition that triggers the problem. Your doctor will help determine the best cause of action and the ideal medication to treat your condition. Some people may be experiencing stress or fatigue from work which may lead to low libido, and this requires a specialist intervention to provide necessary remedies.

Women’s health is important since their body is delicate and prone to various conditions. A happy woman does not have any underlying condition and is sexually active. Many will assume they are okay as long as they do not have a visible underlying condition. However, this is a wrong assumption since some internal problems may not be visible unless examined by a specialist. You are guaranteed safe and confidential personal care at Contemporary Women’s Care to ensure you are a complete woman. You can begin by scheduling an online appointment or calling their office today.