Non-invasive Body Contouring Treatments to Eliminate Fat and Tighten the Skin

Body contouring describes a set of cosmetic treatments that can eliminate fat and tighten the skin. The process shapes target areas of the body where other methods like diet and exercise have been ineffective. It can effectively reduce loose skin that appears after rapid weight loss. Read on and explore minimally-invasive body contouring modalities from Elmhurst Leva Medical cosmetic medicine practice.

Revunion plasma treatment for skin tightening

Lipoplasty is a surgical procedure that applies heat on specific areas to address flabby skin. It utilizes a Revunion device, which combines radio frequencies with cold helium plasma gas.

The radio frequencies pass through the gas to generate a cool plasma beam. The hand-held device can control the temperature to direct the stream of energy under the skin.

Your aesthetic specialism may make incisions to pass the Revunion instrument under the skin. The incisions are so minute that it is hard to spot them after the procedure. The device distributes the thermal energy evenly across the area and tightens the skin with heat.

Revunion, also known as plasma j, eliminates the need for extensive cuts that are usually necessary for alternative procedures. As a result, it has a lower downtime than liposuction. It can tighten the skin around the neck, thigh, belly, and knee.

Non-surgical cellulite treatment with an injectable

Cellulite is a cosmetic issue that appears when fat accumulates under the skin’s dermal layer. It forms dimples, which are typically cosmetic and have no significant health implications. You may want to consider QWO, a non-invasive cellulite treatment to improve your skin’s appearance.

QWO is an FDA-approved injectable that can effectively address moderate to severe dimpling. The injection contains enzymes, which can dissolve the fibrous tissue causing cellulite.

The collagenase enzymes target collagen-rich fibrous tissue to break down collagen and redistribute the fibrous structures. The compounds smooth the skin and eliminate depressions by targeting the area under the tissue.

The deterioration of the fibrous structures also stimulates the body to produce new collagen. As a result, it tightens the skin and contours the body. A QWO injection can firm the skin in the gluteal and thigh regions.

What is laser muscle toning?

Laser muscle toning is another non-invasive body contouring technique that targets body fat and tones muscles. It directs laser energy to the target area, facilitating epinephrine hormone production.

Epinephrine is a hormone that induces lipolysis, a process that speeds up fat metabolism. The body absorbs and dispels fat cells through the lymphatic system. A leaner body shape emerges after a few weeks of the laser muscle toning session.

Your aesthetic medicine specialist may recommend laser muscle toning as a stand-alone or complimentary procedure. The procedure can work with other cosmetic treatments like lipoplasty for optimal body contouring results.

Laser muscle toning does not involve incisions or injections. The process is painless, with virtually no side effects.

Each session takes approximately half an hour to complete. However, you may require multiple treatments depending on the initial assessment to achieve the desired results.

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