Pain Management: 5 Benefits of Treating Pain Naturally With Physical Therapy

If you suffer from chronic pain, defined as discomfort that persists three months or more, you are not alone. In fact, as per the American Academy of Pain Medicine, roughly 100 million people in the U.S. suffer from chronic pain, which implies that people’s reliance on prescription pharmaceuticals is constantly increasing. Unfortunately, the need for pain-management medicines has triggered the opioid crisis that is evident today. When taken in massive doses or for an extended period, opioids are both addicting and hazardous. As a result, numerous American citizens are understandably seeking safer pain management options like physical therapy. To discover more about physical therapy and how it could assist you in obtaining relief without the use of hazardous pain medications, reach out to West Orange Pain Center of NJ right away.

There are numerous advantages to physical therapy. Nevertheless, some of the most common include:

  1. Procedures Have Little-To-No Adverse Effects

With physical therapy, you can access a wide range of care options, including ultrasound, massage, joint mobilization, and electrical nerve stimulation. These procedures are all-natural remedies with a reduced chance of adverse effects, particularly when contrasted to conventional pain-relieving options like drugs and surgery.

  1. It Addresses The Root Cause Of Pain

Physical therapy’s success is partly because it addresses the root of the problem instead of simply hiding it. Pills could be simpler to swallow for pain relief, but their effectiveness is fleeting. Numerous drugs’ impacts only last 12 to 24 hours, so you will have to keep popping tablets if you want to feel better. It essentially hides the discomfort while failing to address the underlying issue.

Luckily, physical therapy does address your inherent concern; thus, providing lasting pain relief. During your first consultation, your physical therapist will conduct a complete assessment to establish the source of your pain and the most effective care options.

  1. Physical Therapists Tailor Exercises And Stretches To The Specific Requirements Of Every Patient

Besides passive therapies, your physical therapist will design an active exercise program for you that is customized to your individual healing needs. Physical activity may dramatically reduce pain while minimizing inflammation, enhancing mobility, aiding healing, and boosting general endurance and strength.

  1. Physical Therapy Is Backed Up By Medically Sound Research

Physical therapy’s effectiveness has been demonstrated in various ways, including thorough research and rigorous investigation. These studies have offered solid data supporting physical therapy procedures, demonstrating how they could effectively address a wide range of pain-related illnesses. As a result, patients undergoing physical therapy care can rest assured that they are receiving top-level care that is proven to work.

  1. Physical Therapy Helps Enhance Physical Activity

Physical therapy is an enjoyable experience that might motivate you to participate actively in your pain management. These therapy sessions can run anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes, giving you the opportunity to work closely with your provider to reach your objectives. Furthermore, this therapeutic approach is the only natural, active, and risk-free approach for pain alleviation that has long-term results.

Are you struggling with chronic pain? Do you want to take a natural care approach to your pain? If so, you are at the right place. Pain management specialist Dr. Ira Siegel could provide tailored physical therapy care plans to ensure you enjoy long-term pain relief. To learn more about physical therapy, arrange an initial consultation through mobile or request online today.