Sclerotherapy 101: All about getting relief from varicose and spider veins

If you have varicose and spider veins, you may feel discomfort and more conscious about the appearance of your skin. The good news is there are many treatments for these conditions, of which sclerotherapy is often the most recommended one. Various factors may contribute to spider or varicose veins, including age, obesity, and heredity. While varicose veins may bulge and twist to cause pain, spider veins are more of an aesthetic concern. Before you consider sclerotherapy treatments in Boise, here’s more on the procedure.

What is sclerotherapy?

Considered an alternative treatment to surgery, sclerotherapy is used for treating varicose and spider veins. The procedure involves injecting a special foamy solution into the affected veins, which causes a collapse and shrink. You may need multiple sessions of sclerotherapy to see the desired results but may witness an evident change after the first treatment.

How long does it take?

One sclerotherapy session may take anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour, and there is no downtime. Most patients can continue their normal routine, although they may have to wear compression stockings for a couple of weeks after the treatment to get the best results. Your doctor will also recommend walking for a while after the procedure, which will help reroute the blood, although you should avoid extensive activities for two weeks. Do not go to the gym or lift weights.

Does a sclerotherapy session hurt?

No, sclerotherapy is considered a safe treatment for vein concerns. You may experience some discomfort when the foam is injected into the affected veins, but this shouldn’t last for more than a few seconds. There can be minor aching, which should get better within a short time.

After a sclerotherapy

You may experience some tenderness at the injection site for a couple of days, which will go away. Your doctor may suggest medications if you have more discomfort than usual.

Other things to know

While sclerotherapy is safe, talk to your doctor if you are pregnant or have other health concerns. Also, most cases of varicose veins will require at least two sessions, while some patients may need more. If there are more prominent veins, it can take time to see desired results. Please follow the instructions after each sclerotherapy session, which include walking more and using compression stockings. If you have a history of blood clots or heart disease, inform your doctor in advance. While sclerotherapy is usually a choice for most patients, there are always exceptions.