Selecting The Best Fertility Clinic: What Must You Consider?

The conception journey is not easy and gets more challenging for couples struggling with fertility concerns. You may have tried a few measures with little or no success. In such cases, IVF is usually the go-to. Nonetheless, even after a few attempts, IVF might also fail. What’s next? Do you fold and give up on your dreams of adding a branch to your family. NO! Not when there is still more to explore. Mountain View aggressive IVF protocols can help you go the extra mile. This emphasizes the need to employ due diligence when selecting a fertility clinic. Here are some of the must-checks as you pick an ideal fertility clinic.

Services offered

Flexibility is the key concept as you select the clinic. If the clinic offers limited options, the chances are that you will be sold an approach that might not be best suited for your situation. If you have tried IVF with no success and want to change the fertility clinic to keep trying, selecting a service that only offers standard protocol can frustrate you. Choosing a fertility clinic that provides individualized IVF protocols in such a case is recommended. With the clinic, you have the chance to explore additional protocols to improve your conception chances, making the process more productive.


What is the doctors’ academic background, and how long have they been in practice? Hands-on experience and expertise give the doctors an edge. Do your homework to establish if the doctor can meet your needs. Read the bios and research a little deeper, like considering references, and with the information, make an educated decision. You will feel safer in the hands of an expert who has been around for years and with a proven track record. Such confidence can even have an emotional impact, improving the chances of getting pregnant.


Testimonials are a great resource. As you research a doctor and fertility clinic, your effort can’t be complete if you don’t consider previous users’ input. Read through the clinics website testimonials, but with a pinch of salt since some could be solicited. Also, consider reviews and ratings on independent sites for a less-biased opinion. If the fertility clinic boasts an extensive pool of happy clients, you can rest assured that they deliver, meeting, if not exceeding, their users expectations.


Does the fertility clinic accept your insurance? How about the payments; do they have a friendly program? While not a priority as you strive to conceive, the finances can’t take the backseat. After all, it is no use to go for individualized IVF protocols only to realize midway that you cannot go ahead with the embryo transfer since you can’t meet the expenses. Picking fertility offering friendly terms takes the financial burden off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on the conception journey.

The facility

Is the facility easily accessible? Does the fertility clinic boast a state-of-the-art facility to meet demanding requirements like the individualized IVF protocols? Are the staffs friendly and professional? Considering such questions can help you pick the best clinic. You will feel much more comfortable and safer in such a facility, translating to a smooth process.

Infertility is a huge hiccup for many couples looking to add a child and grow their families. You could be only one step away from successful conception and carrying to term. Talk to NOVA IVF and learn more about procedures, including individualized IVF treatment.