The Role of Pediatrics in Child’s Growth and Development

Every parent desires to raise a healthy baby and give the best foundation for future life. That requires the baby to receive all the immunizations and follow the right diet for a child to be healthy. During the clinic visits, different checkups are done. If a certain condition is detected, early intervention measures are taken to prevent the disease or cure it. Some of the early signs that a child may need medical care are delaying developmental milestones. San Pedro pediatrics are the specialist to work with during the parenting journey. Let’s learn more about their services.

A pediatric visit involves several activities like measuring the child’s weight and height and checking the child’s ears, eyes, throat, and nose. These checkups aim to detect if the baby may have an underlying medical condition. If any diagnosis is made, the baby is referred to the specialist for further treatment.

Roles of pediatrician

A pediatrician’s main responsibility is to perform well-baby checkups, provide preventive care, and diagnose and treat infections and injuries. They prescribe medicines and refer parents to specialists where need be. They also offer advice on keeping track of a baby’s milestones, scheduling all the vaccinations, and counsel on breastfeeding and weaning. Well-baby visits services include examination for common diseases, nutrition advice, immunizations, childhood illness prevention, and baby growth monitoring. Common problems that require correction immediately after birth are heart murmurs, undescended testicles, and hernia.

Benefits of a well-child visit

The visits allow the parent to raise any concerns that may have been observed—topics like nutritional requirements, sleeping patterns, and other parenting questions. Developmental milestones are keenly observed and the ways to achieve them. Immunization against common childhood diseases is done as a prevention measure .examples of immunizable diseases are measles, rubella, polio pertussis, and diphtheria.

List of pediatric specialty

There are many specialties under pediatric care, each trying to prevent, make a diagnosis, and provide possible cures to diseases under that category. Each disease is unique, and the symptoms vary, so the pediatrician has the liberty to refer.

The specialty under pediatric include but is not limited to;

  • Pediatric endocrinology is the study of how body regulate the body hormones
  • Pediatric allergies and immunology-some allergies are annoying while others are life-threatening.-
  • Neonatal Pediatric asthma care-the specialty aims to diagnose, prevent and treat asthma-related illnesses
  • intensive care-the specialty deals with children in critical health situations.
  • Pediatric dermatology deals with skin related problems affecting children
  • Child and adolescent behavioral health services-emotionally unstable children need guidance on how to handle their emotions
  • Pediatric cancer and hematology refer to different cancers affecting children
  • Pediatric ear, nose, and throat deal with the wider respiratory system.

Children and young adults experience rapid emotional, physical, and behavioral changes during their growth. Proper guidance is essential to help them understand the changes. The services of a pediatrician are dynamic, and as a parent, it’s wise to seek medical care as early as possible. Harbor community health Center has a team of qualified staff with many years of experience and is the expert in dealing with all pediatric illnesses and diseases.