Tips to Prepare for the Minimally Invasive Surgery

Do you have back pain that interrupts your daily activities? If yes, it may be time to consider spine surgery. The mention of the operation can send chills down your spine. You could think of open surgery involving large incisions to improve the spine concerns. Fortunately, with modern technology, you can undergo back surgery involving less tissue damage. After undergoing minimally invasive spine surgery Glendale, you will soon resume your daily activities. Below are tips to prepare for minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS).

Quit Smoking

Smoking has many detrimental effects on your health. Cigarette compounds usually impair the balance of the immune system. Consequently, you will be at risk of infections in the operated areas, thus prolonging your recovery. Therefore, if you smoke, you should take the initiative to stop this habit before MISS. Seek rehabilitation services if it is difficult for you to quit smoking alone.

Ask Questions

Surgeons love it when you make inquiries. List the relevant questions and present them to your surgeon. For instance, you can ask how long the MISS will take. By asking the questions, you prove to the specialist that you are committed to the success of the upcoming surgery. Also, getting the answers help to ease the anxiety that you could have.

Watch What You Eat

When anticipating MISS, you should eat healthy meals. Avoid consuming highly processed meals that could lead to inflammation after surgery. Instead, load up your plate with nutritious meals like fruits. This way, you boost your immune system, thus facilitating smooth recovery after an operation.


You may think the exercises will only worsen your spinal cord issues, but you are mistaken. Physical activities are crucial in strengthening the muscles around the spine. Exercises also help to boost blood flow to the spinal area, making them healthy days leading to MISS. Healthy spinal muscles respond better to surgical trauma than weak muscles.

Discuss Your Medications

Before undergoing back surgery, disclosing all your medications to the surgeon is good. The idea here is to prevent the potential side effects caused by some medications like anti-inflammatory drugs. Your surgeon will advise you to suspend the intake of those medications to minimize the chances of excessive bleeding during MISS. The surgeon can recommend other safe medications to continue suppressing your underlying condition.

Prepare Your Kitchen

While MISS involves a small incision, your surgeon will discourage twisting your back afterward. Therefore, before the surgery, you should arrange your kitchen accordingly. Keep the food supplies on the lower shelves to avoid strains during recovery. Also, stocking your refrigerator with necessities would be best to minimize unnecessary movement after MISS.

Spinal surgery is an effective way to alleviate back pain. Unlike traditional back surgery, minimally invasive spine surgery involves small incisions. Therefore, you will experience less pain and minimal chances of scarring. It would help if you adopted the above preparation tips for an optimal experience during and after this less-invasive surgery. For example, if you are a smoker, you should quit this habit to boost your recovery. Revealing your medications to your surgeon is also necessary to minimize complications during and after surgery.