Understating obstetrics and what it entails

Every woman’s experience during pregnancy is different because everybody behaves and responds differently to changes occurring during this period. Usually, pregnancy is a nine-month journey that is accompanied by a lot of body alterations. It goes along with emotional and physical changes because one starts experiencing mood swings, and your belly enlarges, altering your appearance. And due to the physiological changes occurring in the body, women’s care is needed to help cope with the changes and help in monitoring your health and the health of the infant. Therefore, if you are pregnant and interested in starting prenatal care, Women’s care offers essential obstetric services like antenatal tests and checkups during labor. They also provide care during labor, delivery, and postpartum care. Let’s learn more about obstetrics below.

What is obstetrics?

Obstetrics typically refers to a branch of medicine that deals with the pregnancy, labor, delivery, and after delivery care which is the childbearing cycle. The main focus of obstetric services is to ensure the mother has positive experiences during pregnancy. It also ensures that the mother and baby remain healthy for positive outcomes after delivery.

Who offers obstetric care?

Qualified and experienced gynecologists and obstetricians usually provide obstetric care to help obstetric care, midwifery care, and high-risk pregnancy services to women of all pregnancy stages and ages.  

What does antenatal care entail?

Antenatal care, also called prenatal care, involves monitoring the health of both the mother and child during pregnancy. It aims to identify any health problems or complications that might develop during pregnancy and ensure you are educated on how to manage them to ensure you and your baby remain healthy. The specialists also offer the emotional support you need during labor, delivery, and post-delivery. Common obstetric services include prescribing medications, urine tests, nutritional education, lifestyle modifications, blood tests, checkups before and after delivery, midwife-assisted delivery, ultrasounds, pain management, C-sections, induction of labor, and monitoring your stay in the hospital. The health care providers inform women concerning the services available to ensure they are in safe hands and help them decide about their health care.

Why choose a midwife for pregnancy care?

Generally, a midwife is a board-certified nurse who is a highly trained and experienced medical professional specializing in pregnancy and delivery. Most women commonly prefer midwives to take care of them during pregnancy because they have intensive knowledge and training in obstetrics. They are also the best in providing pregnancy care to women who do not have severe complications and would like to deliver naturally with minimal interventions. Besides obstetric care, a midwife can also offer additional services like postpartum support, help you develop a birth plan, educate you on newborn care and breastfeeding, and offer emotional support during labor and delivery.

The health care providers work as a team where they offer individualized care to ensure your needs and wants are met. You can also be given a personal doctor if you want one, even if your pregnancy is not considered high-risk.

Pregnancy is a long journey that requires support from your family and health care team. Therefore, if you are pregnant and want a midwife to provide pregnancy care, you can get started by booking your appointment online at Suncoast Women’s Care today. Various obstetric services are also available for you.