What makes Managed WordPress Hosting a Good Investment?

Managed WordPress hosting is a good investment for businesses that require continued technical support for running their websites. These plans provide full support to the clients for running their WordPress websites thereby allowing them to focus on other aspects of their businesses. Specially tailored to cater to the requirements of WordPress websites, managed hosting plans ensure good speed, better security, high uptime, and better performance. Read on to know which features of managed hosting make it a good investment.

Need for Managed WordPress Hosting

While setting up a WordPress website is quite simple, running it efficiently is not. It requires a lot of network management skills and technical know-how. Your website needs to be stored on servers having a specific memory, a processor, hard drive, and ports to handle internet traffic. And all this needs to be done in coordination with the operating system you are using. You also need to protect your system from malware and hacking attempts besides taking the backup of all data. This is where managed WordPress hosting plans become useful. Your hosting service provider takes charge of running and maintaining your website and the server on which it is hosted. The service provider not only offers server-level management services but also application-level management services.

Features That Make Managed Hosting Attractive

A major benefit of managed WordPress hosting environment is that all its features are tailored to run WordPress. The servers are used to run only WordPress sites and the associated operating system, file system, and command-line tools. This feature also ensures better security of your websites besides providing a more stable hosting setup. The focus of these plans on WordPress ensures that they use the content management platform’s strengths for providing high-class services. Some attractive features of managed hosting services are:

  1. Easy Setup of WordPress with hundreds of free themes and plugins
  2. Server-level caching
  3. Lower server density for better functionality
  4. Automated backups regularly
  5. Timely WordPress updates
  6. Malware Scanning
  7. Free SSL to encrypt the connection between the server and visitors for protecting personal information and other sensitive data.
  8. Staging and local environment to test changes or updates
  9. Finely tuned dashboards or marketing centre to control SEO and social media tools.
  10. Video Compression 
  11. SEO tools to check website’s performance and visitor traffic
  12. Superior infrastructure including solid-state drives or SSDs for better performance

All these features contribute to improving the speed and the efficiency of your website. You also don’t have to worry about security threats due to strong defences put in place by your hosting provider. The chances of DDoS and brute force attacks also get reduced when you go for managed WordPress hosting plans. Managed hosting service providers offer 24/7 technical support through phone, e-mail, and chat. Some managed hosting providers also offer free access to CDN enabling the rerouting of your site through networks across the world. This feature allows visitors to open your website from the closest location making managed hosting a worthwhile investment.