What you should know about herniated disc

The backbone is one of the crucial organs that consist of a set of bones stretching from the tailbone to the base of the skull. This organ forms the basis of the support structure in the body and helps individuals sit, bend, and walk. Sometimes people can engage in activities that can lead to spine injuries, thus undermining their normal functioning. When you encounter such a condition, your answer lies within Atlanta herniated disc. The following are crucial things you should know about herniated discs;

What are the risk factors for the condition?

The following are factors that can increase the likelihood of the individual developing herniated disc:

  • Age: The chances of getting this condition increases as an individual grow old.
  • Weight: Individuals with excessive weight are exposed more to this condition than persons with a healthy weight.
  • Occupation: when you engage in activities that expose you more to repetitive movements, you risk developing the condition.
  • Genetic: Individuals whose family has a history of this condition may be at risk of developing complications with discs in the lower back.


The following are self-care tips that can help you to avoid the condition;


Physical exercises are vital in boosting the wellness of the spine. Individuals should engage in exercises that strengthen the core muscles, such as the abdomen, which increases the spine’s stability. A stable spine is less likely to develop the disc herniate condition. Some aerobic exercises such as brisk walking are efficient since they do not strain the lower back.

Proper lifting tactic

Most people who develop herniated discs are the one who use improper measures when lifting objects. For instance, sudden bending when you want to lift an object can cause stress to the spine, thus leading to the issue. Individuals should use proper tactics such as squatting on their knees to pick items from the surface. Whenever you lift a heavy item, you should seek help from other people.

Sleeping in a right way

How a person sleeps can dictate their spine health. For instance, individuals who sleep on their stomachs are at risk of getting the condition since that position results in unnecessary back stress. Individuals should therefore sleep sideways or on their back. If you have a tiny mattress, you should upgrade to a firm one that would protect your spine from the condition.

Avoid smoking

Smoking is one of the factors that can undermine spine health, although the impacts may take some time. Cigarette smoking leads to spinal degeneration, affecting the structural reliability of the discs and making them vulnerable to rupture. Therefore, individuals should cut down the smoking habit to boost spine wellness. If you have difficulties quitting on your own, you should seek medication and rehabilitation services.

Work on your posture

Individuals having poor posture have greater exposure to a herniated disc. This instance is common for persons who use computers for many hours. In such cases, they should adopt the right sitting posture with their shoulders over their hips. Comfortable workplace seats can also help reduce the chances of having lower back complications.

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