What you should know about the spider vein

Human skin may be exposed to different conditions, undermining its appearance. For instance, individuals may develop a web of veins on their skin, especially on their faces or legs. These conditions can lead to discomfort since the individual may experience low self-esteem. If you encounter those conditions on your skin, you should not worry since East Orlando spider veins specialists are a call away to provide an effective remedy. The following are critical things you should know about spider vein;

What is a spider vein?

The condition affects the capillaries, the largest component of the blood vessels. The blue spider veins appear on the skin as a tree branch or spider web network.

What are the risk factors for the condition?

The following factors can increase the likelihood of an individual developing the spider vein.

  • Genetic: Most individuals who suffer from this condition belong to a family with a history of that infection.
  • Sex: The infection rate of the condition among women is greater than that of men. This variation occurs since women have greater hormonal responses, especially during the menstrual period, which leads to the relaxation of walls within veins.
  • Pregnancy: When females are in this state, the blood levels in their bodies increase, leading to the enlargement of veins.
  • Obesity: Excessive weight in the body leads to increased pressure exerted on veins, leading to that condition.
  • Age: When an individual grows older, the valves within the veins become loose, thus failing to prevent the backflow of blood which can trigger a spider vein condition.

Myths about the spider vein

The following are the myths concerning the spider vein condition

  • Spider vein and varicose vein are similar.

Many individuals believe that the two conditions refer to the same thing. However, the truth is that there is variation in symptoms and treatments. The spider veins occur just beneath the skin surface, and they are smaller in size, while the varicose veins are larger and protruding.

  • Spider veins are painless.

Individuals have a perception that this condition is not painful since it may not require immediate treatment. However, the underlying fact is that the condition can be uncomfortable due to an itchy feeling.

  • Spider veins are harmless.

Some believe this condition is not dangerous, especially in the early stages. Nevertheless, this condition can lead to other complications, such as blood pooling with time due to obstructions in the veins.

What are the prevention exercises for the condition

The following are some tips that can help to avoid the occurrence of spiders and reduce the severity of the existing condition

  • Use sunscreens when you are outdoors for too long.
  • Work on your weight to avoid heavy weights, which may exert much pressure on the vein.
  • Wear loose clothes that ensure a smooth flow of blood.
  • Engage in a purposeful exercise plan
  • Avoid alcohol consumption
  • Normalize wearing the compressive socks

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