When to See a Specialist For Weight Loss

If you would like to lose weight, it is critical to engage in routine exercises and keep track of what you eat and drink. Nevertheless, these measures may not always be sufficient in assisting you to shed those additional pounds. You might have a health condition that makes it difficult to regulate your weight, or you may require more assistance for a number of other reasons. In such situations, medical weight loss might be the solution. Vienna, VA weight loss specialist Dr. Rohit Suri and the rest of their expert staff provide top-notch healthcare to assist patients in achieving and upholding good health, which in turn helps people lose weight. Check out this post for more information about medical weight loss and how it might assist you.

When Should You See A Specialist Concerning Weight Loss?

If you have been putting on weight and your efforts to lose it through improved food consumption and exercise have not worked, you might need to see a physician. In most cases, exercising regularly and eating well are sufficient to lose weight. Even though working out and eating well might not enable you to lose all of the weight you desire, they will help you shed it.

If this is not occurring, something may be happening behind the scenes that prevent you from losing weight. In such circumstances, a specialist should enter the picture. Once Dr. Suri recognizes what could be keeping you from your weight loss goals, he will devise a care plan to assist you in shedding those additional pounds.

In addition, being overweight could contribute to the emergence of various health problems, including hypertension, depression, diabetes, and asthma. As a result, the sooner you remove the excess weight, the lower your risk of getting these disorders.

What Exactly Is Medical Weight Loss?

With medical weight loss, Dr. Rohit Suri tailors a treatment plan specifically for you. Initially, he will cross-check your health records. After that, he will perform a full physical examination. If necessary, your provider may also request tests to establish the cause of your weight gain.

There are numerous reasons why you might be experiencing trouble with your weight loss journey. These include factors such as a thyroid issue, age, lifestyle habits, hormone imbalances, genetics, and many more. Dr. Suri will take a closer look into some of these common risk factors and design a care plan to assist you in attaining a healthy weight.

After Dr. Rohit Suri designs your plan, he will journey with you through every milestone to guarantee that you adhere to it and receive the best outcome. As you progress, he will monitor your health and make any required adjustments to your care plan. Dr. Suri might advise you to make lifestyle adjustments or to take minerals, vitamins, or hormone supplements based on your unique needs.

Have you attempted to lose weight by going on a strict diet or following a wacky workout routine? Although these procedures may produce some short-term results, they are seldom sustainable and potentially harm your long-term health. If you are committed to losing weight and doing so healthily and safely, it is best to partner with a health expert.  Dr. Rohit Suri and his staff at Nova Physician Wellness Center specialize in weight loss and can create a personalized plan for your health to achieve the long-term outcomes you desire. Call the office near you or book an appointment online to discover more about medical weight loss and whether you are the ideal candidate for this procedure.