Will Toronto moving companies pack for you?

Planning a move is no easy job. Sorting out all the logistics and managing every single aspect of your move will most likely overwhelm you. The good news is that you can choose movers and packers in Toronto to take over some of the chores, and half of the stress will be avoided this way. This decision will save you precious time and energy, not to mention it will help you avoid meltdowns. Now, if you never hired movers and packers in Toronto, you might be wondering how this works and if all moving companies will be able to pack your house for the move. The answer is yes. Keep reading to find out about how Toronto movers and packers can ease your life.

First, you should know that most reputable moving companies in Toronto Canada have trained their crews as professional packers, as well. Companies like Let’s Get Moving, who has been active in the industry for decades, are experts when it comes to packing. This is why you can have the guarantee that movers and packers in Toronto will pack everything in your house in less time than you would. Another thing you should know is that professional packers will offer packing solutions for moves of all sizes. Below is a list of the main types of packing services we offer in Toronto and beyond.

Full packing services

This seems to be everyone’s favourite, and there is no wonder why! Basically, what you do is just decide that you don’t want or don’t have the time to pack everything. Naturally, you call your Toronto movers and packers to get this done for you. Even if your house is messy because you didn’t get the chance to tidy it up yet, we can easily manage everything. This type of service also goes under the name of attic-to-basement packing. From your collection of framed butterflies to your underwear drawer, the crew will pack everything safely. They will even pack what is in your fridge. They will also pay attention to the order in which things go one place or another. After all, an unpacking process will follow, and why not make it easy? Speaking of which, your professional packers will always make sure to leave out your essentials. This way, you will not have to go around opening all boxes in the search for your PJs and your toothbrush. Instead, you will have them available on the night before the move and in the morning after.

Partial packing services

If you could use some help packing, but you are not fond of the idea of a stranger going through all of your stuff, this is for you. Let’s say you are in a bit of a hurry and decided to hire Toronto movers and packers. However, the idea of two strangers packing your underwear or your private documents gives you the chills. On the other hand, you would absolutely hate to have to go in the attic and pack all the dusty old things up there. Sometimes, compromising is the best, and the partial packing services are a great compromise. At Let’s Get Moving, our consultants will start by having an initial discussion with you about the inventory when you ask for a cost estimate. That is a great opportunity to think about what items you need our crew of Toronto movers and packers to pack for you. And this goes even if you, say, plan to pack everything, but you are slightly concerned about how to safely pack a few certain items. Don’t bother with tutorials, we got you covered! Even if it is just for two chandeliers and three vases, ask your moving company to help you pack!

Unpacking services

As we were saying in the beginning, moving is exhausting and stressful. Even after you complete the move, you will still be left with the unpacking duties. And if you have to go to work the very next day, you will not like it. Just think about how tired you will be if you unpack until 3 AM and are left with only 3-4 hours of sleep! This is why most movers and packers in Toronto offer unpacking services, as well. Your assigned crew will help you settle into your new home by arranging everything for you. Or, if you prefer to do some of the unpacking yourself, you can choose a hybrid experience here, as well. This way, you will enjoy a few hours of help, while you will be able to focus on areas and items that are more important to you.

Packing and unpacking are services that more and more people start seeing the importance of lately. For a reasonable cost, you can stop worrying about how long it will take to put everything in boxes just to have them unboxed a few hours later. Movers and packers in Toronto are ready to take over these tasks for you, so you can manage something else in the meanwhile. Even if you make a last-minute decision to hire packers, let your favourite Toronto moving company know and they might be able to fit you in their schedule. At Let’s Get Moving, we usually keep a backup crew of movers and packers in Toronto for these situations. Get in touch and book a move today to find out more about our professional packing services!