Skin cancer and what it entails

Cancer typically involves random and rapid growth without any specific cure for complete eradication. The skin, the organ with the largest surface area in the body, is at the highest risk of getting cancer, making skin cancer Sanford one of the most usual types of cancer. Skin cancer can be of many kinds and can affect multiple parts of your skin all over the body. More about skin cancer and all it involves is discussed further below.

What is Skin Cancer?

This condition occurs when there is an unexplainable and rapid growth of cells in the skin. The type of skin cells involved helps identify the kind of cancer involved. There are many types of cancer with different effects on the body. Some of them include:

Squamous cell cancer

This cancer type involves cells in the outer parts of your epidermis. It can also be found in sites like mucous membranes and the lungs. Cutaneous squamous cell cancer is the one that affects the skin in areas that are easily exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun. It can have potential fatalities if not looked into.

Basal cell carcinoma

This one starts in the basal cells, whereby the worn-out cells from the lower sectors of the epidermis are replaced. It can be seen on your skin’s surface. It normally does not transfer to other parts of the body. In the rare cases it does, it can pose a threat to your life.

Merkel cell skin cancer

This rare kind of cancer of the skin results from Merkel cells overgrowing. Merkel cells are a special type of cell located in your epidermis. A few instances may result in its deadly spread to other body areas.


This cancer comes from the cells in your skin, giving it its color called melanocytes. Certain moles are noncancerous formed by melanocytes that may eventually become cancerous. Melanoma occurs on any part of your body with skin, with typical sites in the back and chest for men and legs for women.

Early diagnosis can make the issue be dealt with but spreads without treatment, reducing the chances of successful treatment. Melanoma spreads more effortlessly compared to squamous and basal cancers.

Kaposi sarcoma

This condition involves brown or red tumors or patches on the skin called lesions. These lesions are more prominent on the feet, legs, or face but can also be found in the mouth, genitals, or lymph nodes. They exhibit no symptoms when found on the skin’s surface. They can result in bleeding or fatalities if they transfer to your stomach or throat.

Skin Lymphoma

Lymphocyte cells in the immune system have the function of protecting the body from ailments or infection. These cells can begin growing uncontrollably on the skin causing skin lymphoma.

Actin keratosis

This is characterized by pink or red skin that is not cancerous but a precursor to cancer. These lesions, when ignored, can form squamous cell carcinoma.

It is typical to find unusual bumps or growths all over your body on the skin. However, new unexplained growths need to be checked out to reduce cancer risk. For more inquiries into skin cancer, visit our website, or call our offices in Sanford, NC.

Feel and Look Younger With Facial Fillers

Do you feel like your skin is loose or less appealing? If so, the team at Wrinkle Fairy can volumize your facial skin using facial fillers Oakbrook Terrace. The facial fillers clear acne scars and make you look younger than your actual age.

From what types of facial fillers can you benefit?

Facial fillers are natural or synthetic substances that your provider injects into your face’s tissue, lines, and folds to minimize the visibility of wrinkles and restore your youthful appearance. As you age, you may develop wrinkles, fine lines, and folds that significantly affect your physical appearance.

The injectable facial fillers, also known as dermal fillers, eliminate your smile lines and acne scars and plump up your lips and cheeks. Most facial fillers are absorbable, so they offer temporary results lasting from months to a few years. Once the effects wear off, you can talk to your doctor about undergoing the procedure again.

What are the available forms of facial fillers?

The cosmetic market is buzzing with facial fillers, which may cause more harm than good. It is wise to scrutinize the facial fillers before using them to restore your youthful appearance. The team at Wrinkle Fairy offers FDA-approved facial fillers that guarantee excellent results with minimal side effects. Some of the fillers the facility offers include:

  • Hyaluronic acid

The specialists at Wrinkle Fairy utilize hyaluronic acid to add volume to your cheeks and smooth wrinkles around your eyes, forehead, and lips, enhancing your physical appearance. The team may recommend Restylane or Juvederm to achieve the desired results. The results from hyaluronic acid last for about 6-12 months.

  • Calcium hydroxylapatite

The team combines calcium ad a special gel before injecting it into the treatment area. This gel is more effective than hyaluronic acid and addresses deeper wrinkles that hyaluronic acid may not be able to manage.

  • Polymethylmethacrylate

This facial filler consists of microspheres and collagen that add volume to your skin. The results last up to five years, but medical experts rarely recommend it because of its high risk of complications.

How do facial fillers improve your facial appearance?

Facial fillers allow you to unlock your hidden beauty without undergoing risky and time-consuming plastic surgeries. The team studies your face before determining the appropriate position to place the fillers to achieve natural results. If you are concerned about appearing overdone or plastic, there is no need to fret because Wrinkle Fairy’s specialists have a track record of offering natural, long-lasting results.

What side effects should you prepare for when considering facial fillers?

In most cases, the side effects of facia fillers are mild ad resolve within a few days. These side effects include swelling, pain, redness, rash, and itching. Although less common, it is crucial to be aware of the severe side effects, including granulomas, infection, tissue death, injury to your blood vessels, and blindness.

To explore the dramatic results of facial fillers, call the Wrinkle Fairy office or click on the booking tool to create an appointment.

What is Body Contouring and How is it Done?

After significant weight loss due to surgery or lifestyle changes, the skin and tissues often lose elasticity and no longer fit the reduced body size. Also, body shaping surgery allows you to achieve the desired body shape by affecting certain areas. 

Body contouring helps to achieve a more proportional appearance with smoother curves. In both cases, more than one operation may be required to achieve the desired result. And procedures are often done in stages. You can use body contouring devices like CoolTone, which are FDA-approved. Visit Newport Beach MedSpa for cooltone near me

What procedures include body contouring

Body shaping may require several surgical procedures, from a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) to various types of lifts (whole body, chest, arms, thighs, buttocks) and liposuction. It all depends on what part of the body you want to improve and how extensive the changes you want to achieve.

Abdominoplasty for body contouring

Abdominoplasty is the most effective solution for those who want to remove loose skin and tighten the abdominal muscles. Loose skin on the abdomen can be due to significant weight loss or be a natural result of pregnancy. Often, during pregnancy, the two major rectus abdominis actually separate. 

In some women, these muscles do not regenerate after childbirth, creating a condition known as rectus diastasis. Because of this, the impression of fullness in the lower abdomen is visually created. Unfortunately, squats or other exercises do not strengthen these muscles. But with braces, they can be sewn together while removing excess skin and fat.

Different types of lifts for body contouring

A body lift is another type of body contouring surgery that removes fat and excess skin, and tightens tissues to improve the shape of body parts after significant weight loss or transformation due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. There are several areas of the body where a facelift may be particularly desirable and can provide excellent long-term results.

A breast lift (mastopexy) is a breast lift procedure that can sag and lose fullness after pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Sometimes, with significant weight loss, patients find that the skin on their shoulders does not regenerate according to new shapes but hangs down. A brachioplasty can eliminate this excess skin and also lift and reshape the upper arms.

When losing weight, the skin can also become loose in most areas of the body. Then the best way to reduce sagging is with a total body lift procedure. Bodylifting allows you to eliminate irregularities in the contour of the abdomen, hips, buttocks, and, to some extent, the lower back and sides, and sometimes cellulite can also be removed.

A body contouring circular lift (or waist lipectomy) removes excess skin and offers the most extensive mid- and lower-body transformation. This is really a reconstruction of the abdomen, hips, and buttocks. A lower body lift includes a tummy tuck and buttocks lift.

A thigh lift reshapes the thigh area, removes unwanted fat, and tightens the skin and tissues surrounding the thigh area.

A buttock lift removes both unwanted fat and skin to reshape the buttocks. A Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that uses unwanted fat from other parts of the body to lift, volumize, and rebuild the buttocks.

Simple & Effective Ways To Save For The Future

It is very easy to receive a monthly paycheck and spend all the hard-earned money on daily essentials without thinking about the financial future. The problem with personal money is that we don’t plan and set aside enough money for emergencies and unexpected happenings. We all take managing personal finances as a daunting task but it should not be. Whether you are a recent graduate trying to make money or doing a full-time job and earning a good figure every month, you should learn how to manage your money and save for future needs.

Here are some simple and effective ways to save for the future and maintain the current standard of living. 

Stretch Your Dollars Sensibly

Everyone must create a realistic monthly budget and find some ways to cut down on expenses and reduce monthly spending. A budget plan shows a clear picture of your monthly earnings and areas where you have to spend your monthly paycheck. This also helps you spot areas you can cut down to save more every month. A lot of budgeting tools and apps out there that can be used for budgeting and spending tracking to stay on top of personal finances. Some apps also allow you to categorize monthly transactions like grocery, household, entertainment, and so on. 

Understand the Concept of Cash Flow

Understanding the cash flow, what is it and how it helps you manage personal finances could be a great step to stay on top of personal finances. Have a look at your monthly income & expenses, and see where all the money goes during the month. You should also make necessary changes in your spending habits to have more money on hand at the end of the month and to grow your savings account. 

Make Money Saving a Priority

Setting a minimum savings goal is one of the best ways to set aside some money every month for the future. If you often face trouble when it comes to reduce monthly spending, you should set a realistic saving goal that you can easily achieve without having an impact on your monthly expenses. For instance, you can start by saving at least $5 a week and keep this figure growing slowly. By doing so, you can watch your savings grow effectively to have enough bucks in your savings account to deal with future emergencies and financial issues. 

Buy the Right Insurance

Buying insurance is a common way to save money and enjoy greater financial protection in case of unforeseen happenings. People buy different insurance plans to keep their belongings financially protected and get enough cover when needed. For instance, a life insurance policy can replace the monthly income of a bread earner in case of his/her death. And the family can file an insurance claim to get enough money to deal with monthly expenses and payments. Similarly, buying a funeral insurance policy is a great way to save money for your funeral that your family will get upon your death to pay for your final rites. Make sure to choose the right type of insurance policy based on your individual insurance needs and financial situation. 

Opt For Automatic Transfer to Savings Account

Missing a single deposit to a savings account can keep you from achieving your savings goal. This is where the automatic transfer feature helps. You can set your account to transfer a particular sum of money into savings account automatically. As a result, you keep your savings account growing regularly without missing a single payment. Putting other monthly payments on autopilot can also help you save money in terms of avoiding late payment fees and charges. 

Differentiate “Wants” and “Needs”

Understand the difference between wants and needs. This helps you say no when something is useless on your list and you cannot afford. When you spend money on needs instead of wants or luxuries, you are on your way to achieve your financial goals effectively and save for the future. 

Plan for your Retirement

Planning for retirement should be an integral part of your personal financial plan. If you are not saving for post-retirement life, start it right now. Join a 401k plan or a retirement plan if offered by the employer or consult with a financial advisor who can help you invest money wisely. Try to save enough money for retirement life so you can maintain your living standard without borrowing from an individual or bank in the future. 

5 Valuable Benefits of Using Travel Credit Cards

Credit cards are the best payment method for travelers as they eliminate the need for carrying different types of currencies when traveling abroad. Travel cards not only facilitate overseas transactions but also help travelers earn free rewards and discounts on travel-related payments. Whether you are a business person who travels often or an individual who likes to explore new destinations around the globe, you must get a travel credit card to enjoy a better and more convenient traveling experience. 

What is a Travel Credit Card

A type of credit cards that helps travelers earn free rewards and get discounts on travel payments to make traveling relatively affordable is known as a travel credit card. These cards allow customers to earn reward points via everyday purchases and payments like hotel reservations, booking air tickets and paying rent for taxis, etc. A best credit card with travel benefits and rewards can make your family trips and business tours more convenient and affordable. 

Benefits of Travel Credit Cards

Let us have a glance at the several benefits you can avail yourself of using a Travel Credit Card.

Earn Reward Points Every Time you Use the Travel Card

Travel credit cards provide their users with two types of free reward points, 1) sign-up bonus points at the time of getting a new card and, 2) points upon conducting a transaction like rental payment. Card holders are able to earn free points when they carry out transactions with partner airlines or restaurants that are listed in the fine print. After collecting points, users can redeem them later to get discounts on further bookings or purchases. In this way, they can save lots of bucks on traveling expenses using travel cards. 

No Foreign Transaction Fees

Different credit/debit cards charge a particular transaction fee when used in a foreign country or for payment in another currency. The foreign transaction fee can range from about 3% of the transaction amount which can add up quickly to your bills. Thanks to travel credit cards, they come with no foreign transaction fees. This means you can swipe your card anywhere anytime you want without paying a single penny towards FTF. As a result, travelers can save bucks on every transaction they make. 

No Risk of Fraud

The risk of theft and phishing is always there when you visit another country for personal or business travel. When you carry a card for monetary transactions, there is no need to carry cash or different currencies in your pocket. Not only this, you also get protection against fraudulent activities and unauthorized payments when using a travel card. This means you don’t need to worry about any unknown and unauthorized transaction made through your card. However, you should report your card to the issuer if it is lost or stolen. 

Luggage Protection

Loss of luggage can happen to anyone when traveling. And this can cause loss of valuable belongings, money, and mental stress as well. Some credit cards offer luggage protection features to help cardholders recover the cost of lost luggage while traveling abroad. It is one of the best benefits of travel credit cards as it can keep your dream trip from ruining. Hence, make sure to check this feature in a card you are applying for before you sign the agreement. 

Accident Insurance

Unfortunate incidents occur often during traveling. An accident during traveling can cause serious medical expenses. But you can avoid all costs and expenses if your credit card offers travel insurance coverage. In this way, you can get compensation for a loss caused by an accident. The best travel cards provide travel accident cover to make travelers feel protected while they are traveling with family, friends, or colleagues. 

Final Words

Travel credit cards are highly recommended by experts to make traveling-related payments and purchases. They can save lots of bucks on every trip you plan either for personal or business purposes. However, you should apply for the right card by comparing available offers and pay off the balance full every month to avoid building debt instead of saving money. Going through the fine print carefully is another good idea to check where you can earn free rewards using your card and terms of use to avoid additional charges and fees. 

When To Visit A Periodontist- Dr. Scott Young

Obtaining regular dental care from an expert is one approach to ensure your mouth is healthy and clean over the years to come. Unfortunately, most people disregard this common advice and forego routine dental treatment, risking gum recession and eventually gum disease. Gum disease, also known as periodontal illness, impacts millions of persons annually and may cause significant pain in the mouth. If left untreated, gum disease might potentially result in tooth loss. Luckily for you, the sooner you consult a periodontist, the more harm they can help you prevent. Not certain if you need to see The Woodlands periodontist immediately? Here are five warning indicators to look out for.

  1.     Bleeding or Swollen Gums

If you have recently observed that your gums are more reactive than normal, you may be suffering the opening phases of gum disease. This concern is particularly true if you observe bleeding or swollen gums while flossing or brushing your teeth or afterward. Gum bleeding and swelling are generally the most prevalent indication of invasion of your gums by harmful germs and a strong indication that you should visit a Periodontist.

  1.     Gum Recession

Another indication of gum disease, gum recession, is an instant warning sign for dental hygienists. Gum recession happens when the gums retreat from one’s crown, usually due to periodontal disease. Unfortunately, if not addressed by a periodontist, a receding gum line exposes the tooth root to infection by bacteria lodged between the teeth.

When recession progresses to the later phases, it results in tooth loss. An extensive cleaning may be all that is needed to reverse a recession if discovered and addressed soon enough.

  1.     Persistent Foul Breath

If persistent bad breath, also referred to as halitosis, lingers despite constant dental hygiene, you schedule a consultation. Chronic foul breath is sometimes the first indication of gum disease.

  1.     Biting or Chewing Difficulties

Discomfort while eating is maybe one of the most difficult gum disease symptoms to manage. Bacteria surrounding the teeth may cause infections giving rise to excruciating pain while chewing and biting. For this reason, arranging a periodontal consultation right away is best to protect your healthy bite and chew and ensure you continue enjoying food.

  1.     History of Gum Disease in The Family

Even if you do not exhibit any obvious signs of gum disease, you may visit a periodontist if you are aware that a close relative or family member has previously struggled with the condition. Preventative treatments are crucial in the fight against periodontal disease. Your periodontist will assess your risk for gum disease and suggest appropriate routines to reduce your vulnerability and, ultimately, preserve your smile and oral health.

Are you exhibiting one or more of the symptoms highlighted above? If so, you are not alone! In fact, nearly 50% of adults in the U.S. struggle with gum disease. Gum disease will result in poor general dental health and perhaps tooth loss without prompt medical attention. Thus, an appointment with a Periodontist is a wise choice for your oral health and hygiene. At Scott Young, DDS, you can access a full scope of treatments to address your gum disease and restore the health of your gums and teeth. Call the office near you to explore your care options or use the online scheduling tool to arrange an appointment today.

Getting The Facts Right About Colon And Rectal Cancer

Excluding skin cancer, colorectal cancer is the third most reported cancer in women and men in the United States, per the American Cancer Society. Numerous colorectal malignancies begin as polyps or developments in the wall of the rectum and colon. While you can find a solution to your Astoria colon and rectal cancer, you cannot totally avoid it. Nonetheless, the more you learn about this malignancy, the less likely you are to develop colorectal cancer. Check out this post to learn everything you need to know about colon and rectal cancer.

Colon And Rectal Cancer Is Highly Avoidable

You might have encountered the proverb, ‘Early diagnosis is the best defense.’ Regarding colorectal cancer, this is unquestionably the reality. In the United States, colorectal cancer is the top cause of cancer fatalities, yet evidence indicates that the mortality rate has been decreasing for decades. One explanation is that colon polyps are more frequently detected throughout screenings before they might become cancerous.

Screening may detect precancerous conditions or cancer before symptoms appear and the disease becomes life-threatening. More often than not, cancer has already advanced by the time a person develops symptoms. Nonetheless, if detected early, cancer could be eliminated or managed and, in numerous circumstances, healed.

African-Americans Have The Greatest Colorectal Cancer And Fatality Rates

African-Americans are around 20% more prone to developing colorectal cancer and 40% more susceptible to dying from the disease than most other races. There is no conclusive explanation for why this figure is so significant among African Americans. Nevertheless, African Americans with a family background of colon and rectal cancer should undergo a colorectal screening no later than 45 years of age.

Colon Cancer Is Increasingly Being Diagnosed In Younger Patients

As per recent data published at the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting, 45-year-olds are frequently unaware that they might develop colon cancer, and physicians miss the condition in younger patients. Considering that colorectal cancer might resemble other medical conditions, a cancer diagnosis is often delayed or overlooked, particularly in younger patients. If you notice blood in the stool, shifts in your bowel motions, unintentional weight loss, exhaustion, or weakness, consult your physician to determine the reason for your symptoms.

Colorectal Cancer Does Not Immediately Trigger Symptoms

In the United States, colon and rectal cancer is the third leading reason for cancer-related fatalities. Thousands die across the United States and the world at large, hugely because signs and symptoms have frequently progressed by the point that signs and symptoms manifest, the disease has frequently progressed, and lesser care strategies are available. Luckily for you, precancerous polyps could be easily detected and eliminated before they become significant if a routine colonoscopy or colon screening is performed by 45 years old.

Numerous Lifestyle Variables Have Been Associated With Colorectal Cancer

As per the American Cancer Society, numerous lifestyle variables, including physical activity, food, and body mass index, are associated with colorectal cancer. Additionally, mild to heavy alcohol consumption and smoking are associated with colorectal cancer. The great news is that you can manage most of these elements and protect yourself from this condition.

Ultimately, when most people hear the doctor diagnose them with colon and rectal cancer, they feel hopeless and discouraged. However, this needs not be the case as there are numerous solutions you could access for your condition. At Surgical Specialists of NY, your physician can treat your condition and advise you on what lifestyle modifications you should take to manage your risk factors. Schedule a consultation through mobile or request an appointment online today to learn more.

Causes, Risk Factors, Prevention, and Treatment of Tennis Elbow

Lateral epicondylitis, commonly known as tennis elbow, is a painful condition that causes small tears on your forearm muscles. It is primarily a result of overuse or repeated wrist and arm motions. As the name may suggest, tennis elbow is standard in athletes, but this condition can affect anyone. Individuals whose jobs require repetitive wrist and arm motions like carpenters, painters, butchers, and plumbers are more likely to have Houston tennis elbow. The pain of the tennis elbow outside your elbow can also radiate down the forearm when you lift or bend your arm.

Causes of tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is an overuse injury that occurs due to repetitive motions of the forearm muscles. You use these muscles to straighten or raise your wrist and hand. Constant use of these muscles stresses the tissue, causing micro-tears in the tendons near the bony lump outside your elbow. Playing tennis involves repeated arm use, making it a common cause of this painful condition. But a tennis elbow can result from many other common arm motions, including:

  • Cutting up meat
  • Painting
  • Using plumbing equipment
  • Repetitive use of the computer mouse

Risk factors for tennis elbow

Various factors make you more susceptible to this overuse injury. They include:

  • Occupation. You are more likely to develop a tennis elbow if your job requires repetitive use of your arm or wrist. Examples of people with jobs that involve constant arm movement include cooks, butchers, plumbers, carpenters, and painters.
  • Age. Tennis elbow can affect anyone regardless of age, but this injury is common among adults aged between 30 and 50.
  • Certain sports. Participation in racket sports increases your risk of developing a tennis elbow. The above is especially true if you employ poor stroke techniques.

Preventing tennis elbow

Preventing tennis elbow may not be easy, especially if you have a job that requires repeated arm and wrist movement. If you already have this overuse injury, you can prevent it from worsening by not putting extra stress on the affected muscles. If you play a sport like tennis that causes repeated strain on your elbow joint, consider changing your technique.

Treatment for tennis elbow

Most of the time, the symptoms of a tennis elbow improve without the need for medical treatment. Over-the-counter pain medications and self-care measures like rest and cold compresses may be enough to alleviate the symptoms. If the pain persists, your doctor may recommend therapy and, in severe cases, surgery.

If the injury is related to a sport, your doctor may refer you to an expert to evaluate your playing techniques. A sports specialist can help you will the best steps to minimize stress on the injured muscles. You may also need physical therapy to stretch and strengthen your forearm muscles. Wearing a forearm brace or strap will help reduce the stress on the injured tissue.

Your doctor may also recommend other procedures like Botox or platelet-rich plasma injections. Piercing the damaged tendons multiple times (dry needling) can also be helpful. If you still have pain after six to 12 months of extensive non-operative treatment, you may discuss surgery with your doctor.

Consult your healthcare provider at J. Michael Bennett, MD, PA, to learn more about tennis elbow.

Osteoporosis: What Every Woman Needs to Know

Of course, nobody wishes to shatter a bone, and if you have osteoporosis, you are more likely to do so. This bone condition makes your bones porous, losing their typical tissue density and structure. As a result, your bones grow fragile and brittle; hence, they easily fracture. Luckily for you, the expert staff at MyDoc Women’s Health Specialists can help you care for your bones. If you have Boca Raton osteoporosis, your doctor can develop an individualized treatment strategy for you. Meanwhile, you should be aware of the following key facts concerning osteoporosis.

Women Are More Susceptible to Osteoporosis

Women account for 80% of people with osteoporosis in the United States. Osteoporosis in the hip or lumbar spine affects over 20% of women in the United States, as opposed to 4% of males.

So, why are women at greater risk? Women’s bone health depends heavily on estrogen. Women and men gradually lose bone mass every year beginning at age 40.

If women do not take preventative steps, menopause may result in a rapid bone mass loss over a relatively short time. Estrogen is essential for bone health in women, but its amount dramatically declines throughout menopause.

Women Are Susceptible to Bone Fractures Due to Osteoporosis

It is estimated that one in two women will suffer a fracture due to osteoporosis. Fractures are most frequent in the wrist, spine, or hip. 60% of persons with hip fractures require a walking aid one year down the line, and 20% of those above 50 years with hip fractures die from complications.

The most frequent bone fracture linked to osteoporosis is a vertebral compression fracture, which occurs in the back. The spinal bones degenerate and move closer together, resulting in a diminution in height.

Screenings for Bone Density Detect Osteoporosis

If you are a woman without any additional risk factors, you may obtain a bone density scan at 65 years old to establish a baseline. Spine and hip X-rays are rapid and comfortable. If you have one or more of the following risk factors, you must get a bone density screening before 65 years:

  • Drinking or smoking habit
  • Reduced body weight
  • Rheumatoid joint disease
  • Long-term steroids dependency

You Can Aid in Osteoporosis Prevention

Unless you have an illness or sickness such as rheumatoid arthritis, your habits and lifestyle have an unmatched impact on whether you develop osteoporosis.

Weight-bearing workouts maintain strong and healthy bones. Regularly performing resistance workouts with bands or weights, strolling in your neighborhood, or running on an elliptical machine or treadmill are excellent strategies to maintain bone health.

Moreover, take measures to prevent falls. Ensure you have non-skid materials beneath rugs. Wear footwear that is suited for the activity. Likewise, in showers and bathtubs, install rubber mats to make restrooms safe, and always use handrails when climbing stairs.

With aging, an appropriate diet becomes increasingly important. After 50 years, your body absorbs minerals and vitamins less efficiently than during your youth.

Vitamin D and calcium aid in bone development. Women under 50 require no less than 1,000 mg of vitamin D and calcium daily. On the other hand, women above 50 years require approximately 1,200 mg of calcium each day. As a result, consuming dairy, nutritious grains, lean proteins, veggies, and fruits helps prevent osteoporosis.

At MyDoc Women’s Health Specialists, your physician will counsel you on your supplement needs. Vitamin D facilitates calcium absorption. Older folks’ bodies cannot absorb over 500 milligrams at a time; hence, you must ingest calcium twice or thrice a day in lower dosages.

Do not dismiss poor posture, weakened grip, backache, or diminished height as just mild concerns that will resolve with time. Oftentimes, these signs and symptoms point to osteoporosis, a bone condition that causes bone mass loss. For a definitive diagnosis and expert care for your concerns, visit MyDoc Women’s Health Specialists. Your doctor will perform comprehensive diagnostic procedures to confirm a diagnosis and tailor treatment to address your unique concerns. Schedule a consultation today through mobile or request online to discuss your concerns and explore your care options.

How Does Chest Pain Feel Like?

Chest pain can take various forms, from sudden stabbing to a gradual aching. Chest discomfort might feel crushing or searing at times. The pain may proceed up the neck, into the jaw, and then spread to the back or down one or both arms in specific situations. Although chest discomfort might be a sign of heart disease, several additional explanations exist. While some of them are significant disorders, most are not. Philadelphia chest pain is the second highest cause of ER visits in the United States, accounting for almost 8 million visits annually. Moreover, chest pain affects 20 to 40% of the general population worldwide.

Understanding the relation between chest pains and anxiety

Both panic episodes and anxiety attacks can cause chest discomfort. These episodes are similar, although anxiety attacks might be milder. Anxiety attacks are typically associated with a specific trigger in someone’s life, but panic attacks might occur without reason. In both situations, the symptoms are caused by stress hormones, which cause a person’s fight-or-flight reaction. Other symptoms, such as trouble breathing, result from this. People with normal anxiety or panic episodes may suffer from an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are classified into several kinds, including generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder. According to researchers, anxiety disorders are caused by biological, genetic, and environmental factors.

When to see your doctor

You are always suggested to consult a specialist if you experience unexpected chest discomfort, significantly if anti-inflammatory drugs do not relieve your symptoms. Anyone experiencing chest discomfort and trouble breathing should seek medical attention immediately. Symptoms that may necessitate immediate assistance include:

  • A crushing feeling on the breastbone.
  • Pain in the chest that extends to the jaw,  left arm, or back.
  • Confusion, a faster pulse, or quick breathing.

Even if you have significant chest discomfort, a heart attack is not the most likely reason. However, because more than 1 million individuals suffer heart attacks in the United States each year, it is vital to seek medical assistance if a person is hesitant.

Chest pain vs. heart attack

The underlying reason determines the extent of chest discomfort. If a heart attack causes pain, the situation might be serious. Minor rib injuries generally result in minor chest discomfort. A heart attack is characterized by chest discomfort. It is a life-threatening condition since one’s life is frequently threatened. So, if you are in question, consult a doctor. Chest discomfort can be caused by various health issues like heartburn, lung troubles, and others. A heart attack is frequently caused by the inability of the coronary arteries to provide oxygenated blood to the heart muscles, resulting in heart failure and hence a heart attack.

Chest pain can indicate a heart attack or another cardiac illness, but it can also show difficulties with respiration, digestion, bones and muscles, and other areas of physical and mental health. Even if the pain is minor or you do not suspect a life-threatening disease, chest discomfort should always be handled seriously. Recognizing when chest pain is a medical emergency and when it should be addressed to your doctor at your next appointment might help you avoid significant medical difficulties in the future. Call Corrielus Cardiology to schedule an appointment today to learn more about chest pain therapy.